Career in Food Technology

• Food Technology career in India is one of the rapidly growing industries across the country. At present, India is the second largest food producer in the world and highly active in the production of cake, pastries, pasta, and bread and other ready to eat food products.

Career in Food Technology has now become a magnificent career option for the individuals with much better future and monetary benefits.

• Food Technology courses are basically related to the science like chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and nutrition which deals with the production of food products that last for a longer period of time without leaving its essential nutrients.

• Food Technology study allows people to learn correct combination to make a dish and the subsequent actions to be performed for an outcome.

• According to a recent survey conducted by Corporate Catalyst of India (CCI), Food industry, at present, worth $ 400 billion and it is expected to grow around 50 to 60% in coming years.

• There is a number of opportunities in Food Technology for the qualified personnel. They can work in public as well as private sectors including catering companies, food processing companies, food quality research companies and restaurants.

Courses Available in Food Technology:

To make the career in Food Technology, the following are food Technology courses available after 12th.

• For undergraduate courses, you have to pass 10+2 in physics, chemistry, and Biology with good marks.

• For postgraduate courses, you have to complete your graduation in Food Technology, Food Science, and Agriculture etc.

• If you want to take more advantage in your career, you could pursue a higher degree from abroad.

• MBA in Food Technology is also an option for you if you have a keen interest in sales and marketing.

Food Technology Courses in India:Here is the list of popular Food Technology courses available in India.
• B.Tech/B.E. in Food Technology
• B.Sc. in Food Technology
• B.Sc. in Food Science and Quality Control
• B.Sc. in Food Preservation
• B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Quality and Control
• M.Tech in Food Technology
• M.Sc. in Food Technology
• Ph.D. in Food Technology
• Diploma in Food Analysis and Quality Assurance
• Diploma in Food Science, Preservation and Management

Colleges /University offering Food Technology Courses :

Some top-notch Colleges/Universities of Food Technology in India are as follows:
• University of Delhi, Delhi
• Kanpur University, Kanpur
• University of Madras
• Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
• University of Mysore
• Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
• Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
• Manipur University
• University of Kolkata, Kolkata

Food Technology entrance exams in India:
Here is the list of some renowned entrance exams you need to qualify to pursue studies in Food Technology:
• Gate Food Technology Entrance Exam
• All India Joint Entrance Exam (AIJEE)
• Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology Entrance Exam (IICPT)
• Central Food Technological Research Institute Entrance Exam (CFTRIEE)
• Joint Entrance Examination Preliminary

Job Profile:

There is a number of lucrative career options and job profiles in Food Technology. Some of them are as follows:
• You can join any Research and Development section of an organization as a Food Scientist, Food Chemist, and Product Development Specialist. Your main responsibility in these profiles is to find out innovative and secure ways of food production.

• As a Food Chemist and Food Inspector, your job is to check the quality control and assurance of food post its production.

• As a Food Processor, Manufacturing Specialist, Process Development Specialist and Food Production Manager, you are responsible to check and manage the entire food processing of the organization.

• You can also join as a Marketing Expert, if you are from sales and marketing background.


• A Food Technologist, as a fresher, can start their career with a salary package of around 20 to 25 thousand per month in India. One can easily reach to 5 to 6 lakh per annum within 5 years of experience. It will further increase with the increase in experience.

• The average salary package of a Dietician or Nutritionist for fresher is around 300000 per annum and 750,000 per annum respectively.

• If you are a Sales and Marketing professional in Food Technology, you can start with 350,000 annually and apart from this, you can also earn a lucrative amount through incentives.




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