Do you want to become a commercial pilot? Then you first need to take Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Through this blog, we provide complete info about how to do CPL course, its scope, course cost and how to choose the best CPL colleges in India 2018.

Who is Commercial Pilots?
Commercial Pilots are intensively trained and skilled professionals who fly various kind of aircraft and helicopters. They are also known as Aviator, Commuter Pilot, Aircraft Pilot, Airline Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot and Airline Captain. A Pilot is a part of the aviation industry who directly operates the directional flight controls of an aircraft. As an airline pilot, you will fly passengers or cargo on long or short-distance flights for business, leisure or for commercial purposes.

What Is Commercial Pilot License (CPL) India?

A Commercial Pilot License also is known as CPL. It is a type of License which allows a person to receive money in exchange for their services of flying certain aircraft. The authority which regulates the requirements for this license is the International Civil Aviation Organisation. It is valid for 5 years which can be renewed after giving some tests. The CPL license issued is valid internationally and a candidate can be employed as the pilot in Govt. civil, private airlines, corporate companies, and flying clubs on various positions.

If you wish to pursue a career full of glamour and excitement and have the love for travel and flying then aviation is the industry for you. Aviation is the field which attracts many people especially youngsters. If you have patience, time and dedication to the profession of a commercial pilot could become the right choice for you. The job of a commercial pilot is highly rated and adventurous career option which demands intensive training. It may look attractive and adventures from outside but the job is full of responsibilities. So, to become a commercial pilot you need to first complete Commercial Pilot License Course.

Top Institutes Offering Commercial Pilot License In India 2018-19

  1. The Bombay Flying Club (BFC), Mumbai
  2. Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  3. Adventure Flight Education, Mumbai
  4. Academy of Carver Aviation, Mumbai
  5. Kompass Aviation, Malad West, Mumbai
  6. Mams Air Private Limited, Mumbai
  7. Blue Diamond Aviation, Mumbai
  8. Adventure Flight Education, Pune
  9. Wingsss College of Aviation Technology, Pune
  10. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC), Indore
  11. AeroEngineers Vidyapeeth Private Limited, New Delhi
  12. High Flyers Aviation Services, Delhi
  13. Aviationbaba Aero Services Private Limited, New Delhi
  14. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi
  15. IGRUA, New Delhi
  16. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd. (AAA), Ahmedabad
  17. Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy (APFTA), Hyderabad
  18. Sha Shib Flying Academy (SSFA), Guna
  19. Happy Landings, Delhi
  20. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), Raebareli

How To Get Commercial Pilot License In India?

An aspirant can get Commercial Pilot License after completing minimum flying hours and theoretical examinations as per their course conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of one’s country. After acquiring CPL, one will become eligible to fly Commercial as well as Cargo planes.

For Commercial Pilot training, initially, a candidate has to start with earning a Student Pilot License. After that, they have to acquire a Private Pilot License where the pilot will fly an aircraft without passengers. In the advanced form of this training, the candidate will fly the aircraft along with passengers by which he/she will Commercial Pilot License.

In order to acquire a Commercial Pilot Licence one need to earn a certificate of a commercial pilot with logging of 250 flight hours.

Commercial Pilot License Cost

Even though the charges may vary to a great extent with every institute and state/ country the fee structure of getting a Commercial Pilots Licence one would have to pay between 20-35 lakhs for the whole course. Other expenses like hostel facilities may not be included in these fees.

Commercial Pilot Licence Syllabus

A candidate also has to give a written exam as per the syllabus offered by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Some of the subjects of study are:

  • Air Navigation,
  • Magnetism and Compasses,
  • Charts, Mass and Balance – Aeroplane, Centre of Gravity,
  • Performance of Single-Engine Aeroplanes,
  • The Atmosphere,
  • Climatology,
  • Flight Hazards,
  • Meteorological Information,
  • Rules of the Air,
  • Procedures for Air Navigation – Aircraft Operations,
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation,
  • National Law – National Law and differences to relevant ICAO Annexes and CARs,
  • Human Performance & Limitations,
  • Power Plant,
  • Limitations,
  • Propellers,
  • Flight Mechanics etc.

Commercial Pilot Course Eligibility

To become a Commercial Pilot one have to complete the Commercial Pilot Course and earn the Commercial Pilot License. The Basic eligibility criteria are given below –

  • one should have passed 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as subjects with minimum 50% marks from a recognized board/university.
  • The minimum age to take a Students Pilot License (SLP) is 16 years and for Commercial Pilots Licence is 17 years.
  • One should also have to achieve some physical standards to become a Commercial Pilot like general physical fitness is mandatory with perfect vision (6/6 eyesight) at least from one eye.
  • However, the eligibility criteria may vary to some extent with the institute and state/country.

Course Duration for CPL

Including all the exams minimum flying hours, flying tests, written tests etc. The course duration is maximum of 18 months in most of the colleges. However, it may vary from college to college.

How To Become A Commercial Pilot in India?

However, a career as a Commercial Pilot has been a cherished dream of almost all the children at some point of all the children at the time but the job of a pilot is not all play and no work. To become a commercial Pilot in India one has to complete intensive training with knowledge, intellect, think and perform actions quickly, working tough terrains and even working in odd hours.

To make you understand in simple words we are telling the process in 3 steps given below:
1 – As step one, the aspirant has to first get a Student Pilot License (SPL) by registering herself/himself at a flying club which should be recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India. The registration will require a medical certificate, security clearance, and a bank guarantee. An oral and written examination in subjects such as Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation etc. After successful completion of the examination, you’ll be awarded SPL certificate.

2- In the second step, you’ll have to get trained and earn Private Pilot License. The training for PPL will include 60 hours of flying (15 hours dual flights), accompanied by the flight instructor and minimum 30 hours of individual flights except for 5-hour cross-country flying. After successful completion of this training, one can give PPL exam, which will include topics such as Air Regulation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Engines, and Seamanship.

Only after completing the successful training as a Private Pilot one will become eligible to apply for a Commercial Pilot Licence.

3- To acquire a Commercial Pilots License the aspirant have to undergo a Medical Fitness Test which is held at New Delhi and give a written exam including topics such as Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Technical, Planning, and communications in the form of Radio & Wireless Transmission. With fitness test and written test minimum, 250 hours of flying (including 60 hours for the PPL) is also a necessary part of this training.

Job Profile of Commercial Pilot

In the cockpit of a plane, two pilots are there. The one with more experience is the captain and other is the co-pilot. In some bigger aircraft, a third pilot who is known as the flight engineer also there. However, with automatic computerized monitoring systems now, almost every airline keep only two pilots in one flight. The captain’s work is to keep surveillance to other crew members while co-pilot monitors the system and communicates with the air traffic controllers.
Some other responsibilities of a commercial pilot are

  • Check aircraft for its smooth functioning
  • To get informed about the weather condition of all the destinations en route.
  • Keep an eye on speed, altitude and instrument flight rules.
  • Take extreme care during take-off and landing.
  • Helicopter pilots have to be more careful of transmission towers and power lines

Pilot Salary In India

However, the salary of a Commercial Pilot in India depends upon the airline and one’s flying experience. The average salary of a fresher can be between Rs. 40K to Rs. 1.50K per month. With time and experience, the salary of a Commercial Pilot also increases gradually which can go up to 5-8 Lakh per month. Besides the salary, a Commercial Pilot gets attractive remunerations, incentives, provident fund, gratuity, medical facilities, and free/concessional air passage also. In some Private and Government owned airlines, they may also get a range of benefits and allowances including housing facilities, medical expenses, and outstation allowances, as well as free/concessional air passages for their family members or dependents.

Commercial Pilot Training in India

In India Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA) is the regulating authority of all the matters related to aviation in the country. It takes care of implementing, controlling, and supervising the standards, safety operations, and crew training in aviation in India. It also holds examinations for pilots, and grants flying licenses. There are many pilot training Institutions available in India under the recognition of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) providing many types of training courses in aviation, which a student can pursue after completing 10+2 in Science stream. Besides these institutes there are some flying clubs are also available in Mumbai and Delhi.

Scope Of Commercial Pilot Training

Undoubtedly flying aircraft as a commercial pilot is one of the highest paying salary career and benefits. The career prospects in this field are huge, it is a lucrative field for those who enjoy taking challenges. One can get jobs in any airlines like Lufthansa, Jet Airways, AirAsia, IndiGo and many more. The job opportunities with CPL are there in Govt. as well as in private sectors. Large business houses who have their own aircraft also hire experienced commercial pilots. As a commercial pilot, the seniority is based upon the total hours of flying. With the increasing number of hours of flying experience, one can take more responsibilities and earn more.



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