What Is Biotechnology Scope In India?

Biotechnology Scope is vast because it is an innovative branch of science which has become popular among youngsters as it provides the various scope of career growth. As the name itself describe the term ‘Biotechnology’, it is a combination of biology and technology that creates a mind-boggling fusion.

It further gives an opportunity to study and explore many fields of science. This field does not refer to any particular industry or job. This field is applied or related to various industrial sectors like food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, animal husbandry and many more.

The scope of biotechnology in India is immense, as we are living in the age of research where science has taken the new form. We are at a pace of making new application and innovation every day and this could be possible with combining Technology and biology together.

Biotechnology Courses in India After 12th

There are many biotechnology courses after 12th in India. As biotechnology is a growing field, many new courses and diplomas have been introduced to take education up to a new level. Students interested in the field of biotechnology can easily apply to different courses in India. Other than bachelor’s degree one can even apply for short-term diploma/certificate also.

Biotechnology UG Courses After 12th In India

What Eligibility Required For Admission In UG Courses

  1. Candidates have to be clear 10+2 in sciences stream for admission to B.Tech/integrated courses.
  2. Candidates should get minimum 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 to apply for courses in biotechnology.
  3. Admission will be strictly on the basis of merit of 10+2 examination and entrance exams conducted by colleges and university.
  4. It is to be noted that admission in various courses will be done on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th.
  5. Few colleges and universities also organize their entrance exams for admission to various biotechnology courses.

Biotechnology PG Courses In India

What Eligibility Required For Admission In PG Courses

  • Any candidates with an undergraduate degree from 10+2+3 system  required to take admission in Pg Courses
  • JNU conducts all India entrance exams for MSc biotechnology course.
  • Aspirants having aggregate 55% marks in UG courses are eligible to apply JNU MSc biotechnology or BDS.

Best Biotechnology Colleges In India 2019

It is important for a candidate to apply in colleges having a good rank. Getting admission in a prestigious college helps in the overall career as well as educational growth. Seeing student’s growth aspects, we have mentioned best Biotechnology Colleges in India.

  1. Alpine Institute of Management & Technology – [AIMT], Dehradun
  2. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  3. Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences, Dehradun
  4. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  5. Doon P.G. Paramedical College & Hospital, Dehradun
  6. Uttaranchal (P.G) College of Technology & Biomedical Sciences, Dehradun
  7. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi
  8. BFIT Group of Institutions, Dehradun
  9. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi
  10. National Institute of Technology, Calicut
  11. Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences & Research, Dehradun
  12. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
  13. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
  14. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Top 10 Biotechnology Universities In India 2019

Some popular Biotechnology universities in India as follows

  1. Uttaranchal University, Dehradun
  2. PES University, Bangalore
  3. Graphic Era University – [GEU], Dehradun
  4. Amity University, Noida
  5. Swami Rama Himalayan University – [SRHU], Dehradun
  6. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  7. Christ University, Bangalore
  8. Symbiosis International University, Pune
  9. Chandigarh University
  10. Aligarh Muslim University

Biotechnology Career in India 2019

In today’s techno-savvy era, Science and Technology revolutionized every nook and corner of the world. Therefore, Biotechnology is also mushrooming everywhere. In this field, biosciences and technology manipulate living organisms as well as the biological system to compose products. And those products are very beneficial for mankind. It is related to environmental control, food, and agriculture, healthcare, pharmacy etc.

Biotechnology is related to R&D in biological science and Industrial Procedures. Most of the work done in private and government laboratories. On the other hand, the Industrial process works on Drugs, vaccination techniques. By choosing a career in the biotechnology field is a good option for every individual.

Biotechnology is classified into two categories-

  • R&D in Biological Sciences
  • Industrial Process

The biological aspect deals with the research and development of microbiology, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and many more. Biotechnology plays a major role in understanding the occurrence and treatment of diseases, development of agriculture, food production, protecting the environment and many more. This whole R&D work is carried out in laboratories. While on the other hand, Industrial process deals in producing drugs, vaccine, biofuels, and pharmaceuticals on an industrial scale using biochemical products and techniques.

If you are postgraduate in biotechnology, then there is a long queue of related jobs. You can apply in bio-processing industries, chemical Industries and related to other organizations. Apart from this, an ample number of opportunities is on your doorstep. To quote an epitome, textile, industry, cosmetic firm, health care items etc engaged in the research process.

Biotechnology Jobs in India

After completing the course in biotechnology, one needs not to be worried regarding the job perspective. One can get a job as a biotech specialist, safety expert, biologist, research analyst or scientific writer in the private sector. The main employers in the private segment are chemical firms, food processing companies, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies.
There are jobs prospects in government sectors as well. Many opening for biotechnology graduates are offered in government laboratory, research and development centers and institutes, bioprocessing companies, government-owned pharmaceutical companies, govt universities, and colleges.

After completion of course, one can be appointed as

  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Scientific Assistant
  • Research Analyst
  • Calibration Technician and
  • Biostatistician

There are many organizations that offer decent job opportunities in India. After doing the course in biotechnology, one can find jobs in the field of –

  1. Waste Management
  2. Food Processing
  3. Drug and pharmaceutical
  4. Chemicals
  5. Energy
  6. BioProcessing
  7. Government institutions and organizations such as the Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
  8. Agriculture Institutes

These institutes offer jobs with the best salary in the private sector. Drug companies also offer biotechnology professionals an exciting salary package. There is also a scope of biotechnology in the field of textile, health care, environment etc. One can even take a specialization in one or more sub-fields of biotechnology like genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. This enhances the chance of setting firm career roots in the field of biotechnology.

Other Job Opportunities in Biotechnology

Biotechnology professionals can work in many organizations under the following positions

  • Medical Scientists
  • Biological Technician
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Microbiologists
  • Epidemiologists
  • R&D and Process Development Scientists
  • Biomanufacturing Specialists
  • BioProduction Operators
  • Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists and Technician

Biotechnology Salary in India

Various factors influence the salary package of biotechnology professionals. These are

  • Institute from which a person has completed the course
  • Specialization one has done
  • The field he/she has chosen
  • Job Location.

An average starting salary is from 10k to 20k per month.  The salary varies in case of a government job. One can earn up to 3,11,000P/A with 1-4 years of experience As the work experience grows one can minimum earn up to 8,70,000 P/A.

Top Research Institutes Of Biotechnology In India 2019

Below mentioned is the list of Institutions who are involved in biotechnology research in India. These research institutions have strict eligibility criteria as well as a selection procedure.


Biotechnology Jobs Details

Who is Biotechnologist?

Biotechnologists work in laboratories helping scientists and researchers study many things like living organisms, new drugs, and cures, improving quality and productivity in agriculture etc. They further conduct experiments in private and government lab. They work in different industries of agriculture, food manufacturing, and healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Biotechnologists are employed as biochemists, biophysicists/medical Scientists. They are responsible for cleaning, sterilizing laboratory equipment. They further analyze recordings and compile test results.

Top Companies Who Hire Biotechnologists

  • Biocon
  • Panacea Biotech
  • Rasi seeds
  • Serum Institute of India
  • Machyo Monsanto Biotech
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Indian Immunological
  • Venkateshwara Hatcheries
  • Ranbaxy
  • Dr Reddy’s Lab
  • Primal Healthcare
  • Aventis
  • Indian Immunological



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