Scope of Fitness Training, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • As the saying goes, health is wealth, the same holds very true for a fitness trainer. Where a world which revolves around skin deep beauty, fitness has become an integral part of looking good and staying fit concept of people all over the world. The job of a fitness trainer has become quite lucrative and sought after particularly by those in the beauty business. 
  • Health and fitness has become the talking point of people and many seek a personal trainer to go to lose weight or to stay in shape. A fitness trainer has many options to choose from in today’s world.
  • Previously fitness trainers used to mean physical instructors who used to conduct sports and games in school and college levels, but now with staying fit and keeping healthy being the motto, a fitness trainer has become more than just another teacher within the purview of the education system.
  • There are number of types of exercises which are coming up and evolving with the times so as to keep the world of fitness and exercising interesting and also fun. Long gone are the days when the gym used to only mean working out on heavy machines and dumb-bells. New exercise techniques like pilates, Zumba, Yogic aerobics, weight training, bunny hopping and so many others are being used to keep people healthy and fit.
  • The fitness industry has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and everyone who is anyone can be found to be indulging in some type of fitness regimen. 
  • Yoga of ancient times has become a revival exercise including the concepts of Chi from China.
  • So a fitness trainer need not be physical instructor but instead a qualified and certified expert in any technique of exercise and pursue teaching and enabling individuals to learn and grow by staying fit and fine.
  • So a Fitness Trainer can now be Karate Instructor, Aerobics Teacher, Zumba master, Pilates Instructor, Yoga specialist, Physical Therapist, Athletic Therapist or a Personal Trainer. There are many fitness techniques in which one can specialize and teach in.
  • To be a Fitness Trainer, one can have an educational background but there is no mandate to it. However, one should get oneself trained in any specific exercise regimen and apply for its certification course.
  • Along with that there should a basic knowledge of how a gym or fitness training centre functions. This can be done by enrolling in the local gym and undergoing training from an early age. 
  • Nowadays professional trainers and qualifies trainers are preferred and to pursue a course one can apply for a diploma in either sports, yoga, naturopathy or fitness. 
  • One can also specialize in specific exercise regimens such as kickboxing, pilates, karate, yoga, weightlifting and weight training, and others. A proper certification course in the exercise regimens can enable employment is better areas. 
  • Also having played nationally in a particular sport, enables many to train others in a specific regimen. 

There is ample scope for a Fitness Trainer these days. With the increase in health conscious people, the requirement of a qualified fitness trainer has also increased, employment can be sought in: 

  • Government based sports facilities like SAI (Sports Authority of India)
  • Fitness training centers
  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • Wellness centers
  • Hotels with sport facilities
  • Individuals who are associated with the health and beauty business
  • Also military schools
  • Schools and colleges which promote individual sports
  • Qualified and established fitness trainers can set up their own chain of fitness centers as well as promote fitness on any social and advert medium such as Television and YouTube. 

To be a fitness Trainer, one must have few basic skills. These are as follows:

  • The person should have a keen interest in well being
  • A fitness trainer is known for their stamina. An individual must possess the stamina to undertake workouts at regular intervals
  • The person should have immense patience in his work.
  • A fitness trainer must be open minded and understand the need of the client
  • One should have an idea of diet, nutrition and body contour and as accordingly subscribe workout regimens.
  • To pursue a career as a Fitness Trainer, the candidate can be from any back ground as long as they have a keen interest in physical activities and physical training.

A Fitness Trainer deals with the entire human body and every aspect of it. A job of a Fitness Trainer involves the following:

  • A Fitness Trainer must essentially love to train the body 
  • As a Fitness Trainer deals with different types of people with different body shapes and sizes, they need to figure out which fitness regimen will suit the client best.
  • A Fitness Trainer must be firm in handling a client and explain how the fitness regimen shall benefit them. 
  • A Fitness Trainer should be patient and calm while dealing with a client. 
  • A rookie Fitness Trainer who is employed with an association can make a sum of Rs 5000-8000 per month.
  • An established fitness trainer can earn Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 per session per individual depending upon their reputation.
  • Individual fitness trainers who have their own centers earn in lacs per annum depending on the intake of members.
  •  If someone is in academic line, then they get the remuneration as per UGC guidelines. 
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