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How To Join Indian Air Force After 12th

  • The Indian air force is the world’s largest air force that is responsible for securing nation and also for assisting the civil administration during internal security disturbance, maintenance of law and organizing rescue operations during natural disaster.
  • There is an excellent career prospect in the field of Indian air force. Once you will join the IAF you will learn to make a tough decision, you can develop your leadership, management skills, communication skills, confidence and lot more.
  • There are three branches in which you can join namely Flying Branch, Technical Branch and Ground Duty Branch. Young men can join it after passing their 10+2, graduation, engineering and postgraduate degrees. Moreover, women can also join only as Officer Cadre after completing their graduation, engineering, and post-graduation. The jobs are also available for 10 passed and below candidates in the Airmen cadre and technical or non-technical field.
  • You should be loyal to the force and dedicated toward serving the nation. 
  • Candidate should be free from any physical deformities and major disease
  • Candidate should have good eye sights with the adequate vision
  • Candidate should be obedient 

Medical Requirements

  • Sound health and free from ENT (ear, nose and throat) infections
  • Physique parameters: as per specified by govt
  • No heart or blood vessel functional diseases
  • Normal BP and good mental health
  • Good binocular vision without any color blindness 
  • Exemptions: of height parameters as per govt. instruction in North Eastern regions of India, Garwahal or Kumaon or are a Gorkha

Training Centers for newly recruit or in service personnel:

Once you will clear all the essential aspect to cross the gateway of IAF, you will send to be trained by professionals for three years. Indian Air Force (IAF) has established many training centers for train new comers. Technical and other ground support staff gets their training at various ground training schools. On the other hand, the pilots are trained at the Air Force Academy located at Dundigal, near Hyderabad, Telangana. Following are the name of few training centers: 

  • College of Air Warfare- Secunderabad 
  • Pilot Training Establishment - Allahabad
  • Air Force Administrative College - Coimbatore
  • School of Aviation Medicine - Bangalore
  • Air Force Technical Training College - Jalahalli, near Bangalore
  • Paratrooper’s Training School - Agra
  • Indian Air Force Test Pilot School - Bangalore
  • TETTRA Schools - Pune
  • The personnel will get many benefits even after being retired from IAF such as canteen facility, pension plans, health scheme and education facility to your kids and lot more. Moreover, once you will enter in IAF, there are many promotional avenues, that will be dependent upon your seniority. 
  • Also qualifying certain command courses will promote you to senior ranks. If you are interested, then government will send welcome letters at the time of special duties. Further,

    There are numerous job prospects in the field of IAF. Jobs in Indian air force are structured into three distinct branches:

    • Flying branch: 

    In the flying branch one will responsible for aerial task and can get the post of Fighter pilot, Helicopter pilot, Transport pilot, Air traffic controller and others. 

    • Technical branch: 

    In technical branch one will be responsible for technical department; you will be entitled for maintaining, developing and testing mechanical equipment and machinery. Moreover, technical branch is further divided into Aeronautical Engineer in electronics and Aeronautical Engineer in Mechanical. 

    • Ground duty branch:

    Man can join as a Permanent Commission in this branch and women can join as a Short Service Commission in all the branches that comes under Ground Duty Branch. The personnel who will be in this branch responsible for managing both human and material resources Following are the branch under this category:

    • Administration branch:

    Sometimes the officer of administration branch are send to flying branch, after giving them intense training. They are also responsible for perform as an Air Traffic Controller and Fighter Controller. 

    • Accounts branch:

    In this branch personnel will be responsible for the efficient management of fund and works as an internal auditor to ensure a zero-defect audit from outside agencies.

    • Logistics branch:

    At this branch, personnel will be responsible for managing material of all the air force resources. They have to ensure efficient supervision of inventories and involve in procurement processes of various ranges of equipment.

    • Education branch:

    In this branch, you will be entitled to manage entire education department. 

    • Meteorology branch: 

    Being a part of Meteorology branch, you will be responsible handling the latest satellite imagery and advanced monitoring equipment. Moreover, you will advice to the operators on all aspects of weather.

    The salary of government employees depends on their post and rank. It is appropriately revised according to the Government’s commissions constitutes.You will start getting you salary in the last year of your training with the amount Rs, 21000. There are many other additional benefits of joining IAF; you will get financial security throughout your life, housing facility, canteen, facility, medical facility and many others. These personnel are also provided with special bonus at the time of exclusive duties. 
    Broad descripting of salary as per the post:

    • Flying branch:Rs. 74,264
    • Technical branch:Rs. 65,514
    • Ground duty branch:Rs. 63,014
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