How To Become An Air Hostess After 12th

  • Everybody loves flying! We see that the world today is very commercial, new tastes and lifestyles are emerging. The mode of travel has changed too. The aviation industry is growing very fast and requires manpower. Traveling by plane is also in reach of most. No more Elite’s only. Becoming a part of airline industry offers not only an impressive salary but also a trendy and glam life.
  • The Career as an Air Hostess or Flight attendant is a highly rewarded customer service and it would last for about eight to ten years. You'll work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures. You are expected to be smartly dressed and well groomed and provide an excellent and pleasant service to the passengers. It is important that they attend to requests made by the passengers and announce requests made by a captain from time to time.

How to Became Air Hostess

  • Opportunities are more likely to be available with your performance & experience.
  • You may start from the domestic airline or directly from the international carrier. You can become purser or head attendant.
  • In this role, you will have management responsibilities, such as providing feedback on crew performance. You will be attending to 1st class or VIPs.
  •  After that, you could become cabin supervisor. In this new role, you would be training new recruits. After becoming part of this attractive business you are likely to progress in HR, marketing, hospitality industry.

Air Hostess Employment Information :

  • Though the degree is not required, a foundation degree may be useful in showing that you have an interest and enthusiasm for the job.
  • Most airlines prefer to hire air hostess crew especially those with foundation degrees in customer service related areas, like hospitality, travel & tourism. 
  • Knowledge of international languages is a plus factor. During the course, you will study about customer relations, passenger care, personal grooming, cultures, making announcements, persuasive arguments, servicing, etc.
  • After the screening process and befitting of requirements, you will be provided a specific training about 3 to 5 weeks by recruiting airlines to deal with services, like food, medicine, safety, attending disruptive passengers, operating emergency equipment etc. 

Required Skills for Air Hostess :

  • You need to be polite & pleasant with 'serving aptitude'. You should have sales skills, confident & flexible in unsocial hours.
  • You need to handle pressure calmly and ready to work in a team. A style of sense and grace is just as well as your ability to react quickly in times of emergency.
  • You need to be polite & pleasant with 'serving aptitude'. You should have sales skills, confident & flexible in unsocial hours.
  • You need to handle pressure calmly and ready to work in a team. A style of sense and grace is just as well as your ability to react quickly in times of emergency.
  • The general eligibility of the course is 10+2 in all streams. You should be fluent in communication and have fair looks and good fitness. The airlines have their requirements. This includes a minimum age, minimum proportion, weight and height, good hearing, 6/6 eyesight and also yours being healthy and fit. 

Air Hostess Job Profile :

  • The job of air hostess is ‘let me help you’. They welcome the passengers in boarding the plane, direct them to their seats and give the demonstration of safety procedures and types of equipment. This includes seeing that, seat belts are fastened and luggage has been properly placed. Special attention & care is given in the case of VIPs, sick, disabled, elders and children. They are trained to deal with emergency situations and give 1st aid if desirable.
  • During preflight, you will attend a pre-flight briefing of flight details, such as passengers with special requirements etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that, safety assessment is done, food & drink supplies, pillows, & blankets, medicine is adequate, and that the aircraft is clean and tidy. During the flight, you will be announcing on behalf of the pilot and providing pillows, blankets and serve refreshments and meals and sell gifts and duty-free items. It is your duty to attend the requests made by passengers. At the end of the flight, you will help passengers disembark safely with their luggage. You will be writing a flight report at the end. 
  • Air hostess is a highly competitive profession and you will be competing for jobs with fresher’s and experienced. You will work on scheduled flights or/and Chartered flights which may be domestic carriers or/and international carriers. Often, you will be dealing with tiredness and jet lag due to such work shifts that usually involve unsocial and irregular hours in mornings, on holidays.

What is the salary of Air Hostess ?

  • It depends on the type of airline, flight route etc. generally the salary paid is high. You will be paid for nights spent away from home. You will also be given free health and life insurances. If you have knowledge of international languages, then you may get an additional allowance for that. Good track record and experience is a significant factor for an increase in salary. 
  • You may be offered free flights domestically, whereas heavy discounts will be given in the case of international flights. Airlines may have discount travel facilities for the families. Salaries are very high in corporate jets, commercial airlines & international flights. Just to give a hint, the starting salary itself may be as high as 50,000 rupees per month. 
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