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Aviation Courses After 12th & Graduation in India 2024, Fee Structure for Art, Commerce, Science Students & Scope

Aviation Courses After 12th & Graduation are giving many prospects for the students to explore their talent in this industry. The programs aviation courses after 12th are available in various formats like UG, PG, and Diploma. You can pick any of them as per your interest, eligibility of matching, and timeline of a program. The basic course duration of an aviation course lies between two to four years (vary from course to course). The registration process starts in May and exceeds till June. Classes section generally starts from July mid till August first week. But due to Covid this year, the admission was extended till August end.

Opting for any aviation and the aeronautical course will teach you day-to-day skills on how an aircraft works and what is required for aeronautical sectors. It is also related to the type of operations that helps in managing the airport and flight-related activities. Aviation is a vast stream that is not limited to only flights and air hostesses. There are many other career options in aviation available in the management department also.

Aviation Courses After 12th

This article has been formatted with quality information through which you can resolve all your queries like What are the best aviation courses after 12th, What is Aviation course, Job profiles after Aviation course, etc.

Aviation Courses after Graduation in India Details

Aviation Course after Graduation covers UG courses which are 3 years of duration and PG courses which are 2 years of duration. UG course is also known as an undergraduate course which is done just after 12th. One plus point of doing an aviation course is that candidates of any stream can apply for UG courses as well as PG courses. We suggest opting for PG only when you have done graduation in aviation or a related course. Aviation Courses After Graduation will help you to settle career-wise without much of a struggle. You will be reading about interesting topics like Meteorology, Air Regulations, Navigation, Aircraft and Engine, Air Traffic Control, Flight safety, Aviation Security, and Crew Management, etc.
Below is the section listed with some top Aviation courses that you can opt for after 12th and graduation. Check it out and choose your relevant program.

List of Aviation Courses After 12th 2024 Details

Go through the list of Aviation Courses after 12th 2024 with their Eligibility, Career scope, and average salary. The following courses are-

1- BBA in Aviation Courses After 12th

BBA in aviation course after 12th is a three years duration course in which the main focus is given on managerial skills in terms of the airport. All 12th passed out students can opt for this course whether they are from science or arts or commerce. If you are interested in taking more specialization then you can go for an MBA degree as well. Accounting marketing, HR, safety management, etc are being introduced in the course.

Eligibility Criteria: Students with a minimum of 45% and a maximum of 60% marks in their 12th class can apply.

Jobs: After doing this course you can become Test Manager, Program Manager, Assistant Airport Manager after completing BBA in Aviation

Salary: 2 to 6 Lacs per annum.

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2- Diploma in Ground Staff

Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew is a 6month to a 1-year professional diploma in aviation course. During this course, you will learn to take how you can take care of the passenger comfort & smooth running of an aircraft. You will also learn to take care of multiple operations like guiding passengers to the aircraft, right parking space, ticket checking, and other related operations. This way you will be assured that the passengers are having a delightful experience on and off-board.

Eligibility Criteria: To take admission you have to 12th pass in any stream securing a minimum of 50% marks. Students should have excellent communication skills.

Jobs: Candidates become Flight Dispatcher, Airport Station Attendant, Cabin Crew, Cargo Ground Staff after completing a diploma in ground staff after 12th.

Salary: 4 to 6 Lacs per annum.

3. AME Course After 12th

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering also is known as AME, in short, is a 4-year aviation degree course. It can be done with B.Sc, B.Tech, or BE in AME. To get admission one needs to clear engineering exams like JEE ADVANCE/ MAINS etc. In this course, you will learn how an aircraft works and how the operations are being performed for smooth working. To check whether aircraft are working properly, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required.

Eligibility Criteria: Students need to pass their 10+2 in the Science stream with a minimum of 50 % marks.

Syllabus: The course covers subjects like-

  1. Basic Aircraft Engine
  2. Theory of Flight
  3. Workshop
  4. Engineering Drawing/Graphics
  5. Aircraft Material and Hardware
  6. Workshop
  7. Aircraft Structures
  8. Aircraft Rules
  9. Propellers
  10. Aerodynamics
  11. Aircraft Electronic Systems
  12. Computer Systems
  13. Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance
  14. Aircraft Systems and Maintenance
  15. Gas Turbine Engines
  16. Basic and Applied Electricity
  17. Aircraft Instruments
  18. Radio

Employment Areas: After completing the AME course after 12th Airlines, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) Industries, Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies, Defense.

Salary: 2-3 Lacs per annum.

4- Aeronautical Engineering (A.E.)

Aeronautical Engineering or AE is divided into 6 semesters and is years of duration. The study is all about Designing an aircraft as per the requirement. It is one of the lucrative and most specialized branches in engineering. Students will get all the knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of an aircraft. After attaining the degree students will become Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers, Flight Engineers, Assistant Technical Officers, Aircraft Production Manager, Thermal Design Engineer, and Consultants.

Eligibility Criteria: Start your career by joining B.Tech/ BE programs after 12th. You need to be 10+2 pass in the science stream with at least 50% marks. Having a valid score of relevant national & state-level engineering entrance exams is an added advantage.

Syllabus: The course covers subjects like-



Flight Mechanics

Aircraft Structures

Communication Skills

  1. Computer Programming Basics 
  2. Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Mechanics of Solids
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Theory of Vibration and Noise Control
  6. Avionics
  7. Introduction to Control Theory
  8. Aircraft Design
  9. Theory of Heat Transfer
  10. Computational Fluid Dynamics 
  11. Aircraft Systems and Instruments

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Job Profiles: Assistant Aircraft Engineers, Aircraft Production Manager, Mechanical Design Engineer, Aerospace Designer Checker after completing Aeronautical Engineering after 12th. 

Salary: 5-6 Lacs per annum.

5. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Commercial Pilot License or CPL is a 2-year aviation course. It is the gateway to becoming a professional pilot, it’s a permit to act as a pilot of an aircraft. After getting training from recognized courses and full fill all the needed compliance one can become a pilot & fly private & commercial aircraft in India or the world. CPL training is heavy on pockets but it will get you a 100% job guarantee. CPL is an 18 monthly program in which students should have 160 hrs of flying experience. After completing the training students become Airline Pilot, Experimental Test Pilot, Chief Pilot, Co-Pilot, Commercial Pilot, etc.

Eligibility Criteria: Students keen to join this course should have cleared 10+2 in the science (PCM) stream with a minimum of 50 % marks. You have to clear an aptitude test followed by a personal interview.

Syllabus: The course covers subjects like-

  1. Air Navigation
  2. In-Flight Navigation
  3. Performance of Single-Engine Aeroplanes
  4. Radio navigation
  5. Basic radar Principles
  6. Flight Instruments
  7. Aviation Meteorology
  8. Air Regulation
  9. Rules of the Air
  10. Air Traffic Services
  11. Security
  12. Flight Hazards
  13. Basic Aviation Physiology and Health Maintenance
  14. VFR Communications
  15. IFR Communications
  16. Subsonic Aerodynamics
  17. Transonic Aerodynamics
  18. Limitations

Job Profiles: Pilot in Command, Helicopter Pilot, Corporate Pilot after completing Commercial Pilot License after 12th

Salary: 1.5 Lacs per annum.

6- Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Course after 12th

You can join Diploma in Aviation hospitality which is 12 to 15 months of duration. You can join this course after the 12th in any stream. If you are keen on making a career in the aviation sector, then the diploma is one of the best-suited courses for arts stream students. It gives an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality requirements.
The competition among airlines is growing due to the growth of technology and facilities in the aviation sector. Now passengers have many options to fly on one single route. The biggest differentiator in choosing the flight, again and again, is customer experience. So the main focus of aviation hospitality is to give the best customer satisfaction. It is designed for giving all-important professional knowledge of aviation hospitality.
You can become Order Management Specialist, product manager, chief technology officer, cabin crew, Aviation hospitality instructor, Assist. Counselor and Admin Executive etc. after acquiring this course certificate.

Eligibility Criteria: The student should have 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks with excellent communication skills.

Syllabus: The course covers subjects like-

  1. Aviation
  2. Travel Management
  3. Self-Grooming Fares and Ticketing
  4. Personality Development
  5. Hospitality Management
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Swimming
  8. Interview Techniques
  9. Foreign Language

Job Profiles After  Aviation Courses:

Cabin Crew, Product Manager, Executive Assistant, Chief Technology Officer, Order Management Specialist after completing Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Course after 12th. 

Salary: 6-8 Lacs per annum.

Aviation Courses After Graduation in India

  1. Professional Pilot Training
  2. MA in Aviation Management
  3. Aviation Security
  4. Aviation Management
  5. Aviation Technician/Aircraft Maintenance
  6. Master’s in Aerospace Engineering
  7. LLM International Air, Space and Telecommunications Law
Note: For any questions regarding admission to aviation courses, please feel free to contact our guidance team at @9667853261

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Aviation Courses List After Graduation/ Degree

A student can pursue aviation courses after the 12th or after degree. Aviation Courses admissions are done either based on the merit of class 12 with an aggregate of 50% in physics, chemistry, and maths or via common management entrance exams.

List of Top Aviation Courses 2022 with Duration & Fee Structure
Aviation Courses After 12th Commerce
Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
B.Sc. – Hospitality and Hotel Administration3 YearsGraduate50000-600000
BBA in Aviation3 YearsGraduate18000-260000
Diploma in Airport Management Services1 YearDiploma60000- 100000
Diploma in Travel Management and Airport Handling6 MonthsDiploma10000-300000
Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management1 YearGraduate10000-300000
Bachelors in Hospitality Management – International Certification3 YearsGraduate300000-1000000
BBA – Aviation Operations3 YearsGraduate200000-600000
Aviation Courses After 12th Arts
Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
Diploma in Air Hostess, Stewardship & In-flight cabin crew operations1 YearDiploma50000-100000
Air Hostess1 YearDiploma50000-100000
Airport Ground Handling1 YearDiploma20000 - 50000
Diploma in Air Cargo Management1 YearDiploma25000-40000
Diploma  in Cabin Crew1 YearDiploma50000 - 60000
Bachelors in Hospitality Management4 YearsGraduate100000-500000
B.Sc in Hospitality Administration3 YearsGraduate50000- 600000
Aviation Courses After 12th Science
Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
B.Tech Aerospace Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000-800000
B. Tech. – Aerospace Engineering with Specialization in Avionics Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000- 800000
Commercial Pilot Licence2 YearsDiploma100000-5000000
B.E in Aerospace Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000-800000
BTech in Aerospace Engineering + MBA (Integrated)5 YearsGraduate300000-1500000
BTech Aircraft Maintenance Engineering4 YearsGraduate300000-600000
B.Sc – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering3 YearsGraduate50000-250000
Pilot Orientation Program3 monthsDiploma100000-300000
Note - The above mentioned are the estimated fees that vary from course to course and college to college.

So the above-mentioned information was the list of top courses in the Aviation industry or Aviation courses in India after the 12th. If you have any query related to any aviation course which is not mentioned here please feel free to connect @ 966785326 for free counselling.

Top Aviation Colleges in India 2024

  • Jamia Milia University, New Delhi
  • Mumbai University, Mumbai
  • NIMS University, Rajasthan
  • Amity University, Uttar Pradesh
  • School of Aeronautics, New Delhi
  • Banasthali Vidyapeeth
  • Kirsty Jayanti College, Bangalore
  • Annex College, Kolkata
  • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Tamil Nadu
  • Galgotias University School of Business, Greater Noida, UP
  • Acharya College, Bangalore
A Career in Aviation After Graduation in India 2024

Graduates in completing their respective courses can apply for the following aviation job roles:

  • Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew.
  • Front-end Office Operator.
  • Steward. Assistant Manager.
  • Airport Manager.
  • Cargo Department Manager

Aviation Courses Admission Process 2024

For admission to any aviation course, you have to meet a particular admission or eligibility criteria. This depends on course to course whether you are taking admission in UG, PG, or diploma. Some colleges also interview to select cream candidates. This way the administration can differentiate students according to their ability.The general admission criteria as mentioned below

  • Due to COVID 19, the registration process was extended till August 2024. General admission month starts from May to July.
  • Students must have done 12th from a recognized board.
  • It is to be noted that some aviation courses like diploma/certificate courses also offer admission based on class 10th score.
  • For hassle, free admission students need to score a minimum of 50% to 60% marks. Admission can be followed by a round of interviews or entrance examinations (conducted by various A to B aviation colleges).
  • Some colleges also offer admission directly as they have limited seats and batches.

How To Apply For Aviation Courses After 12th

It is to be noted that this a general application procedure. It may vary from course to course and college to college

  • One can apply by visiting the college website or visiting a college in person.
  • Admission details will be mentioned on the college's official website or college notice board. 
  •  Read the Registration form and fill it very carefully
  • Attach all important documents and submit them very carefully. 
  • One can pay the registration fee through the online mode or offline mode whatever is best suited. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of  Aviation Courses After 12th

Que: Which is the best course in Aviation?

Ans: As we can suggest there is nothing best or good. Each course has its uniqueness that you can choose as per your interest. However, some of the best-opted courses in the aviation stream are - BBA in, Commercial Pilot License or Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Course, Aeronautical Engineering courses.

Que: How to become a Pilot after 12th Commerce?

Ans: After passing 12th in commerce, candidates can join the Commercial Pilot License course or any flying school. This course will help you to take your career as a pilot. Although there are other courses as well for certain streams ( to be enquired from the college). Take free career guidance on CPL, Dial: 09717134336.

Que: What subjects will a diploma in Airport Management cover?

Ans: Here are the subjects that you'll have to study while pursuing a diploma in Airport Management:-

  • Airport Strategy and Functioning
  • Cargo Management and Handling
  • Staff Management
  • Safety & Security Management

Ques: I am a student of Arts. Can I pursue an Aviation course? If yes, then please tell me how much salary can I expect after it?

Ans: Students of any stream are allowed to pursue an aviation course.

The salary after completing an aviation course will depend on your job profile or designation. But an average salary for even a ground staff employee after completing a diploma in aviation is between 4 to 6 lacs Per Annum.

Some other Popular Courses after 12th

Top Aviation College in India 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Karnataka Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Madhya Pradesh Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Punjab Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Delhi Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Maharashtra Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Gujarat Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses
PANACHE ACADEMY, AHMEDABAD University Grants Commission (UGC) 10
INDUS UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD University Grants Commission (UGC) 22
ILAM, AHMEDABAD University Grants Commission (UGC) 7

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Tamil Nadu Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Uttarakhand Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Uttar Pradesh Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Kerala Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Telangana Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Rajasthan Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses
SURESH GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR University Grants Commission (UGC) 92
ST INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS, JAIPUR Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, New Delhi 4
SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY (SU), JHUNJHUNU University Grants Commission (UGC) 260
NIMS UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR University Grants Commission (UGC) 130
JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR University Grants Commission (UGC) 100

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Haryana Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses
STAR AVIATION ACADEMY, GURGAON Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India 2
INDRAPRASTH INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS, GURGAON Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India 2
GD GOENKA UNIVERSITY (GDGU), GURGAON University Grants Commission (UGC) 167

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Jharkhand Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Chandigarh Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses
CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH University Grants Commission (UGC) 101

 Top AVIATION Colleges in West Bengal Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Himachal Pradesh Admission 2024

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Jammu And Kashmir Admission 2024

College NameApproved ByOffering Courses

 Top AVIATION Colleges in Andhra Pradesh Admission 2024

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