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We, Vidhyaa, and associated companies globally, are committed to safeguarding your online privacy and understand your need for appropriate protection/ management of personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") that you share with us.


The webpage does involve “cookies” and other tracking technologies to enhance the people browsing experience. It is a small text file that collects information on site activity and to recall personal information pointed by web user. 
As a user, you may set your browser to inform about cookie notification or may choose to block. Do note that blocking or erasing cookie generally impacts the browsing experience. You’ll have to re-enter User Id and Password to gain access to the site. 
Tracking technology might record information such as IP address, internet domain, hostname, browser software, click pattern, date or time, just to make your web experience better. Information prior to Personal Information might also be collected for statistical or trend purpose.


The third party services at generally require information, including Personal Information, for better deliverance of information, product and services. Vidhyaa do not intend to transfer your personal information third party without the consent of user. We are against of such practices unless legally required. We undertake corrective measures to ensure third-party service do oblige in protection of user data.


By using this website, you agree to the terms of Online Privacy Policy and understand to process personal information for the purposes mentioned above.


We take suitable security measures that protect you from any unauthorized access/ alteration/ disclosure/ destroying of data.
The access to personally identifying information is restricted to employees that needed this information to improve, operate and develop services.


We do provide feature/method to update and correct personally identifying information. This gives user a privilege to keep their profile updated.


Vidhyaa will not contact children under age 13 for any special offer or for marketing/promotional purposes without their parent permission.


“Vidhyaa” do not sell, rent, share, or reveal personal information of users with other people or non-affiliated companies with an exception to provide product & services you’ve requested/when your permission is granted or under following conditions: 
Providing information to trusted partner under confidentiality agreements. These companies might contact you about the offer from Vidhyaa or from marketing partners. However, these companies do not possess independent right to share information. 
When it becomes necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding any illegal activity/fraud/violations/potential threat or if required by law. When information has to be merged with another companies that recently acquired or in acquisition process. In this occurrence, “Vidhyaa” will notify you before information is transferred.

Vidhyaa do displays targeted information based on personal information that might generally required by advertisers. This helps to interact, view or gaining clicks as per targeted ads.

We do not share any personal information while interacting with targeted ad instead it might be used to meet targeted criteria. W includes advertisers of financial services and no-financial services such as bank, insurance, airline or lenders.


The access to your personal information is restricted to employees and we believe that they reasonably needed to contact or to provide product and services as per your interest.

We have taken procedure to safeguard the user personal information and to meet the protection and preservation laws prevalent in India.


“Vidhyaa” holds the rights to change, update, alter or modify this policy anytime and might implemented/ come in practice without providing any prior notice from date of change, update, alters or modification. 
The user will be notified about changes made in Privacy policy.


Vidhyaa do not store your debit/credit card information on website or anywhere. Once the transaction is completed, the data is moved offline to ensure that it is not accessible. We take utmost measure to ensure that user payment data doesn’t leak in wrong hands. 
Vidhyaa shall not be responsible for any loss or damages for any disclosure of user information related to account, online transactions, credit cards / debit cards, processing error, inaccuracy or omission.


We welcome the suggestion/grievance/ comment associated to privacy statement. If you have any concern about breach or infringement of this privacy policy, then you may contact us.

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