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Updated On - November 25th 2020, Updated By - Poonam Tiwari
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B.Pharma Govt College in Dehradun Admission 2021-22 Fees & Placement

In this era of increasing fraud, a genuine drug inspector is like aid to society. That's why B. Pharma Govt Colleges in Dehradun is like a golden opportunity for those who have the desire to serve society with an attractive pay scale. 

These government colleges for B.Pharma in Dehradun are highly developed and noticed by the government. Although the education of government colleges are obvious to be best but the infrastructure you will observe in these colleges are also of high-end quality.

There are many other facilities you'll receive at these colleges, but we believe it would be best if you give them a visit on your own (Just to be double-sure)

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List of B.Pharma Govt College in Dehradun | 2021-22 

These colleges are best to opt-in 2021-22. Admissions are open.

Eligibility for Admission in govt colleges for B.Pharma in Dehradun

Many students apply for the course of B.Pharma but get rejected, because a student must qualify 12th standard with relevant science stream subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Biology). 

At least 50%of marks are necessary for this course, although the diploma holders in the Pharmacy field, are also fully eligible for this course.

Best Career Options after B.Pharma

After completing this job oriented course, that too from the best government colleges for B.Pharma in Dehradun, these are the best options to choose for your career:-


Drug Inspector

This is one of the highest paying and reputable fields in the Pharmacy. Gross starting salary for a drug inspector is around INR 50K Per Month, & can go up to INR 70-80K Per Month, after some years of experience.



A pharmacist is one of the trend-setting professions of today's time. However, the starting salaries of Pharmacist in Indian Railway & Delhi Pharmacist is approx INR 45KPer Month, which can go up to INR 60K Per Month, just after two years of experience. 


Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharma graduates, who are freshers yet, are usually being hired in the marketing department of firms, which is a fair start for their career. At this point of no experience, they can expect a salary structure of INR 18K -35K Per Month. Plus, incentives are also a nice perquisite they usually receive from their organizations.


Drug Store/Drug Wholesaler

A medical shop in a good location could set you up with a well-settled business. Any registered Pharmacist with a license can run a medical shop. If you have enough resources and have the potential to open up a medical shop at the wholesale market, then nothing in this field could be better than this. An average drug store dealer earns in India around INR60k Per Month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is Pharmacy hard?

Ans: Yes, Pharmacy is also meant to be one of the toughest subjects because it covers almost every part of science. A student of Pharmaceutical will study Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and the entire chemistry of medicine.


Ques: How long does it take to be a Pharmacist?

Ans: A Standalone diploma in Pharmacy, will take four years of your life, but it will take eight years to become a pharmacist if you opt for a bachelor's degree. However, entering a program after two or three years of undergraduate program can make you capable enough to practice sooner.

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