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Scope of Air Traffic Controller, Courses, Jobs and Salary In India.

  • Air Traffic Controller as a CareerThe position of an Air Traffic Controller is an important part of an Aviation industry. They are trained to continue the safety, orderly flow of air traffic in the air traffic control system globally. It’s a specialized field which requires the knowledge of technical and handling of equipment. They are responsible for the safety of the airplane both in the skies and on the ground at airports. 
  • The life of an Air Traffic Controller is quite stressful. Since they have to take care of the air traffic, giving instructions to the pilots, etc., it involves long working hours wearing earphones and giving instructions to the pilots for landing and takeoff from the airport. 
  • The profession involves quick and timely decision on a daily basis. They have to be able to quickly recall the registration numbers of the aircraft under their control, the type of aircraft and its speed, the position of the aircraft in the air and also the location of navigational aids in that area. 
  • The profession of an Air Traffic Controller is considered as one of the most mentally challenging careers. 
  1. To pursue a career as an Air Traffic Controller, the candidate needs to clear their 10+2 examination in Science stream.  They can do 3 years regular full time B.Sc. course with Physics and Mathematics from a recognized university or Full time regular Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Technology (B.E./B.Tech) in any discipline. 
  2. The candidate needs to clear their written test, voice test and medical test to enter this profession.
  3. Air Traffic Controller’s Guild (India) in New Delhi a recognized body gives training to the candidates who want to pursue this career. It is year-long ab-initio training (Under revision to make it in two sections of six months each). They are being taught about topics like 
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Aerodromes and Ground Aids
  • Air Legislation
  • Meteorology
  • Communication Procedures
  • Technical
  • Search and Rescue
  • Air Navigation

After the selection of candidates they are being sent to Civil Aviation Training Colleges at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, or Hyderabad for their further training.

  • To make a career as an Air Traffic Controller, the candidates are recruited by Airports Authority of India (AAI). 
  • They and other small airports like HAL also recruit Air Traffic Controller mainly from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) employee. 
  • The training of ATC’s is also part of their recruitment. If a candidate clears the training successfully, the job is guaranteed for them. 
  • They are then given the post of Junior Executive (ATC). The job of an Air Traffic Controller is transferable within India.  

There are few skills that are required to become an Air Traffic Controller. They are as follows:

  • The candidate must have an interest in the aviation industry.
  • He/she must have good spatial knowledge. 
  • They must have sharp memory to remember the consistent information flow. 
  • They must have the ability to concentrate on busy situations. 
  • They must have the capability to take quick decisions whenever required. 
  • They must have the ability to do multi-tasking.
  • He/she must be proficient in English and good in numbers.
  • They must have high standard of seeing and hearing ability including normal color vision. 
  • The person must possess the ability to work as a team. 
  • The must have a positive attitude towards their work.
  • He/she should be a responsible person.
  • The person should be hard working and have good stamina to work on odd hours.
  • There are several Distance learning courses available for Aviation programme in IATA.
  1. There are scope and opportunities for an Air Traffic Controller. They are as follows:
  2. The demands for qualified air traffic controllers are high on major airports, city to city and country to country. With the growing number of airlines these days, the aviation industry will also continue to grow, that is, there will be positions for air traffic controllers in the next couple of years. To become a successful air traffic controller the candidate must look forward to bigger i

    To pursue a career as anAir Traffic Controller, the candidate must have the following eligibility criteria:

    • The candidate must be an Indian national.
    • The candidate must have a minimum age limit of 21 years of age.
    • They must pass their 10+2 examination in Science stream.
    • The candidate must have an Engineering Degree in Electronics/Tele Communication/Radio Engineering/Electrical with specialization in Electronics with atleast 60% marks.
    • The candidate can also have M.Sc. Degree or equivalent with Wireless Communication, Electronics, Radio Physics or Radio Engineering as a special subject.
    • The candidate needs to clear their written test, voice test, medical test.
    • After the selection, the candidates are sent to Civil Aviation Training Colleges at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh or at Hyderabad. For further training they are sent to Andhra Pradesh.
    • The job responsibilities of an Air Traffic Controller are as follows:
    • They co-ordinate the arrival and departure of airplanes at the airport
    • They give instructions to the pilots at the time of landing and takeoff of airplanes so that the aircraft stay at a safe distance from another aircraft.
    • Air Traffic Controllers update the weather condition to the pilot.
    • They constantly monitor the aircraft movement on the ground and in the air using equipment like radar, computers or visual references.
    • They are authorized to allow the flight path changes if required according to the weather condition, runway closures or any other critical information.
    • If any kind of emergency, they need to alert the airport response staff to take necessary action.
    • They control the ground traffic at the airports like baggage vehicles and airport workers.
    • The Air Traffic Controller has to manage several aircrafts at a time, therefore, he need to be quick and prompt in his work. 
    • The salary of an Air Traffic Controller depends upon their qualifications, experience, skill that is the rating they acquire for their work and the city in which they get posted. 
    • During the training period, the trainees are paid a stipend of approx. Rs. 7,500/- per month which includes their lodging and boarding in Civil Aviation Training College, Allahabad.
    • The approx. pay structure for Junior Executive (ATC), the post they get after their formal training is approx. Rs. 16,400/- to Rs. 40,500/- per month and other allowances.
    • Similarly, the approx. salary structures of other ATC’s with different designations areas follows:-
    1. Junior Executive        Rs. 16,400/- to Rs. 40,500/-
    2. Assistant Manager     Rs. 20,600/- to Rs. 46,500/-
    3. Manager                     Rs. 24,900/- to Rs. 50,500/-
    4. Sr. Manager      
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