Scope of Cabin Safety Instructor, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • The career in the Aviation industry for today’s young generation is quite promising. With the increasing number of privately operated airlines, the aviation sector has increased several job opportunities in this field. Cabin Safety Instructor is one of them. 
  • Cabin Safety Instructor play an important role in the safety of the aircraft operations. They work for the passenger’s safety which includes child safety, traveling with pets, baggage and gives travel tips. Their main focus is safety. They ensure that the cabin products and services are delivered to the customers as safely as possible.
  • Cabin safety inspectors evaluate the aircraft and make sure that the aircraft is ready to fly. They check each and every object of the cabin that is the gauges and other instruments are functioning properly.  

To take up a career as a Cabin Safety Instructor the candidate needs to complete their 10+2 examination with central or state board.  The candidate gets to learn the following:

  • To understand the role of Cabin Safety Instructor.
  • To understand different rules and regulations and various types of inspections that has to be done. 
  • To apply those principles while preparing the inspection reports.
  • The communication used at the Flight Operations Department. 
  • To understand the Aeronautical Information Circular.
  •  To train the candidates on Emergency landing planned and unplanned.
  • To train them on Decompression, Fire & Smoke.
  • Training on Precautionary landing and other abnormal situations.
  • To conduct practical training to the candidates like Fire and Smoke, Water Drills/Ditching and Evacuation Techniques.

There are few courses available for the candidates who want to pursue a career as a Cabin Safety Instructor. Some of them are as follows:

  • Advanced Safety Management Systems in Civil Aviation
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Recovery
  • Cargo Security Awareness
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Managing Accident Prevention and Investigation
  • Diploma in Airline Operations
  • Diploma in Integrated Risk Management 
  • Diploma in Quality Management for Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers 
  • Diploma in Safety Management for Airlines
  • Diploma in Safety Management in Civil Aviation

Some of the Institutions for studying Air Hostess are as follows:

  • Frankfinn Institute
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • With the privatization of the airlines industry, there are several job opportunities which have been opened up for the candidate who want to pursue a career as a Cabin Safety Instructor. 
  • They can be recruited in both government and private domestic and international airlines. They play an important role for the aircraft’s operational work. 
  • There are various departments in the airline where the Cabin Safety Instructors are required. Cabin Safety Instructor’s work includes the safety and security of the passengers, their luggage, etc. 
  • They ensure that the cabin products and services are delivered to the customers as safely as possible.
  • Cabin Safety Instructor’s also get appointed as Consultant on contractual basis on any aviation industry. 

There are few skills that are required to become a Cabin Safety Instructor are as follows:

  • The person needs to be disciplined, patience in their work.
  • He should be punctual and meet commitment.
  • He should have confidence in himself.
  • The person should be hard working and have good stamina.
  • The person must have good presence of mind.
  • The person must possess the ability to work as a team or alone. 
  • They must have a positive attitude towards their work.
  • He must have good written and communication skills. 
  • There are several Distance learning Diploma courses available for Aviation programme in IATA.

There are scope and opportunities for the Cabin Safety Instructor. They are as follows:

  • A Cabin Safety Instructor after few years of experience can work as a Training Specialist in the particular field. They can cover the topics like security, dangerous goods and crew resource management. 
  • They can also be employed as Senior Cabin Crew Member onboard the aircraft. 
  • After an experience of 5-10 years, ones quality of work and de

    To pursue a career as a Cabin Safety Instructor, the candidate must have the following eligibility criteria:

    • The candidate must be 40 years of age.
    • They must have passed their 10+2 examination with central or state board.
    • They must have an experience of over 5 years on special skills like flight and maintenance experience. 
    • The candidate must have good communication skills.

    The job responsibilities of Cabin Safety Instructor are as follows:

    • The cabin safety instructor ensures the safety and security of its passengers.
    • They make sure that the cabin things and services are designed in such a way that the customer’s things are delivered to them as safely as possible. 
    • They check the cabin mechanisms and equipment’s to ensure that they function properly. 
    • The work also includes checking the flight logs and maintain the records of the serviced done.
    • They are also responsible for the review of the work of the technicians. 
    • If any mishap happens, they are responsible to investigate the accident site and review for any violation.
    • They try to develop and arrange for the cabin safety specialty training courses and workshops to the required personnel.  
    • They do research, develop and training courses and amends the policies and procedures time to time.
    • The salary structure of a Cabin Safety Instructor depends upon the Private or Government owned aviation companies. 
    • Approximately a Cabin Safety Instructor earns a salary of Rs. 15,600/- to Rs. 29,100/- per month. 
    • The salary package of a Cabin Safety Instructor in the public sector depends upon their grades and positions. It also depends upon the number years the person is working and his position.  
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