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Scope of Shipping & Port Management, Courses, Jobs and Salary In India.

  • The shipping industry has always been a flourishing Industry from time since man built a boat.
  • The concept of trade and maritime commerce is as old as the history of mankind since the time of the Greeks and Romans who used to do trade and commerce with other faraway lands which include the Indian peninsula and China all through waterways and channels.
  • The British had initially come to India as trade merchants. The East India Company was the first British company to set afoot its business on Indian soils and since then, shipping has become an integral part of the Indian trading system.

There are several ports in India mainly divided into two major coastal regions of the east and the west which are surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea respectively and with the Indian Ocean hovering below. The main ports of India include Kolkata, Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kochi. 

  • All the major vessels land and depart from these major ports. There are other smaller ports which handle the transportation of a cargo of smaller vessels so that the major ports can deal with bigger freight vessels.
  • Till date, the trade and commerce around the world is done via sea. The importance of sea trade in world business is vital and crucial as most of the heavy cargo is still transferred by sea.
  • Hence the management of ships and the movement at ports is very crucial and requires trained personnel to ensure smooth operations of the cargo and vessels from various ports.

Shipping, being the largest means of trade and commerce requires top level managers. Companies from all over the world require qualified personnel to take care of logistics and cargo handling from its warehouses to the various ports to other ports.

Employment of those who have a degree in Shipping & Port Management is in high demand at all times as there are several aspects to shipping.

One can apply as a Customs Manager, Logistics Manager, or personnel in Merchant Navy where one can travel around the world on ships.

Candidates can also apply for various posts in ships and shipping authorities such as Shipping Corporation of India.

 Ports also require qualified candidates as a lot of work involves organizational and management skills.

The defense and navy also require candidates who are holding a management degree and it also enables one’s promotion.

  • To take Shipping & Port Management as a career, the candidate has to complete their 10+2 in any stream, preferably with a background in science, economics or business.
  • For undergraduate courses like any stream can be pursued but preferably a degree in commerce such as B.SC, BTech, BE or Economics, or BBA etc, enables the candidate in the said field. For postgraduate courses, one can apply for MBA in Shipping & Port Management.

There are also Post Graduate Diploma Courses  courses can also be pursued.

To be a Shipping & Port manager, one must have few basic skills. They are as follows:
•    The person should have excellent communication skills as communication is the key to co-ordination between vessels and the ports.
•    He should be quick and receptive of the situation.
•    Must have a very good rapport with both staff and management
•    The person should be a team player.
•    A Shipping & Port manger must be efficient, methodical and collected.
•    Must possess excellent administrative skills.
•    Must be aware of the legalities relating to cargo, its transportation and also shipping and maritime law.
•    Must have good time management abilities and extreme patience to endure very tough and critical situations particularly in times of emergency and crisis
•    Should be aware of all situations at all times
•    Must know how to deal with problems immediately

To pursue a career in Shipping & Port Management, the candidate must have completed their 10+2 in any stream and must be a graduate preferably in a science-based subject or engineering, technology or management studies.

Shipping and Port management unlike any other management deals which deal mainly with people, this management deals with the transportation, loading, unloading, storage, road transport, customs, handling, safety all relating to cargo.

So when someone opts for a career in shipping and port management there are many aspects that need to be looked into, these are:
•    One must be a person who can work with any class of people as most of the workers are laborers who take care of the cargo and supervision of the laborers must be taken care of.
•    As the ships take time to land and leave ports depending on the tide, a lot of patience is required in coordinating with other vessels which are to berth and unberth at the port
•    A Shipping and Port manager must always be on high alert as there are many issues relating to cargo and ships which need to look into.
•    A Shipping & Port manager must know the relevant government authorities so as to provide for cargo clearance as well as transport worthy vessels to avoid any danger at sea.
•    A shipping and port must always be ready for emergencies and crisis situations.

•    As the field of shipping and port management is a very critical and crucial area of work. The pay package is extremely good with a high severance package as well. 
•    Those who are engaged in the

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