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Scope of Business Administration, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • With every single thing depending upon money, trade and commerce in all factors of life are important. Some people choose to work for companies and some are born to run companies. Eventually, it is the company which the key factor that runs the economic system of every country.
  • Business whether big or small is not an easy feat and takes more than just capital. So how does one run a business?
  • Business administration provides the education which one needs to run a business. The basic of any business is the concept of barter which initially was the trade of one commodity in exchange of another commodity. 
  • Trade and commerce finds its origin as old as the Indus Valley Civilization where coins depict that they had trade with the people of Mesopotamia (present day Iran). Hence the concept of money in exchange has always been there.
  • So what does Business Administration provide? Business Administration is all about the growth of a business and the manner in which resources at hand should be used and by proper planning and guidance, one can launch a successful business.
  • With the increasing number of inspired youth, many are choosing to become entrepreneurs and for that majority are opting for Business Administration after school as a graduation course.
  •  Business has become more than mere trade, businesses now look for promotion, marketing and have a separate team for human resources and with the growth of a company various divisions are also added, thereby increasing the number of jobs in the market.
  • By doing a Business Administration course, most thereafter seek to do a Masters in Business Administration or an MBA. MBAs from top business schools have shown immense growth as an entrepreneur and have been able to increase the number of jobs available in the market.
  • To take Business Administration as a career, the candidate has to complete their 10+2 in any stream, preferably with an accounting, economics or commerce background and then apply for undergraduate course apply for business administration. 
  • For postgraduate courses, one is can pursue an MBA degree in Marketing after appearing for All India Entrance Exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA, etc.
  • One can pursue a post graduation diploma course in Business.

By doing a Business Administration course there is no dearth of employment. One can apply in various departments of an organization opting from the Marketing sector to the Human Resources department. 
Employment for those with a degree in Business Administration can be sought in the following places:

  • Multi National Companies
  • Utility departments
  • Corporate houses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Private sector Industries
  • Government industries
  • Own business

To pursue a degree in Business Administration, one must have few basic skills. They are as follows:

  • The person should have excellent communication skills.
  • He should have good observation power in analyzing the prevalent market trends to enable the company to go forward
  • Good observation skills are required
  • The person should be a team player.
  • Should be calm, constructive and collected as they have to deal with different types of people and temperaments.
  • Must possess excellent administrative skills
  • Must be aware of the legalities which are involved with a company.
  • One must be extremely flexible to take various inputs and understand which input would be necessary to solve an issue.
  • One must be friendly and approachable as he deals with a variety of people on a daily basis and not every person is easy going.
  • One must be patient while dealing with crisis.
  • One must be very perceptive and eager
  • One must have quick instincts and basic knowledge of how to handle any situations
  • To pursue a career in Business Administration, the candidate must have completed their 10+2 in any stream. 
  • Thereafter must apply for any course during graduation and thereafter pursue a master’s course in Business Administration.

The person who is interested to pursue Business Administration is to learn the following:

  • Business strategies and how to understand what situation will be feasible for a business
  • To understand the present market conditions and to test the business in such conditions
  • How to use the capital invested and to make good of the resources at hand and to increase the resources by proper investment and management
  • Business administration also enables a person to understand the different aspects of business like finance, marketing, human resources, supply and operations as well as behavior management 
  • Business administration also teaches one to be patient and calm while dealing with crisis of any nature relating to the business

Having a degree in Business Administration means one has a flourishing career. Various job opportunities are there in this field. 

  • A fresher from a reputed business school can get a salary approx. Rs.3lacs/- to Rs. 3.5lacs /- per annum.
  • An experienced manager who has been an intrinsic part of a company can earn in lakhs.
  • An individual consultant can charge for various packages as per demands. 
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