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Updated On - November 16th 2019, Updated By - Poonam Tiwari
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Best BHM Colleges in Haldwani Admission 2021-22 Fees & Placement

We all know, the techniques and strategies of managing hotels are called hotel management. But studying it from best BHM colleges in Haldwani can avail you the information, maybe, no other college can. Hospitality Management, which is also a part of this course, requires art, dedication, and enthusiasm to achieve goals in this career line. There are several but significant operations in this industry, which is being taught carefully in these colleges. Whether its restaurant practice, aviation & cruise kitchen management, and sales & marketing, these BHM colleges have got every facility hidden under their sleeves to provide. The hotel industry is expecting to grow up in the future, and this is one of the reasons why these colleges are offering the most updated and skillful knowledge to their students. 

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Best BHM Colleges in Haldwani | 2021 Best List

Eligibility Structure

The basic eligibility to crack for admission in BHM is not much demanding. Ony 12th standard qualification is required to have access to these colleges. After measuring budget and time duration, one can opt for a certificate, diploma, or degree course in BHM. Duration of these courses are hereby:-

  • Certificate Course: 6 Months
  • Diploma Course: 1 or 2 years
  • Degree Course: 3 years


Selection in government recognized colleges and institutes is done through a standard entrance test held in April each & every year. MCQ questions related to English, Reasoning, General Science, & General Knowledge are required to solve in that entrance test.

Sometimes for judging the aptitude and personality of the candidate, interview round or personal interaction round held in several colleges. 

Job Probes after completion of the course from best BHM colleges in Haldwani

There are uncountable job opportunities to grab after completing the course:-

  • Hospital Administration and Catering
  • Hospitality Services in Indian Navy
  • Hospitality Services in Indian Army
  • Forest Lodges 
  • Guest Houses 
  • Resorts
  • Airline and Fleet Catering
  • Self Employment
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Club Management
  • Hospitality Servicing in various MNCs
  • State Tourism Development Corporations

Personal Applications Required to Grow in this Industry

Candidates are required to be dedicated towards their work, disciplined, well-mannered, and with excellent interpersonal skills, so that they can handle disputes or criticism with required patience. Cooperation, Politeness, and respectful nature is a must needed a bunch of qualities for a Hotel Management Candidate.

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