Waste Management is basically all those activities, which are required to manage waste from its beginning to the final disposal. Waste Management majorly includes things like the collection, transport, treatment and the ultimate disposal of waste with a high level of monitoring and regulation.

This term generally relates to all kinds of solid or liquid waste generated at the time of extraction of raw materials, processing of raw materials into final products and from other human activities. This practice is intended to decrease adverse effects of harmful waste on the health of human beings as well as the environment.

Scope Of Waste Management

The scope of Waste Management in India has now reached to the highest level for the individuals. One can make his/her career in India after completing several degrees, diploma courses, and certifications. There are number of job opportunities. If you want to become a mere refuse or waste collector, who readily collects waste and put it into waste disposal sites or recycling plants, you don’t need any professional degree.

However, if you want to become Waste Management Officer (WMO) or someone who is responsible for making all the big decisions, you will surely require a professional degree in a relevant subject. The primary roles and responsibilities of professionals in India are managing or handling of entire nation’s waste on a daily basis and disposing of in the most convenient way.

How To join Waste Management Courses

Undergraduates Courses: Those, who are considering their career, should have to complete their 10+2 in Science stream with Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English as compulsory subjects.

Post Graduate Courses: If you want to do higher studies in Waste Management, then you should have completed your Bachelors in Waste Management, Environmental science, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry or Civil Engineering.

Jobs In Waste Management

There are ample opportunities available in the market for those, who want to make their career in Solid Waste Management. You can find jobs in private firms, industrial organizations, consultancies, government organizations, environmental agencies as well as non-profit conservation projects. You can get the promotion and become a team leader within a local authority. Further, you can lead to becoming head of or Area Manager. However, this would depend on your likes, preferences, and strengths.

You can frequently move between private and public sector for getting progression in your career. Also, you can find opportunities in government departments and waste management regulatory bodies.

Once you have gotten several years of experience in this field, you would be able to move into an operational job. At the senior level, your responsibilities have completely changed like budget management in millions as well as the proper management of people and resources.

Required Skills

To make your career in liquid Waste Management, you should have incurred some below mentioned basic skills which are as follows:

• Proficient written as well as oral communication skills.
• Decision making and problem-solving skills.
• Flexibility and patience.
• Management and leadership quality.
• Excellent administrative as well as organizational skills.
• General office skills with IT knowledge.
• A keen interest in environmental and sustainability issues.
• Ability to apply and monitor adverse situations.

Eligibility criteria
• you should first complete your 10+2 in science stream with preferable subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English with good marks.

• Then, you are eligible to take admission in a degree course or in a related graduates courses like earth sciences and environmental science.

• If you want to stand away from the crowd and get a slight edge over the rest of the candidates, you may go with the postgraduate degree courses.

• Besides studies, you would gain work experience through volunteering programs, which will play a crucial role in improving your chances of getting better opportunities.

Job Responsibilities In Waste Mangement

As a Waste Management Professional/Officer, your job description includes:
• Running and monitoring recycling facilities and waste disposal sites.
• Managing and controlling teams of recycling collectors.
• Managing local and recycling services.
• Controlling private and contractual companies.
• Regularly analyzing statistics of waste and recycling of local area.
• Coming up with innovative recycling or disposal schemes.
• Spreading awareness in local communities and businesses on environmental and waste management issues.
• Handling and managing budgets.
• Organize research projects and activities of national groups concerned

Monthly Income

Starting salary of Professionals in India ranges between RS 1800000 to Rs 2100000 annually. At the senior level or with several years of experience, the package will further enhance to Rs 2400000 to Rs 3800000 annually. A Waste Management Officer and Operations Manager could even earn more than Rs 3800000 annually.


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