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Free Formula Apps - 5 Smart Apps to Learn Math, Physics Formulas Within Seconds

There is hardly any time left for board exams. All 10th & 12th students must be trying hard to get excellent marks in upcoming exams. One of the important keys to success is to keep Math, Physics & Chemistry formulas handy.

Benefits of Popular Formula Apps For 10th & 12th

 If you have all the important formulas in your mind, then no one can stop you get high marks, especially in Science & Math. Technology has also created convenience in this also. There are lots of popular apps in Google play store, which can be downloaded free and they are very handy to help you in keeping important formulas in your mind. The best part of these apps is they come in multiple languages. One can choose and download in there preferred languages. We have listed some of the popular free formulas app for the 10th & 12th Class.

Math Formula Apps

It's one the most popular app, all Android users can download this free from play store. It contains all essential formulas of math with the diagram, this makes them easy to understand. The best part of this app is u can use this in offline mode also, so you don’t require internet every time.

Maths Formulas Free

This is also one the popular app for math formulas. One can easily download from Google play store. It's available in Multi-languages. In this app, you will find formulas in important chapters i.e Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, etc. One the formulas divided into different chapters you can keep easily use them and search them as per your requirement.

Physics Formula Apps

This app is very hand for the students who are struggling to keep physics equation in their minds. It is available in an android version. In This also you will find equations divided into chapter wise, which makes learning easy.

Formula Lite

It is one the unique app in this domain and it's free. It contains Physics, Chemistry & Maths formulas in one platform only. It is free available for Android users. User can download in their mobile & refer it as and when it requires. This will not help remember the formulas but also a very effective tool to revise formulas day to day basis.


 It’s a very useful app to understand chemical formulas & Compounds. You can easily download in your mobile & use as per your convince. All the formulas divided into important sections & can be searched as per the requirement.

Periodic Table 2021

 Keeping a periodic table in mind is one the most difficult task. I remember in our times we used to place the table on walls to make it remember. But now technology has made it very easy. You can download free on your mobile & learn it in the easiest manner. Periodic table 2021 is one of the popular apps to keep the formulas in your mind. It’s very popular among the students.

Steps To Download Formula Apps  

It's easy to download free apps from google play store. The following are the steps to download.

A- Click on play store icon in your mobile & Click to open.

B- Once its open write the app name & find.

C- Do check before starting the down, It is the one you Searching For.

D- Once you sure then click on down download & install.

F- Some apps may ask for small registration, before they allow you to access the information.

E- One you register then you can start using its free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the best free maths app?

Ans: There are multiple best and free mathematics applications available in the market. Here are a few of them:-

  • Prodigy Game
  • Maths Training for Kids
  • Khan Academy
  • BuzzMATH
  • Math Training for Kids

Ques: What is the best Physics Formulae Application 2021?

Ans: Physics Pro

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