Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Through this blog, We’ll tell you very important information about travel and tourism courses, admission procedure, eligibility to duration, syllabus and job opportunities in Travel & Tourism. We have also mentioned importance, scope, courses and every minor detail that can guide you to make a great career in travel and tourism.

“Travel for your soul and you get to see the life”

This quote is unknown but it has a lot of meaning. Travel has made us curious and that is why we can read about great explorers like Marco Polo and Alexander. There was a time when travel was a mystery and people used to take months and years to travel. But as the technology is growing, traveling has taken a wide form in India. 

Facts about Travel and Tourism in India

  • 90% job is done on the ground staff level.
  • The industries of travel and tourism have increased by 20 to 25% in the last 2 years.
  • This field has created 70 lakh new job opportunities last year at an international level.
  • More than 50 lakh people are getting employment.

Travel And Tourism Courses

If you are one of the thousands of students who have just completed your 12th or if you have a child, sibling or friend who is looking to aspire a course which will decide his/her future it’s essential to know about the Travel and Tourism courses which are attracting more and more students every year.

After the project “Incredible India”, the Indian government is now working on highlighting more tourism in our country. With the result, tourism in India has grown from 20 % to 25%. Since tourism is increasing, employment possibilities are also increasing. There are a number of Travel & Tourism Courses which are available in various private and government institutions related to this sector. The field of Travel & Tourism largely deals with hospitality management, travel management, tour management and taking care of tourists, etc. which offers various job opportunities.

However, with the increasing size of this industry, it will need a large number of qualified travel and tourism professionals which is why a number of universities, colleges, and vocational schools are featuring degree programs in travel and tourism. Generally, degree programs include hotel management, hospitality services, travel booking, etc. One can pursue a U.G and then P.G degree in the specific course they’ve selected. Students may also opt for any diploma program with a duration of 6 months-2 years.


List Of Travel And Tourism Courses

Before opting travel and tourism as a course for your specialization you must know that on a contrary part Travel and Tourism industry is not a never-ending vacation, in this fast-changing dynamics of this industry, it demands commitment and hard work. Similar to any other this sector is also a highly-competitive sector and requires well-trained professionals. If you want to build a successful career in this field than getting a relevant and well-regarded education is a good plan.

To share all the best experiences in the Travel and Tourism career you need to do any of the following courses that are divided into:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree courses
  2. Diploma Courses
  3. Certificate courses
  4. PG Degree courses
  5. PG diploma courses
  6. PG Certificate courses

Travel & Tourism Degree Courses After 12th

Let’s talk about Travel & Tourism Bachelor’s Degree Courses first. These courses are Undergraduate level Degree programs which you can opt after completing your 12th. These courses can be done in versions of B.A, BBA and B.Sc. programs.j


Bachelor’s Degree programs are 3 years long (each).

Travel and Tourism Degree Courses Eligibility

To get admission in any Travel & Tourism Degree Course you must have completed at least 12th in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts).


Travel & Tourism Diploma Courses After 12th

Some specialized course are also there which are only created for the field of Travel & Tourism. Such as Hotel and Hospitality Management, Aviation and Hospitality management courses and Culinary Arts courses etc.

Travel and Tourism Diploma Courses Eligibility

Minimum 10+2 in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts).

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Travel & Tourism Post Graduate Courses

After completing graduation if you wish to pursue higher education then you can opt for a PG course which will lead you to become a professional in your profile.


Top Colleges Offering Travel & Tourism Courses

Many top Travel & Tourism Colleges are available in our country, which is offering travel and tourism courses in India.

Admission Procedure in Travel & Tourism Courses

As we have discussed that what is all about travel and tourism courses we will also tell you that what is the eligibility criteria admission procedure for Travel and Tourism courses.

  • For being eligible to pursue an undergraduate degree/ diploma or certificate program in travel and tourism one must have completed his/her 10+12 in any stream.
  • For a postgraduate level program, a graduation degree is a must and
  • If required for some courses like MBA you have to give entrance exams as accepted in the college/university.
  • In many programs, it is essential to score at least 45-50% in the process to be eligible for applying for the program.

Travel & Tourism Course Syllabus

The syllabus of Travel & Tourism Course in some Top Travel & Tourism Colleges consists of some core subjects and topics such as

  • Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Cultural History and Heritage of India
  • Tourism Policy and Law
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Management
  • Travel Agency Training
  • Tour Guiding Skills and Training
  • HR Management
  • Computer Utilization and Application
  • Office Management and Functions
  • Air Ticketing
  • Public Relations and Tour Operation


Career in Travel and Tourism After 12th

Travel and Tourism sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. With the help of Government initiatives, the tourism industry is going to need a large number of qualified travel and tourism professionals. Which will lead to generating various job opportunities in the sector of Travel and Tourism? Government as well as in private sector professionals are in demand. On the other hand, if we talk about Government sector, there are options in Tourism Boards (State as well as Central Govt.), Government Tourist information offices, Government run Hotels, Airlines, Transportation services etc.

While in private sector Travel agencies, Tour operators, Travel consultants, Airlines, Airports, Travel & ticketing websites, Visa and travel document service firms, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist information office, Cruise lines are some of the companies where a tourism professional can find a job.

The demand for Tourism professional is not limited to India they have a huge scope in abroad as well. They may take Indian nationals on tours to abroad.


Job Profiles
However, if we talk about some common job profiles so the options are many such as

  1. Travel Agency staff
  2. Tour manager
  3. Travel and Tourism Consultant
  4. Travel Agent
  5. Customer service manager
  6. Event manager
  7. Tourism promoter/marketer etc.

If someone doesn’t want to go for a job can start his/her own business as well which is another popular career path for professionals. With entrepreneurship skills and some of the decent financial resource, one can start own travel agency, ticketing firm, tour agency, travel consultancy or tourist information service etc.


Salary In Travel And Tourism
Salary or how much one can earn in this sector is the most important question if you are obtaining for this course. As per profile, education, skills and work experience, one can earn a starting salary between 15-15k Rupees per month. It also depends upon the type of organizations that takes you in with the increase in experience, individuals can make as much as 30- 35k every month which will go up as you gain more experience. But if you’ve joined in a government sector the salary will be based on Pay Band and scale.

Below are some of the skills you need to develop in order to be successful in this field

  • Business skills, resourcefulness.
  • Appreciation of tourist destinations.
  • Acumen for solving problems.
  • Interest in culture and customs.
  • Good communication skills.

Always remember that a relevant & professional degree will surely help, but with the right attitude, interest, passion and management skills one can make a promising career in the sector of Travel & Tourism.

Some Common Job Profile in Travel and Tourism Courses

  • Travel Agency Staff
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Travel Agent
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Tour operator
  • Ticketing Staff
  • Airhostess
  • Airline Employee/Airport staff
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tour Guide
  • Customer Service
  • Event Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Tourism Promoter /marketer

Other Job Prospective In Travel and Tourism
If we talk about the career aspects in is this dynamic field, there are thousands of options that you can grow and enjoy your job while making a decent earning. One can work in an Air Light Company where jobs profiles like flight associate, traffic associate, airline ticketing and client servicing staff on ground basis are required.

Travel and Tourism industry has proven that the “world is a small place to look at”. With its extraordinary growth, the day is near where people will be experiencing an international level of exposure in a more refined manner.


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