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Long gone are the days when doctors and nurses used to run hospitals. With the increase in the number of patients, the number of doctors and nurses on the call were not enough to manage both the administrative as well as the diagnostic aspect of running a hospital and thus arose the concept of Hospital Management. A hospital has become an independent industry and belongs to the widest industry in the world that is the health industry. There is growth in the world of health care and thus with hospitals and diagnostic centers cropping up, there is a need to have proper managers and administrative bodies consisting of individuals who have a proper degree in management. Many hospitals actually hire doctors who have management degrees under their belt as well such as AIIMS, Symbiosis Centre for Health, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya or even the Armed Forces Medical College.  However, it is mandatory to be a graduate before applying for a hospital management course, whether it is a degree or a diploma.

Hospital management covers more than just the count of in-patient and outpatients in the hospital. A lot of work goes into the functioning and running of a hospital where the medical records of each patient are to be looked into, medicine availability for operations and on-going treatments must be checked, paperwork of emergency patients require a lot of attention and detail and so and so forth. The career in hospital management has increased on an immense scale and with the increasing numbers of people; hospital management is on the rise.


Hospital Management Eligibility

  • To take Hospital Management as a career, the candidate has to complete their 10+2 in any stream, though a science background with physics, chemistry and biology aid the candidate better
  • For undergraduate courses like any stream can be pursued but preferably a degree in medical sciences such as MBBS, BDS or alternative medicine enables the candidate in the said field. 
  • For postgraduate courses, one can apply for MBA in Hospital Management.
  • There are also Diploma Courses as well as Professional certificate courses can also be pursued.
  • To pursue a career in Hospital Management, the candidate must have completed their 10+2 in any stream and must be a graduate. Although there are a few institutes that insist on having an MBBS degree it is not always required, however, a graduation is a must in the field of hospital management.

Hospital Management Careers

Hospital management like any other management deals with one basic aspect: People, so when someone opts a career in hospital management there are many aspects that need to be looked into, these are:

  • One must be a people’s person.
  • As the health business means taking care of critical patients at all times, patience and endurance is crucial there is no scope to lose one’s temper
  • A hospital manager is expected to have all available information about the facilities of the hospitals as well as the doctors who are involved and what all formalities are to be taken care of.
  • A Hospital manager must know each personnel in each department and sort out the work in accordance with the department and ensure proper reporting of each department and tend to the necessary requirements as and when it is to be done.
  • A hospital manager must always be ready for emergencies and crisis situations.


Hospital Management Jobs

With the growth of health care and clinics sprouting up almost every day and the increase in the number of patients, Hospital Managers are required immensely. Employment can be sought at:

  • Hospitals both private and government. Although private hospitals require more attention to detail and hospital managers have better pay packages in the private sector with crunch timings. The packages range from junior floor manager to even the CEO of the hospital
  • Private clinics run by private practitioners. Sometimes doctors prefer private practice and open their own nursing home, in such cases a hospital manager is sought to enable the doctor focus on the diagnosis while the other administrative aspects can be looked into by the manager.
  • Health clinics and super specialist hospitals
  • Health insurance companies also look to hire those who have pursued Hospital Management
  • Rehabilitation centers and Healthcare centers


How To Become A Hospital Manager?

To be a Hospital manager, one must have few basic skills. They are as follows:

  1. The person should have excellent communication skills as communication is the key to aiding patients.
  2. He should be quick and receptive of every department
  3. Must have a very good rapport with the all doctors, administrative and support staff
  4. The person should be a team player.
  5. A Hospital manager must be efficient, methodical and collected.
  6. Must possess excellent administrative skills.
  7. Must be aware of the legalities which are involved with running a hospital.
  8. Must have good time management abilities and extreme patience to endure very tough and critical situations particularly in times of emergency and crisis
  9. Should be aware of all situations at all times
  10. Must know how to deal with problems immediately
  11. Must pay attention to detail in respect of each department of the hospital


Hospital Management Salary In India

Hospital Management is a flourishing career option. Various job opportunities are there in this field. 

  • A fresher can get a salary approx. Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 35,000/- per month.
  • If someone is in academic line, then they get the remuneration as per UGC guidelines.
  • A hospital manager who has experience in turning around a company can earn in incentives.
  • A CEO can earn in lacs per annum


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