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Scope of Pet Grooming, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • What is human without emotion?  Human connections have become very complex. Perhaps humanity is crazy to be so busy.  Perhaps they are busy playing games or music or watching movies on their i phones. 
  • Everything has been digitalized & simulated. How dull & monotonous lifestyle! “It is emotions that make you call human & I have an idea. I am planning to own a pet. 
  • Besides the benefit of loyalty & defending my family, pets listen to you and are good in giving hugs” Said a pet enthusiast and now an owner 3 weeks ago.
  • See how big and successful pedigree has become. It is now a household name in India. People are increasingly enthusiastic about owning a pet. 
  • They sympathise with you. Nowadays owning a pet is not only adding another family member, but also a social status. Modern India loves pets. 
  • They love to take them on dog shows. They love to spend on special pet care services, as families generally do on specialized child care services.  
  • So, this is driving the pet care business. Pet grooming is a great idea to start as this is a low investment and high paying job.  Pet groomer is a rewarding career if one has affection for animals. They specialize in hygiene & beauty of pets.
  • You do not require any specific qualification except your love and affection for the animals. Though there is a lack of direct programs in pet grooming, but you can find some program and training under famous pet groomers in India. It increases your chances in setting up your own pet grooming spa and increases your reputation and credibility in pet care services. Pets may be sometimes very aggressive, so you should be able while handling nervous animals. This job requires high self motivation.
  • Undertaking training and a program under the guidance of experienced groomer makes you learn about the profession. You will learn about entire grooming process. Experienced and famous groomers move into managerial positions or open their own pet shops. You need to have training in handling nervous and uncooperative pets. Training helps your familiarity while working with different breeds. 
  • Pet grooming services provides valuable services to pet lovers. They detect ear infections, skin abnormalities, tooth decaying etc. Usually dogs or cats are groomed, yet there is a demand in services from rabbit owners etc. They enhance the hygiene and health of the animals by giving special recommendations to pet lovers.
  • You should have affection for the animals. 
  • Your business should have well organized functioning and customer service desk should be cool. 
  • Pet needs special care, so you need to be very hard working. 
  • You should have stamina to lift the animals while doing work. And you need to be persuasive with animals in general.
  • There is much scope once you have been certified or experienced in pet grooming services. You can be employed at pet salons, veterinary hospitals, pet boarding facilities. Usually groomers with experience move into their own business. It is easy to start with low investment, but gets you very high income opportunities.
  • According to BLS statistics job growth between 2021 and 2024, there is 11% increased growth projection. In the coming time as more and more families adopt pe
    • There is no eligibility for joining the programs.
    • The importance of pet grooming is increasing and so is the competition. The boost was started by increased preference for exotic and foreign breeds and increasing safety concern among pet lovers. It is important that you pet groomers have in depth knowledge about breeds. They are responsible to improve hygiene and overall health of the pets. Pet groomers have to beautify the dogs/cats/rabbit etc. The activities include brushing out using electrical clippers, combs etc. Then the nails are trimmed, ears are cleansed. They are bathed, blow dried. Massaging, perfuming and styling is done.
    • Pet groomers are employed in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, kennels, pet shops, pet parlors or pet boarding centers. With experience they host seminars on pet grooming, start mobile pet spa business which is to provide door to door service. The client base is increased very much once their pets are noticed in pet shows. 
    • The initial investment is very low. You just need to spend on certified training, electronic or mechanical equipments, such as blow dryers, scissors, blades, clippers, ear cleaners and brushes. Don’t forget the shampoos & conditioners. Pet grooming is a very laborious job. It takes long working hours, but the working hours are usually regular. A sense of dedication & love is must while working as a pet groomer. It is your responsibility to alert the pet owner about any health issues or dietary deficiencies and give valuable recommendations.
    • Pay packages depend on the reputation, business and customer services. Charges vary according to the breed of animal, like higher for exotic breeds, kind of animal, like dog\cat\rabbit etc or the location and the client base.
    • Generally a starter gets about 15000 rupee per month. Owning a pet grooming centre is big opportunity.

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