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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

Established in the year 1959, Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur (famously known as IIT institutes) is one of the leading institutions established by the Government Of India. The Institute has the Aim of providing meaningful education, conducting original research of the highest standard and also providing leadership in technological innovation for the Industrial Growth of the Country. To create, disseminate & translate knowledge in science, engineering and allied disciplines that will best serve the society is the Vision Statement of the institute. It also has various Mission Statement such as “ To pursue excellence in education, research and innovation by – 

  • Enabling a creative & dynamic learning environment, 
  • Developing sustainable research solutions for the benefit of the nation,
  • Building bridges between academia, industry and society, 
  • Fostering entrepreneurship spirit and skill, & more”.

IITK KIAP, The Kanpur Indo- American Programme (KIAP) was set up from 1962-1972 at IIT Kanpur to collaborate closely with the outside world and thereby keep speed pace with this ever-changing world of science & technology.

On 2nd November 1959 The Institute was registered under the Registration of Society Act XXI of 1860. The Institute began functioning in the borrowed building of Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in the same year with 100 students and a small Faculty. 

Today IIT, Kanpur has a total of 3938 Undergraduate Students and 2540 Graduate Students. It has a Campus Area of 1055 Acres, a total of 108 buildings, and 413 Faculty members, a Total of more than 900 Supporting staff. Nearly all IITK Students live on campus.

IIT Kanpur provides an environment that looks after Leaders. Students here flourishes personally & professionally. It offers a vibrant campus. A safe and secure campus. The campus is planned & landscaped with hope for environmental freedom. Students here can find the beautiful and peaceful campus a great place to live.  Students can pursue passions they bring to the campus. The rich cultural diversity of India is also reflected in the campus activities of IIT-K. 

Education given at IIT, Kanpur empowers the students with a critical thinking led approach, scientific temperament and knowledge in science, engineering, management and humanities fields to solve problems that challenge humanity. At IITK Student Centric Teaching is provided, Teaching That Build Critical Thinking Abilities is provided, It Offers an Inspiring Learning Environment, An  Innovative Teaching is provided, Undergraduate Education & Postgraduate Education is given, Financial Aid to Deserving Students, Beyond Formal Education and A Very Well Proven Education System is also great Features of Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur. 

Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur has setup 4 Departments, 

  1. Engineering offering Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and more. 
  2. Humanities offering Economic Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences. 
  3. Sciences Offering Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics And Physics.
  4.  And Last, Management offering Industrial & Management Engineering
  5. Other than these 4, It also has Inter-Disciplinary Programs which includes Design Programme, Materials Science Programme, Nuclear Engineering & Technology And Photonics Science & Engineering Programme. 

Facilities that IITK has come up with are : Computer Centre, P.K. Kelkar Library, Facility For Ecological & Analytical Testing, Office Automation, Central Glass Blowing Section & Special Water Facility, Central Workshop, Central Cryogenic Facility, Liquid Helium Facility, SQUID Facility & Virtual Instrument Cell. 

Some Services that IIT, Kanpur Offers are : Emergency Services, Lost/Found, Central Stores, Estate Office, finance & Accounts, Health Centre, Institute Works Department, Media Technology Centre, Campus Entry-Exit Permission Request, Office Automation, Security & few more services. 

Amenities are also there at IITK for students and Staff, such as Book Club, Community Centre, Gliding Club, Gymnasium, Nursery, Swimming Pool, Staff Gymkhana, Visitor’s Hostel, Women’s Association, Bus Service, Lecture Hall Complex (L.H.C) Booking & Campus Transport and Equipment Handling Resources. 

Talking particularly about Academics at IIT Kanpur, The highly regarded Degree Programmes which are designed at the institute, place a lot of emphasis on science based learning to make the fundamentals strong. The Academic Programmes  are designed for the students to inculcate concepts and intellectual skills, courage and integrity, awareness of and sensitivity to the needs and expectations of the society. Besides being an excellent academic powerhouse, IITK is also a world-class research institutions and its vast resources contribute to making its academic programmes extraordinary. Quality Faculty, Flexible Programmes, Individual Attention & Depth Of Education are the Features of IIT, Kanpur Academics.

Also institute has been known for its Researches. So,  Researchers at this University do high level research often at the forefront in its area. The variety of Research projects taken  IITK is a measure of the strong track record of research at IITK University. 

IIT Kanpur Faculty, are among the best in the world in their areas of interest. It has more than 350 Faculty members having degrees from top universities across the world. They pass on an education that leads to great careers in engineering and related fields. The Faculty has made important Research Contributions to pure science, engineering, humanities and management fields while empowering the next generation of students with a world-class education. 

Placements have always been the main concern of the  students, Student’s Placement Office of IIT Kanpur, is the student run organization which all activities related to the campus placements of the graduating batch.

The institute offers innovative solutions that are also technically sound, The institute aims to solve problems faced by the industry along with the fundamental problems of science. For the IIT-K, the delivery of knowledge is as important as the creation of knowledge.

Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur is located on the Grand Trunk Road, 15 km west of Kanpur City and measures close to 420 hectares. In 1960 The Land was gifted by the Government Of Uttar Pradesh & By March 1963 the Institute had moved to its current location. 

Since its very inception, IIT Kanpur has been striving to develop itself into an institution of excellence in education and research in accordance with the contemporary and future needs of India. In a very short span, The Institute has achieve recognition as a major centre of learning.








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