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BBA in International Business Admission 2021 & Top Colleges

  • For the economic development of the country, International Business/Foreign Trade plays a significant role.  The era of globalization and liberalization has opened up several paths in the import and export industry which has also provided a pathway to multitude career options.  
  • Candidates who are keen in finance and global business look for a career in the foreign trade. It is a branch of economics, which combines with international finance, to form international economics. 
  • The study of International Business/Foreign Trade focuses on the important areas and disciplines which are significant to international business activities. It professionalizes the foreign trade management of the country and increase the export and import analysis and conducting research.  

The sector in which one can get job prospects after doing course:

  • A candidate in this sector can get employed in private as well as public sector. For example, banks, manufacturing firms to government agencies and other industries have branches in other countries where there is a requirement for people with a background in international business.  
  • There are several merchandising companies, export divisions of various MNCs which open up job opportunities for candidates in the foreign trade.  
  • One can also get employed in insurance companies like marine insurance corporations where they are required to assess the loss or damage caused to the goods shipped in a country. 
  • A candidate can get employed in export houses to increase the overseas sales, to explore the international market for new business opportunities. 
  • International business/Foreign trade is good for people in the Marketing field as they can suggest the potential buyers’ abroad through marketing research.  

Average course fees:

  • The Bachelor’s degree, the fees range from approx. Rs. 50 Thousand - to Rs. 1.74 Lacs per year.  

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