M.E. - Communication Engineering Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

M.E. - Communication Engineering stands for Master of Engineering in Communication Engineering, which is a postgraduate degree program.  Communication Engineering is all about the development and operation of communication technology as well as telecommunications and computer programming. It mainly focuses on the sending and receiving of signals by electrical and electromagnetic waves. Under this course, students will study the subjects on Modern Digital Communication Techniques, Internetworking Multimedia, Soft Computing, Communication Network Security, Satellite Communication and more. Through this course, students will be involve in research and development activities which include testing and conducting on new materials and chemical interactions. At the same time, they will maintain and prepare the communications systems. Furthermore, students who hold Bachelor degree of B.E or B. Tech can only apply for this Master degree program. Once they will obtain this degree, they can find many job opportunities in Electronics and Communication Industry, Software Companies, Transportation Companies, Research & Development Sectors and in other sectors.

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