M.E. - Electronics and Control Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

M.E. - Electronics and Control stands for Master of Engineering in Electronics and Control, which is a postgraduate degree program. This course mainly focuses on expert knowledge that includes designing, Analyzing and manufacturing of electronic devices and components, integrated circuits, wireless devices, digital and analog electronic circuitry for numerous applications. It offers the opportunities to develop imagination and innovation in design solutions. Under this course, students will study about advanced control system, Advanced Industrial Instrumentation, Software for control system design, Analogue & Digital Circuit Analysis & Design, Computer Control of Processes, Neural, Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithm etc. Through this course, students can develop their abilities to analyze and solve technical problems related to electronics engineering. At the same time, they will get scientific and technological training that enables them to design, execute and manage any system equipment or installation related to electronics and control systems. In addition, students who hold Bachelor’s degree in Electronics can only apply for this Master degree program. After completion of this degree, they can find many career opportunities in Railways, Construction Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Automotive Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Utilities Companies, and Manufacturing Companies etc. 


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