M.E. in Biotechnology Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

•    Master of engineering in Biotechnology is a 2 year master degree program.
•    Biotechnology is basically a field of applied biology that involves the use of bioprocesses and living organism bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bio products. 
•    It includes the study of micro biology, bio chemistry, molecular biology, unit operations, Biostatics, biophysics, genetic engineering, plant and animal tissue culture.
•    This course is divided into 4 semester and each semester includes the study of different topics.
•    Through this course, student  will get advanced scientific education
•    Also, they will scientifically prepare for different career in the field of biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. 

Benefit of this course

•    Students who will successfully obtain this degree can start their career in technical roles in biotechnology industry and can proceed to managerial position.
•    There is an ample career opportunities for student who have this degree, in the field of Pharmaceutical Companies, IT companies, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Genetic Engineering and health care.
•    After this course they can proceed to higher studies such as M.Phil(Biotechnology) and Ph.D(Biotechnology).
•    Despite of the opportunity of extensive, cutting edge scientific training, it also provides the opportunity to examine the legal social and economical sides of biotech. 

Job prospects

Once student will gain this degree they can be hired for following job profile:
•    Laboratory Assistant
•    Executive
•    Professor/Associate Professor
•    Biotechnology expert
•    Sales manager     
•    Marketing executive trainee 
•    Business development executive etc 

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