M.Sc. - Communications Engineering

M.Sc. - Communications Engineering is known as Master of Science in Communication Engineering, which is a postgraduate degree program. Communications Engineering is all about the knowledge of the technology and architecture of computer communication, telecommunication networks, wireless communication and their related wireless technologies. Under this course, students will study about the Telecommunications and antenna engineering, Communications media, Signals and coding, Satellite communications, Digital signal processing and more. Through this course, students will engage in constructing, programming, maintaining and developing theories for networks that transmit data efficiently. At the same time, they can enhance their technical skills in telecommunication and networks. In addition, students who hold Bachelor degree of B.E or B. Tech or B. Sc can only apply for this Master Degree Program. After being graduated with this degree, they can find many job profiles such as Telecommunications engineer, Software engineer, Data communications consultant, Network analyst and in others.

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