M.Sc in Electronics & Communication Systems admission 2018

M.Sc. - Electronics & Communication Systems stands for Master of Science in Electronics & Communication Systems, which is a postgraduate degree program. This course deals with the electronic devices that use extremely small amounts of power such as micro processors, fiber optics etc. Under this course, students will get information about current, state-of-the-art electronics techniques which use in all modern forms of electronic communications including radio, television, telephones, cell phones, satellites, LAN systems, digital transmission and microwave communications. It includes the subjects such as Electronic Devices and Circuits, Advanced Digital Electronics, Data Communication and Networking, C++ and JAVA Programming¸ Analogue and Digital Communication System and more. Through this course, students can enhance their analytical skills and problem solving skills i.e. extracting relevant information, drawing conclusions and making logical recommendations. Moreover, students who hold Bachelor degree in Computer science or electronics can only apply for this Master Degree program. After being graduated with this degree, they can many job opportunities in Indian Telephone Industries, A.I.R, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, software and I.T companies etc.


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