Ph.D. - Engineering Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

Ph.D. - Engineering is known as Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, which is a Doctorate degree program. This Ph.D. degree is the highest academic degree by any university. It’s especially designed for the pursuit of advanced studies in Electrical Engineering. This degree requires a high level of expertise in the theoretical aspects of relevant scientific principles and experience with details of the implementation of theory on realistic problems. Under this course, students will study the subjects such as Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbo machinery, Mechanics, Materials and Design, Manufacturing and Management, Information Engineering, Civil Engineering etc. The duration of this course is three years and it may extend to five years. Students who hold Master degree of M.E or M. Tech. in Engineering can only apply for this Doctoral degree program. Furthermore, after being graduated with this degree, they can find many career opportunities. Even they can also opt for teaching career in Universities and colleges.


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