Ph.D. Genetics Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

Ph.D. Genetics is known as Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, which is a Doctorate degree program. This Ph.D. degree is the highest academic degree by any university. Under this course, students will study advanced or broad knowledge about Genetics. It mainly conducts to train up the researchers in the field of genetics, promoting critical thinking and building up the technical and intellectual skills. This PhD degree program includes subjects such as biology, medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, environmental biology etc.  
During this course, students will work on unique experimental research project that covers theoretical issues of the most practical and specific areas of genetics.  The basic duration of this course is three year but it can be extended for five years. Students who hold Master degree of M.E or M. Tech can only apply for this Doctoral degree program. Furthermore, after being qualified in this degree, they can find career opportunities in Hospital genetics services, Clinical genetics services, Genetic counseling services and more. Qualified student can also opt for teaching career in Universities and colleges.

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