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Animation Colleges In Lucknow 2021-22, Courses, Fees, Admission & Career Scope

Looking For Animation Colleges in Lucknow. Want to know, What is Animation? The animation is an art of technology that requires a process of an illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying a set of static images that are different from each other. This is a kind of creative technique in which characters are brought to life by making it in motion. 

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These techniques are used to create an animation sequence that depends on the specialization one posses. These days many computers and various Hi-Tech software are being used to create designs. This process is known as CGI. This has become a very popular course in which many people are taking an interest and building a successful career. A person who wants to be an animator has to learn 2D and 3D techniques of creating characters. 

Go through the blog and get complete information about courses, fees, admission, and placements in Animation colleges.

List Of Animation Colleges In Lucknow 2021-2021

If you want to take admission in animation courses, So we provide you a list of Top Animation Institute in Lucknow 2021 in India-

1) Amity University, Lucknow

The Amity University, Lucknow is nothing less than a brand. The 40-acre smart-campus that it owns has 210 high-tech work-rooms and complexes for art, animation, and creative designing. A strong tie-up with international brands like Gucci, Oracle, Choco-Express, and Marvel India is a nice example of its wide reach.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 BFA in Animation4 Years 12thClick Here

2) Dream Zone School of Creative Studies, Lucknow

Dream zone is a creative and skill development Training Centre. It was Founded in 2005 and currently, it has 75 centers across India. Institute Provide the 50 courses like PG Diploma, Certificate, and Master Course.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 PG Diploma in Graphics and Animation2 Years UGClick Here
 Diploma in Graphics Design 1 Year 12thClick Here
 Master Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design1 YearUG Click Here

3) Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Lucknow

The Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics in Lucknow has 18 courses across 6 streams, and all of them are smartly planned to prepare you for the animation and graphic designing industry. MAAC has various other branches too, but the one in Lucknow has a huge reputation.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 Diploma in Animation & Film Making Course1 Year12thClick Here
 Diploma in Graphic Design & Animation1 Year 12thClick Here
 Diploma in VFX Plus2 Years 12thClick Here

4) Reliance Education, Lucknow

Winner of Golden Beaver Award Best Short Film Award, the Reliance Education Institute in Lucknow is a demanded platform to study animation and graphic designing among students of India.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
Certificate in Graphics and 2d Animation 1 Year12thClick Here
 Certificate in Graphics Design 1 Year12thClick Here

5) Picasso International Animation, Lucknow

The Picasso International Animation Institute in Lucknow has a stretched name in the education sector. Their partnership with leading global brand Tata Institute of Social Sciences has brought loads of benefits for their students.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 M.Sc in Animation and VFX2 YearsUGClick Here
 Diploma in Animation and VFX 3 Years 12thClick Here

6) Wisdom School of Management, Lucknow

Established in 2006, the Wisdom School of Management, Lucknow holds nearly every course which is in high demand. From Management to Medical, you can invest in any course of this institute with complete faith in placement.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 PG Diploma in Graphics & Animation2 YearsUGClick Here
 Diploma in Graphic Design1 Year12thClick Here
 Master Diploma in 2D graphics and Web Design1 YearUGClick Here

7) Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE), Lucknow

The Institute of Creative Excellence, Lucknow was instituted by none other than famous Indian daily soap creator: Ekta Kapoor. Students with meritorious performance & desire to learn, can expect a 100% guaranteed placement from this institute

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 Certificate in Animation & VFX3 Months12thClick Here

8) Era University, Lucknow

Era University, Lucknow has a highly distinctive approach to impart education and knowledge. This University is one of the premier locations of Lucknow to study animation and VFX. 

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 B.Sc. in Game Design and Development 3 Year12thClick Here

9) Arena Animation, Lucknow

It is been said that nothing is better than Arena Animation Institute to learn 3D animation, game designing, and film making in entire India. However, we believe its the experience of 12 years of hard work, that this institute is owning.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 Certificate in Graphics, Web Design and Development14 Months 12th Click Here
 Certificate in Animation Film Design10 Months12thClick Here
Certificate in Digital Graphics and Animation3 Months12thClick Here
Certificate in VFX Pro16 Months12thClick Here
Arena Animation International Program20 Months12thClick Here

10) Toonz Animation Academy, Lucknow

The Toonz Animation Academy, Lucknow is the only institute available in this city accredited from Skill India and Media Entertainment Skills Council. No wonder why this institute is so capable of delivering expensive curriculums at affordable prices.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 B.Sc. - Animation and Multimedia3 Years12thClick Here
 B.Sc. in Animation and Visual Graphics 3 Years12th Click Here
Certificate in 2D Animation Design6 Months12th Click Here
Certificate in 2d and 3d Animation1 Years12th Click Here

11) Zee Institute of Creative Art, Lucknow

The Zee Institute of Creative Art, Lucknow is positively a nice option to study VFX, Graphic Designing, Animation, and Film Making. Although it was established in 1976, & now is a vital part of India's top media groups: Zee.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
Diploma in Animation and VFX3 Years12thClick Here
 Professional Program in 3D Animation 1 YearUGClick Here
 Professional Program in Visual Effects 1 YearUGClick Here

12) Unity Veda Animation College, Lucknow

The Unity Veda Animation College, Lucknow has several media and animation courses, but one which is named B.Sc Media Graphics & Animation is highly pursued by students with a chief interest in Animation.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 B.Sc Animation 3 Years 12thClick Here
 Diploma 3D Animation 1 Years12thClick Here
Diploma in 3D Animation & VFX2 Years12thClick Here
B.Sc. Media Graphics and Animation Degree3 Years12thClick Here
Certificate in VFX Pro6 Months12thClick Here

13) Star Animation Institute, Lucknow

The Star Animation Institute Lucknow is contributing a considerable amount of effort in animation, and graphics training among the students of Lucknow. Star Animation is a private institute build on a small scale, but education that it provides has huge order in Lucknow.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
B.Sc. in Animation3 Years12thClick Here
Diploma in Animation1 Years 12thClick Here

14) Cavalier Animation, Lucknow

Cavalier Animation Institute in Lucknow posses 27 courses across 3 streams. The specialty we find in this institute is, that it provides marketing and social media training as well with its animation and gfx courses.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
B.Sc in Graphics and Animation 3 Years12thClick Here
Advance Diploma in 3D Animation 6 Months12thClick Here
Certificate in 3D Animation6 Months12thClick Here
BFA in Graphics and Animation4 Years12thClick Here
Diploma in Visual Effects6 Months12thClick Here

15) Arena Animation, Alambagh

The Arena Animation Institute was established in the year 1996 and has already formulated its monarchy in Lucknow. Over 23 years of experience in conveying animation, gaming, and graphics education, this institute has already collected its feet in approx 20 countries.

CourseDurationEligibilityFee Structure
 Certificate in Graphics, Web Design and Development14 Months 12th Click Here
 Certificate in Animation Film Design10 Months12thClick Here
Certificate in Digital Graphics and Animation3 Months12thClick Here
Certificate in VFX Pro16 Months12thClick Here
Arena Animation International Program20 Months12thClick Here

Qualities Required to Pursue Animation Courses

If you are interested in pursuing the animation courses from Lucknow or any part of India or outside, you should have the following abilities:

  • Teamwork a skill
  • Ability to understand the character
  • Highly Creative Mind
  • Good Observation Skills
  • Computer and software skill

Animation Courses In Lucknow

The courses in this field are divided into three categories:

  • Bachelors
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

The bachelor’s courses can be BA, BFA, BVA, and B.Sc that covers many aspects of animation course. These courses include topics like animation, digital filmmaking, visual effects (VFX), 2D and 3D Animation. The duration of a bachelor’s in animation is 3 years.

In the same way Diploma courses in the field of :

  • 3D, 2D
  • Digital animation
  • CG Animation
  • Animation and Filmmaking
  • VFX
  • Animation and VFX
  • Animation, Video Editing
  • Post-production work

These diploma courses have been introduced to provide employment possibilities in a short time. The duration of this course is 1 Year or 6 Months. The animation course is also offered in certificate course like :

  • Certificate Course in VFX
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Editing, Mixing and post-production work
  • Certificate in CG Art

The duration of these certificate courses is 3 to 6 months. The certificate course acts as an add-on in the profile of the animators to achieve the best job in the market. The animation course is also available in Master’s like M.SC., MA, PG Diploma, etc. It has been introduced in specialization form like:

  • Visual Effects
  • Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Texturing
  • Game Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Specific Software

Career In Animation Field

Animation has emerged as the need of the society working especially in the field of film production. Demands for skilled animators are high and are paid in lump sum. One skilled animator can earn thousands per hour as animation studios and production companies are flourishing money in order to improve animation in India. Creating a character in animation is not about drawing and sketching, it needs a lot of efforts and creativity in terms of technology. After doing an animation course from animation colleges in Lucknow, one can be:

  • Director
  • Production Designer
  • Script Writer
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Painter
  • Animator
  • Modeller
  • Compositor
  • Editor

With any of these designations one can work in:

  • Animation Studios
  • Media Agencies
  • Film Production Houses
  • Post Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Magazines
  • Computer and Mobile Game
  • Developers

Remuneration in the field of Animation

The salary in this field depends on the experience of a person. A fresher can earn from INR 10k to INR 20k depending on the organization. As the experience grows, one can earn up to INR 1 lac P/M.  

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