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Updated On - July 25th 2023, Updated By - Lalit Singh
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Career in Film Industry after 12th 2023, Eligibility, Top Colleges in India, & Jobs

Here we are telling you about the "Career in Film Industry After 12th or Film Making Courses which one can choose". Occupations in the film industry contain these series like hard work with both mentally or physically, with long hours, often in uncomfortable locations. In this write up we have tried to mention every aspect of filmmaking starting from its meaning to the best courses, colleges in film Making including their eligibility criteria. This means that you do not doubt the skills and job need to make a career in this field. We have further mentioned the facts about filmmaking and tips on how one can make a film career in this creative field.

"We don't make movies to make money; we make money to make more movies"

The above-mentioned quote is showing the passion of an artist, a filmmaker who has a vision of creating something extraordinary. It is quoted by Walt Disney who was a legend in the field of animation movie making. He was a filmmaker with an understanding that a character can convey emotion is displayed in the right manner.

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An Introduction to Film Making

There are different features include in Filmmaking just like storytelling, direction, screenplay, cinematography, casting of actors, deciding the budget and location to shoot, etc. Many times filmmaking can be opposite to direction but it is a fact that not all directors are filmmakers reason being they may not be involved in other aspects of creating the film. The process of filmmaking is not as easy as it takes a lot of passion and creativity. It needs clarity of thoughts so that character turned out well as planned.

List Of Courses for Film Industry in India After 12th 2023

Below mentioned is the list of Career In the Film Industry After 12th. The list contains courses after 12th, postgraduate courses, and PG Diploma/ Diploma courses. These courses generally cover internships and sometimes live projects to make students more skilled and professional.

Film Making (UG) Degree Courses After 12th Duration 

BSc in Film3 years
BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (Film Making)3 years
Bachelors in Visual Effect3 years
BSc in cinematography3 years
BSc in post-production3 years
BSc in sound editing3 years
Bachelors in Digital Film3 years
BSc in cinema3 years

Diploma/ PG Diploma Courses in Film MakingDuration 

Diploma In Acting1 year
Diploma in Camera and lightening Techniques1 year
Diploma in Post-production1 year
Diploma in Visual Communication1 year
PG Diploma in Film and TV  Production1 year
PG Diploma in Creative Documentary1 year
PG Diploma in Media and Communication1 year

Certificate Courses in Film MakingDuration 

Acting and Presentation3 to 6 months
Screenplay Writing3 to 6 months
Video Editing and Sound Recording3 to 6 months
Modeling3 to 6 months
Camera and Lightening3 to 6 months
Production, direction  and TV Journalism3 to 6 months

Film Making  Master's Degree Courses After GraduationDuration  

MA film2 years
MSc Film Making2 years
MSc in sound editing2 years
MSc In Cinema2 years
MA TV2 years
MSc Cinematography2 years
MSc post-production2 years
MA Radio2 years

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What is Career in Film Industry After 12th?

When you are seeking a career in the Film Industry after 12th, you should start with are of interest in this field. As the film world is full of opportunities you can avail yourself of several graduate degrees and diploma courses as per your interest. It is to be kept in mind that career films and media are not about glamour, name, and fame one needs to be very clear about the line of work in this stream.

A career in filmmaking involves a lot of slogging and constant reskilling and retraining. So if you have made up your mind to study film and media directly after 12th, then step ahead and enroll yourself in the filmmaking program. Some options can be taken after 12th in the field of filmmaking like drama, direction, production, animation, or cinematography. To choose these options one needs to understand where one belongs on-screen or off the screen.

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What Are The Film Making Courses?

The filmmaking courses are the specialized form of attaining a traditional degree to make a standard career in the media field. These courses develop a skilled side of a person in a particular field one opted for.

There are many courses available in filmmaking which are divided into 3 categories:

Undergraduate Degree course- These are the courses opted just after 10+2

Masters Degree Courses – These courses are done to take a specialization in filmmaking.

Diploma or PG Diploma Courses- These are the short terms course like 6-12 months duration and they can be taken as a profile building aspect in filmmaking.

It is suggested to take a degree course in filmmaking so that a person can get various job aspects. Taking a degree course will help in getting many options in this stream.

List Of  Top Film Making Colleges In India

It is a kind of challenge that students and their family faces at the time of selecting filmmaking institutes. Unlike other institutes of arts, business, and sciences we cannot rank the film and media institutions. This makes it difficult for the selection of schools. Students must beware of false claims about placements of various filmmaking institutes.

So it is suggested to focus on quality education, alumni networks, and quality faculty while choosing your college. There are many colleges with quality education and top-notch placement. These institutions offer many courses in filmmaking giving the satisfaction of a bright future ahead. The lists of some top colleges in filmmaking are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria for courses at Film Making Institutions

  • For the graduate course in filmmaking, one needs to pass 10+2 with science/arts as the subjects depending on the course one is taking.
  • Some schools/institute conducts an interview round as well.
  • Few institutions conduct their own entrance exams.
  • The admission will be strictly based on merit in the qualifying examination and the entrance exam.

Bright Career in Film Industry After 12th

According to one statement of the Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce, Indian cinema will grow 11.5 % by 2021 hence making this field a bright opportunity for young talents. The film industry is a vast field where work in the TV film division is in process. On top of that, many youtube channels are taking place. A documentary, advertising, promotional films, video albums, or video games are also included in filmmaking. Major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Punjab, New Delhi, and Bangalore have many opportunities for talented people in the area of films, television, and theatre.

Other than the film Industry, filmmakers are now being desired in other fields as visual media is attracting a large audience. Many businessmen are approaching filmmakers to create an artistic approach for their products that can be called an advertisement.

From the education sector to fashion retailers, short films are big hits. Many researchers and academicians also hire filmmakers to documents their research and findings. Further in a new age of vlogging and blogging the creative people are highly in demand which definitely means that a career in filmmaking is likely to grow.

Use of Softwares in Filmmaking

  • In this competitive era, each course of Film making involves working on many software. This software is a little advanced but is quite handy in speeding up your work process. 
  • The post-processing section of Film Making includes working on editing software, that's why it has been made mandatory for all the students to learn it, for better career opportunities. 
  • Here is some software that students may need to learn while pursuing the film-making course:- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Final Draft, After Effects, Avid Media Composer.

Opportunities as a Film Maker A filmmaker can work in the following sector other than filmmaking, a filmmaker can work with:

  • Social Services
  • Freelancing
  • Entrepreneurial Role
  • Content Platforms
  • Vlogging
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Film

What Is Short A Film?

Short films are generally seen as a time-consuming platform. It is a motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film. It is a kind of original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less including the credits. Many production houses are going for short filmmaking as it keeps a budget under control and easy in marketing. This is also the best way to start your career in filmmaking. Creating a short film requires a lot of steps that include pre and post-production activities creating a script, storyboards, recruiting crews, etc.

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Web Series in Vogue

Another form of film Making is web series which are the series of scripted or non-scripted videos generally in episodic form, released on the internet. Netflix and Amazon Prime is the best example of a web series where you can watch hundreds of episodes online. These web series trends have become popular in India and have bright career opportunities in it. The web episodes are made in many genres and mostly are of 15 to 45 minutes. A career in web series is profitable and this is the reason many renowned actors and actresses can be seen in popular running web series.

Critical Skills Required In Film Making

This field one of the most creative career options. There are certain skills and quality that one should possess and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • One must have a good eye for details.
  • Creative skills to execute ideas.
  • Decisive leader and quick problem solver.
  • Should have clarity in thoughts and can be able to manage time and situation.
  • They should be comfortable in handling new technologies.

Job Profiles In Career In Film Industry After 12th

After pursuing a professional course in Filmmaking, one can set their careers directly or indirectly. Direct career feature film projects whereas indirect careers involve critics, archivists, and distributors. One can be any of the following after studying a professional course in filmmaking:

  1. Producer - The producer's main job is to make assure if people involved in filmmaking courses are doing their work properly or not. He chooses the story, appoints a cast and crew that also includes a director. He can even direct the film. These posts are usually held by a person who is a graduate in Mass communication from film and Television College.
  2. Director - He is the producer's right hand. His job is to execute the idea on which film is being made. All the crew and working of the film comes under him.
  3. Editor - The film is made in a long sequence. It is the job of aneditor to cut short the movie focusing on the main scenes so that the film can be entertaining. He has to work closely with the director and producer.
  4. Actor/Actress -Good persona, confidence, mimicry, etc are the attributes of a good actor. But a degree in acting helps a lot in refining one's talent.
  5. Animator - This is a technical field that requires a lot of creativity. It requires tangible technical skills like making cartoons, commercials, games, etc. Fine arts, graphic designs, and animation design graduates are perfect for this job.
  6. Cinematographer - The work of cinematographers is to compile the entire scenes for visual impact. His job is to decide on lighting, camera angles, etc. This job needs a lot of technicalities.
  7. Film Archivists - The film can be lost and spoiled. The archivist's job is to preserve the film by dealing with photos, maps, information, and media.

Career & Employment Areas of Acting

  • Television
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Event Organisations
  • Music Companies
  • Acting Institutes
  • Movie Production Houses
  • Acting Workshops

Filmmaking involves much work from pre-production to post-production so one can choose their interests like an actor, director, music director, lyrics writer, scriptwriter, action master, cinematographer, costume designer, etc. One can even try the hand in the field of Indian television as various opportunities are waiting for talented people. After working for the small screens one can get many offers for films and albums.

Earning is Unlimited In Film Making

If you have tremendous talent, this field will feed you with loads of wealth. The work is respected and a person can earn up to Lac a month. The starting salary goes till INR 20K that gradually increases with your experience. People are even earning thousand per hour in the field of film editing.

Filmmaking is the art of bringing an image to life. This can be done only when a person has a strong set of mind as this career requires a lot of struggle. Practical exposure is necessary for this field that can be achieved by doing an internship, getting certifications both online and offline, volunteering work with production teams or directors. Doing such activities will build up your profile and also getting admission to the top filmmaking institution in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What Is Film Making?

Ans: We can define filmmaking as the process of direction and production of films for cinema or television. Films are an important source of media which are not only for entertainment and information but also act as the best form of communication. It is a complete blend of creativity and technicality. They can be in any form like feature films, documentaries, promotional films, TV Commercial music videos, etc.

Que: Who Is a Film Maker?

Ans: A filmmaker can also be called a director or someone who is in charge of making, leading, and developing movie production. He/she is in charge of all the film from casting to checking the script of the movie. They provide a creative and clean edge to the movie. They even look for the aspects of the movie that are precise and entertaining. The filmmaker also manages the financial end production.

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