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Mass communication colleges in uttarakhand admission, fees & placement 2021-22

If you think you have the creativity and talent of being an extrovert, then we recommend you these most opted mass communication colleges in Uttarakhand. Mass Communication is not only a diverse field, but it also remains in need of people with something creative and new in mind. After pursuing mass communication from these colleges, we believe anyone will attain at least a single job opportunity until the end, of course. In terms of placement and reputed connections, these colleges of Uttarakhand are counted in the top list. Students of these colleges are well established in the industry of Journalism and Mass Communication; hence, this is the reason colleges invite them frequently for guest lectures. 

Mass Communication Colleges in Uttarakhand Most Updated List 2021

Visit these below-mentioned colleges for more detailed information and self-experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Mass Communication Courses

Down below are the terms need to fulfill for admission in undergraduate and postgraduate mass communication course, in these mass communication colleges of Uttarakhand:-

  • Undergraduate Courses: Undergraduate courses usually don't demand much except completion of the 12th standard from a recognized board.
  • Post Graduate Courses: For admission in post graduate mass communication, a bachelor's degree in mass communication or journalism is a must with some work experience. The maximum age allowed the candidate willing to pursue the course is 30 years.

Job Prospects after completing Mass Communication

Uncountable Job opportunities are available for the candidates willing to pursue graduation or post-graduation in Mass Communication:-

  • Sound Engineer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Film Director
  • Sound Recorder
  • Sound Mixer
  • Special Correspondent
  • TV Correspondent
  • Radio Jockey
  • Video Jockey
  • Producer
  • Art Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Content Writer
  • Editor
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Cartoonist
  • Illustrator
  • Critic
  • All India Radio
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • News Agencies
  • Photography Companies
  • Radio Telecasting Companies
  • Newspapers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Books & Novels
  • Blogs
  • Broadcasting Corporations


Payscale after completing the course from Mass Communication colleges in Uttarakhand

Payscale in the media and journalism industry depends on your designation and work experience. As your skills and work experience increases, your payscale also increases. The initial salary for mass communication professionals could be between 12k to 25k per month

But after several years of experience, you can look up to 50k-1 lac per month

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