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Updated On - August 22nd 2020, Updated By - Poonam Tiwari
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Scope of Interior Designing In India, Career, Courses, Colleges, Jobs, and Salary Of Interior Designer

We bring this article on the scope of Interior designing where we have tried to explain the scope and how one can make a good career in Interior Designing. Read our complete article below.

Interiors are always attracting mankind since the historical ages. Well settled, Neat & Clean, and Decorated Place are too much attracted more than any other. We like to keep it. This is an essence of our existence that we can think in such a creative manner that we are using different types of equipment, items, and many things to keep our life comfortable. Hence, the scope of Interior designing is much more high and competitive today because of the changing demands of cities and modernization that are following the most contemporary style of living.

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With urbanization, people are changing their way of decorating their homes. They are no longer dependent on the old methods of decoration. This way this stream has taken a wider form and has come up as a profession.

What is the Scope Of Interior Designing In India?

The scope of Interior designing is growing in India and hence there is a number of courses now available in various top-notch institutes. This is because it is a kind of profession that is all about expression and turning the house into a home. So do you think this is the best course for you? Then move ahead with this career and make the best out of it.

What Do We do in Interior Designing?

Interior designing basically deals with design and decoration often rooms, buildings, and anything related to exterior decoration as well as interior decoration. It is a kind of art that focuses on the appropriate use of space, architecture, design to make the environment more attractive and positive. In short, the interior design is not limited to decoration and all, it goes too long.

The construction and interior designing industry are expected to continue the high profits over the coming years. Therefore, its scope is automatically running in India as well as abroad offering amazing career choices.

Designing divided into 4 areas

  • Fashion designing – It mainly concerns with the designing of clothing, textiles, etc.
  • Product designing–It mainly concerns with the designing of a particular product like doing an attractive packaging for baby products.
  • Graphic designing – It concerns the designing of websites, logos, movies, signage, etc.
  • Interior designing – It concerns with the designing or arrangement of living space like planning of the interiors, organizing, managing.

Popular Courses for Interior Designing:

There are many different types of courses that include UG, PG and many other diploma certificate level courses in Interior Designing. One can pick up any course as per their requirement and can make a film career in this stream.

Diploma - Interior Design4 Years
B.SC - Interior Design3 Years
Bachelor of Interior Design4 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Designing2 Years
MBA in Interior designing2 Years
BDes in Interior Designing4 Years

But if we talk about general many top institutes offering interior designing courses follow purely professional ability and tools to teach their students that meet industrial demands. 

Top Colleges Offering Interior Designing


Scope of Interior Designing - Where an Interior Designer Employed?

Now it totally depends on the type, of course, one has picked to enter in this stream. A job as interior design is not just to decorate but to make things worth and space living full. The interior designers in India can work in the following areas such as:

  • Residential, Projects – Residential projects which include houses, flats and other places that are used for personal space.
  • Workplace projects – This includes offices, factories, companies, etc.
  • Temporary Exhibition
  • Projects – Under which interior designers have to provide temporary designs. This includes designing of galleries, museums and may variety of private and public projects.
  • Commercial Projects – This includes designing for retail shops, malls, warehouses, and conference centers, designing for leisure venues such as cinemas, theatres and gym, designing for hotels, schools and universities or any educational sector, hospitals, and many other places.

With a wide variety of working areas an interior designer, one can get ample of opportunities to work and get name and fame.

Interior Designing Demands in Our Day to Day Life

Interior Designer executes the designs as per the requirements of clients and there is also includes designing homes and other commercial spaces. As mentioned this creative art uses each and every space in a reformed manner. Therefore people who are looking for this career must have a passion for this field. Even they should have an artistic approach towards how one can change the way of thinking to set some beautiful living environment. They should have sound communication and management skills. One must be a good haggler (one who can bargain well) in order to work within a client’s budget. People with good management skills as well as sound knowledge of different materials are appreciated and wanted in this career.

In addition, one should have a good eye of detailing and extremely bent towards creativity to meet the client’s demand and satisfying them as per their needs. If you get the point of the client's mind then you can easily become a successful designer because understanding the concept of the place is the most important for a designer.

How does an Interior designer work?

There are many processes run in Interior designing with Creating and Executing. A work of an Interior Designer depends on the client's needs.

  1. At stage first, an interior designer had a meeting with the client to understand their requirements as well as the budget. In this stage, the interior designer will gather enough information from the client.
  2. Now the second step is that an interior designer has to meet the needs of the client and for that he/she has to spend time on research taking planning and consideration of the space in building or house etc.
  3. After the research stage, Now, the interior designer begins work on the initial proposal. It includes sketches and detailing (outline), that How the interior designer will take out space according to the design one has planned.

Some More Precise Steps For Interior Designer

  1. The interior designer also plans with the costing and arranging proper design within a timeline. The interior designer then submits the final proposal to the client. During this session, designs may be changes or alerted depending on the client’s needs.
  2. Then designers take feedback from a client and make changes in their designs.
  3. It uses appropriate software to design a location that helps to see the exact planning form the client.
  4. Lastly, an interior designer chooses appropriate contractors based on the client’s budget for implementing the design. This can include for e.g. painters, carpenters, electricians, etc.
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