Career in Biotechnology in India 2021-22: Scope | Salary: Eligibility: Admission procedure :

Biotechnology one of the most associated field with human life. From the making of bread to medicine, plants to animals biotechnology is being used to increase the quality & production of many products. Students aspiring to make a career in biotechnology can join this field after passing 12th with science stream.

Students interested in the research & development field have tremendous scope in the biotechnology field. There are multiple options available for students aspiring to make a career in biotechnology, one can choose options Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Clinical Research, Biomedical engineering, immunology, food technology out of various options available in the biotechnology field.

If you are looking for a career in Biotechnology then this article will be useful for you. 
The term “Biotechnology” is made by using two terms biology and technology.  It consists of the study of many disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other similar disciplines.  

The major role of biotechnology is to create many new products, medicines, vaccines, or modifying the old ones to meet the latest market trend. Thus, biotechnology is an important tool in developing technologies and products which are very helpful in improving lives and the health of mankind.

There is an ample career prospect in the sectors like food, bio-products, pharmaceutical, animal sciences, medicine, chemical, textiles, nutrition, environmental conservation, etc. Student, who belongs to science background with physics, agriculture, chemistry, and biology subjects, can only pursue this career option. It is the most promising career sector for fresh graduates as it offers wide career prospects. 

  • Biotechnology programs offer academic knowledge and training exposure for the application side in the industry or medical scale. The study program offers lessons and lab science in molecular and cellular biology, green biology, gene regulation & disease, microbes, man & environment, biomedical techniques, tools and techniques for enterprise, etc.
  • There is a huge demand for biotechnologists in the industry and health industry, thus a number of reputed private institutions are springing with industry-certified courses. After going through the course you will have a bright future in biomedical research and entrepreneurship skills necessary for business management. 

 Biotechnology Courses average fees In India :

  • A good institution will cost you around Rs 4 Lakh to 10 Lakh.
  • Most of the work in biotechnology is related to research and development activities, so accuracy and love for lab work are wanted.
  • You should have an analytical and curious attitude. Since most of the work is carried out in teams, so you should have good interpersonal skills.
  • You should have ease working with computers and accurate presentation of reports.
  • Biotechnology offers a spectrum of job opportunities across various sectors as well as career progression. The exploitation of biotechnology in genetic engineering, antibiotics/ vaccine development, stem cell research, waste management & derivation of green fuel (BIO Diesel), etc has already had commercial success. Biotechnology programs are popular in science channels, like Discovery, National Geographic and the like. You can choose to become a science writer for these documentaries
    • In order to pursue this career option, you can choose B.Sc in Biotechnology and for that, you must have cleared 10+2 with science background with physic, agriculture, chemistry, biology as compulsory subjects. 
    • Once you will complete your graduation with science/engineering/medicine disciple, you will be eligible to pursue master's programs namely M.Sc in Biotechnology, M.Sc. (Agriculture) Biotechnology, M.V. Sc. (Animal) Biotechnology, M.Tech. Biotechnology, M.Sc./ Veterinary Biotechnology, M.Sc.(Marine)etc. 
    • You must notice that to pursue master's programs in biotechnology or many similar disciplines from top-ranked IITs, you have to crack an entrance exam as follows Joint Entrance Examination. On the other hand, JNU, New Delhi offers this course through an entrance exam GATE.
    • On the basis of your aptitude knowledge, there is an advanced course namely Ph.D. and Post Post-Doctoral Research in Biotechnology, which you can pursue after completing your master's degree course. 

    A career in biotechnology offers very excellent career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector, green energy sector, health and nutrition industry, teaching. There are several kinds of roles you can opt from after finishing the study program, such as

    • Lab technician: In this position, you will be responsible for maintaining the instruments, doing experimentation as instructed by a senior researcher or scientist.
    • Research scholar: After post-graduation or passing the junior research fellowship test (JRF) you will be offered scholarships from reputed institutions, like ICAR, JNU, IITs, AIIMs like institutions on the earn while you learn the model. You will be engaged in R&D activities as instructed by a senior researcher or scientist.
    • Research Scientist: As a scientist, most likely you will become engaged in Research and development activities working for Universities or pharmaceutical industry or energy sector companies. You will be guiding or/and training to research scholars, lab technicians in your research sector. You will entitle to write reports to be published in scientific communities etc.
    • Biotechnology entrepreneur: Most likely, you will manage a business or administering an industry for commercial aspects of biotechnology.
    • Science Writer: In this position, you will be writing projects for Science documentaries, science channels, like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and like. You will be writing fictional or nonfictional stories for TV, magazines, Radio, Online platforms, or even films.
    • Biotechnology Teacher/Professor: You can in higher institutions of learning, preparing a fresh cadre of biotech students. The teacher position will be acquired after Masters's in biotechnology. For the position of lecturer or professor a Ph.D./M.Phil in biotechnology, micro biotechnology I  necessary.
    • Food Inspector/ Quality Control Officer: In the government as well as a private sector there are such good jobs. 

    Since the roles are very different, so your working conditions or job hours will be dependent exclusively upon the choice of your sector your position etc.

    • The income will be dependent upon your academic qualification & working experience. After elected as a researcher or scientist you will earn 37,000 to 70,000 rupee monthly. The pay scale in pharmaceutical companies' R&D activities and health industry is in 6satanic figures on monthly basis. In the position of teaching in higher institutions, you may expect 70,000 to 90,000 rupee per month. 
    • Biotechnology field offers good income for scholars while learning
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