Scope of Cyber Security, Courses, Jobs and Salary In India.

•    Cyber Security is one of the highly lucrative career options for the individuals in India. With the increase in digitalization, now every big IT companies like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, and Cognizant etc. are looking for a number of cyber security experts and professionals.

•    Today every individual is aware of cyber security, still, for clarification, it is necessary to know the exact meaning of this word. Cyber Security is the protection of valuable data and other essential information from the outside world or attackers like hackers.

•    Cyber Security has now turned into a big thing for a government as well as private organizations. Today National Security and business deals also depend on cyber security.

•    In recent years, it has been seen that the demand of Cyber Experts has suddenly increased.

•    The main job of Cyber Security professionals is to protect data and systems that are connected to the internet. Hackers or cybercriminals attack systems with various lethal viruses which might delete your complete system or steal some important information from it.

•    Cyber expert thinks like a hacker and finds out the shortcomings in the system before it is affected by hackers.

To become a qualified Cyber Expert, you have to first clear the following mentioned basic qualifications:

•    You have to first pass your 10+2 with good marks in any discipline including Computer Science as a compulsory subject.

•    Graduation :Although, you can graduate from any stream but Software Engineers will always give preference over others. You can also go with a degree in Cyber Security.

•    Certification: It is also recommended to do various certification programs in Cyber Security.

There are some key skills required to become a Cyber Security Expert, which are as follows:

•    Excellent IT skills along with sound  knowledge of software, hardware and networking
•    Attentive to listen.
•    Ability to solve logical and reasoning queries
•    Love to face challenges.
•    Deep understanding of cyber world.
•    Quick learner

Once you are successfully qualified in Cyber Security, you can start your career with the number of interesting profiles. Some of them are:

•    Executive Manager (Information Security): In this profile, your job to manage and correlate wide security guidelines of the company with security operations.

•    Mid-Level Manager (Information Security): This is an upper-level position where you have to manage the security programs of the organization. You are responsible for data security, business continuity, disaster recovery, policy maintenance etc.

•    Chief Manager (Information Security): This is the senior most level in Cyber Security. Your responsibility is to design and development of Cyber Security policy organization, information security governance and regulatory compliance.

•    Security Advisor: As a Cyber Security Advisor, your role is to give expert advisory services of Information security to organizations. Besides this, you have to design the cyber policy, risk assessment as per the global standard.


•    The average salary of freshers in Cyber Security field ranges between Rs 3 to 5 lakh, which will further increase with experience.

•    Those, who have Cyber Security degree with at least 5 years of experience can earn from Rs 10 to 15 lakh per annum.

•    Certification Holders in Cyber Security can expect Rs 12 lakh per annum in abroad.

•    Median salary of Information Security Analyst in India is Rs 15 lakh annually.

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