Scope of Renewable Energy, Courses, Jobs and Salary

•    Renewable Energy is one of the fastest growing as well as exciting sectors among individuals to secure their career across the globe.

•    At the moment, Renewable Energy is playing a vital role in combating climate change, therefore, fresh graduates from various backgrounds could pay their dues in the growth of this industry.

•    Renewable Energy sources such as solar panels, biofuels, and tidal barrages have now become familiar to the people and governments are also paying much more attention to take those steps to meet the international standards of reducing carbon emissions.

•    With the rapid development is being taken place in this sector, there are ample of opportunities are coming in the industry for those, who have a keen interest in energy and environment.

•    Among Renewable Energies, Marine and Wind Energy currently have around 30000 direct and indirect jobs and it will extend up to 80000 over the next decade.

•    If we talk about the depth of roles and functions in the industry, a single project related to renewable energy requires people with multiple skill sets to contribute like project managers, ecologists, planners, communications experts and business developers.

Renewable energy management courses:

•    BEE (Bachelors of Energy Engineer)
•    Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering
•    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Energy Engineering
•    M.Tech in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management
•    M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology
•    Certification course in Renewable Energy Resources and Policies
•    Certification course in Energy Infrastructure and Efficiency
•    Certificate course in Renewable Energy Technologies

Popular Colleges of Renewable Energy programs in India:

•    Lucknow University
•    University of Kota
•    University of Pune
•    IIT Delhi
•    Devi Ahilya University, Indore
•    IIT Bombay
•    VIT University, Vellore
•    National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

Here is the list of some basic skills required to make your career in this field:

•    A keen interest in science and technology.

•    Environment lover.

•    Normal understanding of energy market.

•    Extensive knowledge about carbon emissions and energy efficiency.

•    Excellent Communication (both written and oral) skills.

•    Knowledge of 3D software such as AutoCAD.

•    Project handling skills.

•    Negotiation and organizational skills.

•    Problem-solving skills.

Here is the list of some popular job profiles in Renewable Energy:

•     As an Energy Engineer, your responsibility is to work on the projects aimed to reduce the costs of energy. This includes evaluating, designing, building, and modeling of energy systems. To deal with the issues related to energy issues, an Energy Engineer has to work as a team.

•    Energy Auditors main job profile is to inspect the homes and determine those efficient ways through which energy could use more effectively and efficiently. They also motivate the homeowners to make the subsequent changes. This profile demands lots of field work as auditors have to visit homes and business organizations.

•    Photovoltaic System Installers

•    Solar Thermal Systems Installers

•    Wind Turbine Technicians

•    Renewable Energy Sales Representative

•    System Engineers

•    Applications Engineers

•    Project Engineers

•    Facilities Managers



•    An Energy Engineer could start their career with around Rs 335,750 per annum. It could go up to 20, 00000 with experience.

•    The average salary of a Project Engineer is Rs 580,000 per annum.

•    Median Salary of Energy Auditors is around 470, 000 per annum.

•    According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the expected salary growth rate of Renewable energy professionals would be around 15 to 20% in between 2021 to 2025.

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