Criminology - the term that first comes to our mind is something related to crime. So, what is criminology? It is the field of study of crime, criminal, the behavior of the criminal, consequence, and prevention. The investigations are done through analysis of evidence. Criminology includes the study of all the above related with crime in common. The person who is professionally qualified in this subject is called a criminologist.


Eligibility For Criminology Courses In India

If a person is keen to do a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, then he/she must have completed their higher secondary schooling in Arts or Science. They must cleared the qualfiying exam with 50 % marks.


Criminology Courses In India

  • While pursuing the course on Criminology, a person can undergo internship which gives them an additional benefit while looking for a full-time job. 
  • After their completion of course, the person can be appointed as teachers of criminology, legal studies, Law and sociology. 
  • A person can get a job as a criminologist in public and private sector companies or departments dealing with environmental crimes and human rights. 
  • Various companies like NGO’s, research establishments, private security and detective agencies also look for criminologist. 
  • They can also get a job of a counselor in the prisons for rehabilitant the prisoners.
  • There are several educational institutes in India or abroad who are offering courses in Criminology at a Graduate and Post Graduate level. To pursue this course, the person must have a background in Art or Science. For pursuing Master’sDegree, the student must have completed their graduation in Arts or Science with an aggregate of 50 % and above.


Criminology Careers In India

Criminologists are high in demand. With the increase in crime, fresh professionals are required every year in various departments of criminologists.  Some of the major career options in Criminologist are :

  1. Corrections 
  2. Diversion programming
  3. Counseling 
  4. Criminal Investigation


Criminology Jobs In India

The major jobs of the criminologists are to investigate or analyze the primary reason of people committing illegal activities or crimes. They have to study all aspects ie. Psychological and social concerns, criminal record, background of the criminal to know if any situation has forced him to do the crime. While doing the investigation, criminologists revels the cause that may have forced the person to commit the crime. 

Basis on the information criminologists make a report on the characteristics of the criminals, which are then used by other law bodies to access the criminals.  These reports are further referred, when a similar type of crime happens to compare the criminals and their crimes.


How To Become A Criminologist?

  • A criminologist is the one who understands the human nature and behavior of a person like a psychologist. 
  • He must understand the cause of the crime, its effect on the society and the victim. 
  • The person who is interested in his profession must possess the few qualities like creative and analytical thinking capacity, good observation and research skills, ability to solve problems, must be a good speaker and should have the convincing power.
  • He must be good and clear in expressing his ideas and concepts both in writing and verbal.  
  • To counsel the prisoners the criminologist must be able to read their mind and counsel them accordingly. 
  • They must have the strong research and analytical skill as their job comprises of collection of data and interpretation. 
  • For this they must be computer literate. The person must be dedicated towards his work in fighting against crime.


Criminology Salary In India

  • The salary of the criminologist differs; depending upon the position, work experience and city of employment they have been hired. 
  • A fresher can earn a monthly salary of Rs. 4,000/- - Rs. 9,000/- approx. Gradually with the experience, the salary gets an increase. 
  • An experience criminologist gets a monthly salary approx. of Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-. The pay scale of a criminologist in abroad is also quite good.


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