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Scope of Dental Hygienist, Courses, Jobs & Salary

  • Unlike Dentistry, a Dental Hygienist does not need a medical degree to become a part of the health industry. A dentist requires dental assistants as well as a dental hygienist to assist him if difficult procedures.
  • Dental Hygienists have to take care of oral health and specializes in techniques and processes involved in oral hygiene and oral care. 
  • Many may think that a dental hygienist is a menial job but in fact it is a very difficult and taxing job. A dental hygienist is required to assist dentists in explaining the various oral needs to prevent cavities and other dental issues that may occur due to improper care and food leftovers.
  • Before the dentist comes along, a dental hygienist is required to prep a patient with regards to the removal of the plaque and tartar from the enamel of the teeth and thereafter apply fluoride or any type sealant to protect the teeth from decay and decomposition. 
  • In case of severe cavities, dental hygienists are required to take dental photographs as well as x-rays to understand the issue at hand and then guide the dentist in removing the cavity and preventing the removed tooth area from getting infected. Dental hygienists look into signs of cavities and gingivitis and thereafter explain to patients as to how to take care of their teeth and prevent cavities or gingivitis from occurring. 
  • A dental hygienist usually takes care of the cleansing and examining part of the teeth and is required to report to the dentist the results of the examination, so that the dentist can take a final call as to what procedure should be taken. 
  • A dental hygienist is also allowed to apply local anesthesia in severe procedures when assisting the dentist.
  • To be a Dental hygiene and take it as a career, the candidate has to complete their 10+2 in Science subject with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their basic subjects. Thereafter pursue either a certificate course or a diploma course from a dental college after having completed a suitable bachelor degree from a recognized college.
  •   Thereafter one is required to get themselves registered with the Indian Dental Hygienist and Technologist Association which is in Lucknow.
  • The main aspects of Dental Hygienist studies involve the study of the human body particularly the mouth and its functions, the course includes anatomy of the mouth, dental equipment used including materials and science involved as well as the oral care which is required to be done to prevent cavities and gingivitis.
  • Some courses also offer internship in dental offices.
  • A dental hygienist can mainly find employment in a dentist’s office. Most dentists have private practices and dental hygienists are always required in such offices.
  •  Dental hygienists are also required in government hospitals where there are government appointed dentists. 
  • One aspect of being a dental hygienist is that there is a scope of doing it as a part time job while pursuing a degree in Dentistry or any other course.

To be a dental hygienist, one must have few basic skills. These are as follows:

  • The person should have a keen interest in people and their well being
  • A dental hygienist should have excellent observation power.
  • The person should have immense patience in his work.
  • A dental hygienist should a keen aptitude to understand the dictates of the dentist’s and patient’s requirement
  • One should have good verbal and written communication skills.
  • One should have attention to detail.
  • One should have good personal skills while dealing with patients.
  • Time management is also crucial while dealing with various appointments
  • One is required to be methodical and have a presence of mind in critical cases
  • To pursue a career as a Dental Hygienist, the candidate must have completed their 10+2 in science, preferably with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their main subjects and then pursue a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare.
  • After graduation one can apply for either a diploma or a certificate course in dental hygiene

A Dental Hygienist has many aspects to its job and such aspects must be kept in mind by the candidate when applying:

  • A dental hygienist’s main job is take care of the teeth of patients
  • A dental hygienist must listen carefully as to what the patient is saying and communicate it properly to the dentist to ensure proper treatment
  • A dental hygienist is required to polish, clean , remove any deposit formed in the teeth
  • A dental hygienist must examine a patient’s gums as well
  • The medical and dental records must be carefully maintained for future references
  •  A dental hygienist is the one who provides information in respect of dental hygiene and how to take of one’s oral hygiene
  • Other jobs include checking on dental materials, assisting the dentists during difficult processes
  • Conducting x-rays
  • Sterilizing of the dental equipment and trays
  • Preparing dental moulds, restorations and impressions
  • A dental hygienist can earn from Rs. 8000 to 10,000 based on their background and experience. Earnings in a governmental organization maybe less than that in a private clinic but there is more experience gained due to the variety of patients which come to a government hospital.
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