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Thapar University Patiala Fee Structure 2024: Course Details

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as Thapar University, is a well-regarded private technical university located in Patiala, Punjab, India. Here are some key details about Thapar University:

  1. Academic Programs: Thapar University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, with a primary focus on engineering and technology. They also have programs in other fields like Management, Sciences, and Humanities.

  2. Accreditation: Thapar University is recognized and accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC), the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), and other relevant regulatory bodies. It is known for maintaining high academic standards.

  3. Infrastructure: The university's campus is equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, libraries, hostels, sports facilities, and cultural centers.

  4. Research and Innovation: Thapar University emphasizes research and innovation and has research centers and collaborations with industries and organizations to support research activities.

  5. Cultural and Extracurricular Activities: The university promotes cultural and extracurricular activities, including clubs and events, allowing students to explore their talents and interests beyond academics.

  6. Placements: Thapar University typically has a dedicated placement cell that assists students in finding job opportunities and internships in various industries. It has a strong record of campus placements.

Sr. No.CoursesDurationFees (First Years)
1MBA2 Years5,00,000
2BBA3 Years4,00,000
3MCA2 Years1,60,000
4B.Tech Computer Science Engineering4 Years2,40,000
6B.Tech Civil Engineering4 Years2,40,000
7B.Tech Mechanical Engineering4 Years2,40,000
8B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering4 Years2,40,000

Thapar University Patiala Hostel Fees 2024

A – For students other than FN/NRI-

HOSTEL DUES (PER SEMESTER)RentMaintElectricityTotal (₹)
a. Single Accommodation (Hostel-J Non-AC)28,5006,5007,00042,000
b. Single Accommodation (Others Non-AC)22,5006,5007,00036,000
c. Single Accommodation-AC (Other than PEB &
d. Shared Accommodation 2 seater (Hostel-J)22,5006,5007,00036,000
e. Shared Accommodation 2 seater (Hostel-PG Non-AC)16,2506,5006,00028,750
f. Shared Accommodation 2 seater (Hostel-PG with AC)18,7506,50011,75037,000
g. Shared Accommodation (2 Seater-others)18,5006,5006,00031,000
h. Shared Accommodation (3 Seater Non-AC)17,2506,5006,00029,750
i. Shared accommodation (3 Seater AC)18,7506,50011,75037,000
j. Shared Accommodation (4 Seater Non-AC)13,5006,5006,00026,000
k. PEB-Hostel (Non-AC)22,7506,5006,00035,250
l. PEB-Hostel (AC)22,7506,50011,75041,000
m. ICONIC Hostel (Boys & Girls) 2 Seater with attached
toilet shared
n. ICONIC Hostel (Boys & Girls) 2 Seater with attached
toilet shared by 2 rooms
o. ICONIC Hostel (Boys & Girls) 1 Seater with attached
toilet shared
p. ICONIC Hostel (Boys & Girls) 1 Seater with attached

B – For FN/NRI students-

a) Shared AccommodationUS $ 1,250
b) Single seater accommodationUS $ 1,500
c) Hostel JUS $ 1,800
d) PEB-Hostel & ICONIC Hostel (No Extra for AC)US $ 2,000

In addition to above hostel fee non-refundable additional per annum electricity charges
for AC shall be US $500 for sharing and US $700 for single.

Notes: -
(i) All Hostel dues are subject to change due to inflation or revision of tariffs even for
students already enrolled. The above hostel fee is applicable for the year 2023-24
(ii) The Entire AC charges as applicable shall be paid before the occupation of the AC
(iii) The Hostel accommodation/type of accommodation including AC Room will be
provided subject to availability of Rooms.
(iv) Laundry service is free for students.
(v) Hostel fee for 6-weeks summer training will be applicable only for new students.
(vi) Students, who want Hostel facility are also required to bring ₹4,500/- in cash to be
paid to the Hostel Manager towards Mess Dues as detailed below:

a) Mess Caution Money (Refundable) = ₹4,000/-
b) Amenities fund per annum (Non-refundable) = ₹500/-

(vi) The Institute security, if not claimed within 2 years from the date of award of degree,
shall be forfeited
(vii) Alumni fee will be refunded if a student leaves without completing his/her degree
(viii) Institute security will be refunded when a student leaves the Institute
(ix) The DoSA shall deal with all the matters related to functioning of hostels.

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