M.E. - Electronics and Communications Engineering

M.E. - Electronics and Communications Engineering is known as Master of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering, which is a postgraduate degree program. Electronics and Communications Engineering is the process of making scientific changes in the design and development, maintenance, repair and fabrication of electronic machines, instruments and communication systems. Under this course, students will study about the Communications Signal Processing, Communications Engineering, Protocol and Coding, Modern Developments in Digital Circuits, Environmental Engineering & Management, DSP Algorithm Hardware Modeling using VHDL and about more subjects. It prepares the students to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of electrical, electronic and related communications systems. Through this course, students will be multi-skilled and proficient in designing and implementing electronic control systems. Moreover, students who hold Bachelor degree of B.E or B. Tech. can only apply for this Master degree program. After completion of this course, they can find many job opportunities Atomic Energy Commission, Bharat Electronics & Communication Limited, Internet Technologies, IT Industry, Consumer Electronics & Communication Equipment Manufacturing and in other sectors.


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