M.E. - High Voltage Engineering

M.E. - High Voltage Engineering is known as Master of Engineering in High Voltage Engineering, which is a postgraduate degree program. High Voltage Engineering is all about the study and application of electrical phenomena available in various mediums at high voltage. It deals with the physical behavior of equipment and systems for production, transmission, the use of electrical energy and the construction of equipment and systems. It covers the major areas of research such as Design of high voltage power, Estimation of an electrical field, development of methods for detecting faults and more. This course includes the subjects like Electromagnetic Field Computation and Modeling, High Voltage Generation and Measurement, High-Voltage Testing Techniques, EHV power transmission etc.
Through this course, students will enable to design and creation of electrical systems. Furthermore, students who hold Bachelor degree of B.E or B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering can apply for this Master Degree program. After being graduated with this degree, they can find many job opportunities in Atomic Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power, Aircraft and Automobile, Biomedical Electronics, Power Corporations and others.

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