PGD - Environmental Engineering Admission 2018

PGD - Environmental Engineering is known as Post Graduate diploma in Environmental Engineering, which is a postgraduate diploma program. This course offers the knowledge and training in the field of environmental management, pollution control, solid waste management, sustainable development, natural resource management. This course covers the topics on air quality, noise, Hydrological processes, wastewater treatment, solid and toxic waste management, fire safety engineering and environmental monitoring and control. Through this diploma program, students can enrich their skills and capabilities to work in pollution monitoring, environmental audits, environmental management, project management and waste management.  Furthermore, students who hold Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering can only apply for this Postgraduate diploma program. Once they will gain this degree, they can find many job prospectuses in Academic Institutions, Infrastructure Engineering Consultancy service, Tailfin Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd, Synergy Property Development Services Pvt. Ltd etc.

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