Aviation Courses

Aviation courses in India offering great opportunities for the students which aspire to make a career in the aviation sector. The best about aviation courses is, students belong to all stream i.e arts, science & commerce can find exciting career opportunities in the aviation industry. The aviation sector has shown phenomenal growth in the last couple of years in India. Approx 117 million people travel in India by air, which makes India as a third largest civil aviation in the world. India is going to be the world largest civil aviation market in the world.

Top 5 Job Oriented Aviation Courses After 12th

These Courses are the gateway to get in this high growth industry, which offers superb career option for candidates. Aviation courses are designed to make skill professional to handle airlines/ airport Management.

1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

All Aircraft need proper servicing in order to perform all its operations properly. It needs to maintain well keeping all the technical & safety aspects in mind. In order to perform this job efficiently, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required. These engineers work with close coordination with an aeronautical engineer. In order to run the aircraft regularly, each aviation company needs to get an aircraft maintenance certificate from DGCA. So Aircraft Maintenance engineers are much-required professionals in an Aviation Company.

Course & Eligibility

Aircraft Maintenance engineering can be joined by doing the Btech / BE in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The duration of the course is 4 years, divided into 6 semesters. In order to become aircraft maintenance engineers, Students need to pass their 10+2 in Science stream with Minimum 50 % marts. They also need to clear popular engineering entrance exams like JEE, JEE Mains, etc

Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges

Job Prospects

Aviation Sector is growing at very fast speed. Every year approx 8.3 million people prefer to take domestic flights. Every year passengers are growing at 15 % CAGR. In order to keep the perform smooth operations, every aviation company needs to have well-qualified expert professionals in this field. The student who is going to choose these courses will certainly have great Job opportunities in the future.

2. Aeronautical Engineering (A.E.)

Aeronautical Engineering is all about Designing the aircraft as per the requirement. It is one of the most specialized engineering branch. Students need to attain theoretical & Practical Understanding of all the major operations of an aircraft.

Course & Eligibility

To Became aeronautical engineer student need to join BtechBE programs after 12th. Total course duration is 4 years, divided into 6 semesters. Students need to have basic eligibility for 10+2 in science stream with at least 50 % marks. They also need clear national & state level engineering entrance exams in order to join Btech / BE programs.

Top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges

Job Prospects

Aeronautical engineering is one of the most advanced branches of engineering. There is no scarcity of the job once you complete your degree program. You can easily get multiple options in Govt & private sector. Average starting salary of aeronautical engineering between 1.5-2.5 lakh per Month.

3. Diploma in Ground Staff

Ground staff & Cabin Crew are the professional, who take care of the passenger comfort & smooth running of an aircraft. They take care of multiple operations like guiding passengers to the aircraft, guiding the aircraft to the right parking space, ticket checking and other related operations. These people make sure that every passenger should have the best experience while getting in the flight & getting out from the flight.

Top Diploma In Ground Staff Colleges

Course & Eligibility

The basic eligibility to join this course is 10+2 in any stream with minimum 50 % marks. Students should have excellent communication skills.

Jobs Prospects

Students having a professional diploma in ground staff & cabin crew are basically hired by the aviation companies. As the passengers are growing in domestic & international flights. So every aviation company keeps the multiple people to keep the operations smooth & convenient in order to offer the of services to its passengers.

4. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

commercial pilot training is the gateway to becoming a professional pilot, it’s a permit to act as a pilot of an aircraft. After getting training from recognized courses and full fill all the needed compliance one can become pilot & fly private & commercial aircraft in India or in the world. Commercial pilot training is one of the costliest course after 12th but it is having a great reward for getting plenty of job opportunities in the World.

Course & Eligibility

Commercial pilot training is an 18 months program in which student should have 160 hrs of flying experience. Students keen to join this course should have cleared 10+2 in science(PCM) stream with minimum 50 % marks. Students also need to clear a pilot aptitude test along with a personal interview.

Top Commercial Pilot License Colleges

Job Prospects

A commercial Pilot license is one the most rewarding course after 12th. Students need not worry about the job. The moment you complete the course you will have assured job in your hand. As the aviation sector growing there is a great demand for commercial pilots. The average starting salary of a pilot is approx 2 lakh per month. Once you gain experience you can get the salary of up to 5+7 lakh per month.

5.Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

If your keen in making the career in the aviation sector, then the diploma in aviation hospitality is one the best-suited course for arts stream students. It gives in-depth knowledge of hospitality requirement. The way the aviation sector is growing in India, competition among the airlines is also growing. Now passengers have many options to fly on one single route. The biggest differentiator in choosing the flight, again and again, is customer experience. So the main focus of aviation hospitality is to give the best customer satisfaction. Diploma in aviation hospitality is being designed for giving all important professional knowledge of aviation hospitality.

Course & Eligibility

Diploma in Aviation hospitality is 12-15 month course, which can be joined after 12th in any stream. The student should have 10+2 with minimum of 50% marks with excellent communication skill.

Top Diploma In Aviation Hospitality Colleges

Job Prospects

By doing this course students can get plenty of job opportunities in private airlines & hotels. The average starting salary is approx 23-30k per month but as you gain experience you can earn 70-80k per month.

Skills Required in the Aviation Sector

Candidates, who are thinking of making their career in the Aviation sector, need to first fulfill some of the basic skills, which are as follows:

  • One should have the motivation and positive career attitude.
  • He/She should be fluent in Hindi and English language.
  • This field includes designing and analysis work, for that one should be good at physics and mathematics.
  • One should have good analytic and reasoning skills for the technical field.
  • A person should be flexible enough to adapt to the working environment of his or her job.

Some More Popular Aviation Courses After 12th

One more reason which making Aviation courses very popular is that it’s one the unique sector which offers career opportunities to all subjects students. Students who have done their 12th science, arts or commerce can easily find relevant career opportunities after completing their particular aviation course. This blog has been designed to give in-depth information about the available aviation courses after 12th.

Course Name Duration

Aviation Courses After 12th Science

B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering 4 Years
B.E. – Aeronautical Engineering 4 Years
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 3 Years
Pilot Orientation Program 3 Months
Commercial Pilot Licence 2 Years
B.Sc – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 3 Years
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Avionics Stream (ES, IS & RN) 3 Years
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 3 Years
B.Tech + MBA in Aeronautical Engineering 5 Years
B.Sc Aeronautics 3 Years
Diploma + B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering 6 Years
 B.Tech Aerospace Engineering 4 Years
B.E in Aerospace Engineering  4 Years
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Mechanical Stream (Aeroplane & Power plants)  3 Years
B. Tech. – Aerospace Engineering with Specialization in Avionics Engineering 4 Years
B.E in Aerospace Engineering (LEET) 4  Years
Diploma + B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering 6 Years
B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering + MBA (Integrated) 5 Years
Assistant Flight Instructor Ratings (Aeroplane) 3 Months

Aviation Courses After 12th Commerce

Diploma in Airport Management Services 1 Year
B.Sc. – Hospitality and Hotel Administration 3 Years
Advanced Diploma in Air Cargo Management  6 Months
BBA in Aviation  3 Years
Diploma in Travel Management and Airport Handling 6 Months
Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management 1 Year
Bachelors in Hospitality Management – International Certification 3 Years
BBA – Aviation Operations 3 Years

Aviation Courses After 12th Arts

Bachelors in Hospitality Management 4 Years
B.Sc in Hospitality Administration 3 Months
Certificate in Airport Ground Staff Services 3 Year
Diploma in Air Hostess, Stewardship & In-flight cabin crew operations 1 Year
Diploma in Air Cargo Management 1 Year
Bachelors in Hospitality Management – Culinary Specialization 3 Years
Diploma in Cabin Crew 1 Year
B.Sc. in Aviation 3 Years
Diploma in Airline Operations 1 Year
Diploma in Airport Ground Handling Training 9 Months
Air Hostess 1 Year
Bachelors in Hospitality Management integrated 5 Years
Advance Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism 1 Year
Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism 1 Year
Diploma in Hospitality 1 Year
Air Ticketing and Travel Management 6 Months
Diploma in Aviation Management 1 Year
Certificate in Airport Terminal Operation 1 Year
Certificate in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel & Tourism Management 1 Year
Certificate in Air-hostess & Flight Steward (Cabin Crew) 6 Months
Certificate In Air Fare & Ticketing 1 Year
Airport Ground Handling 1 Year
Certificate Course in Cabin Crew Training 6 Months
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety 1 Year
Diploma in Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality 1 Year


Educational Qualification For Aviation Courses

Educational Qualification For Air Hostess /flight steward/Flight purser

  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board.
  • Must have a diploma in hotel management or tourism.
  • Candidates must hold an Indian Passport and should be below 25 years of age.
  • One should be unmarried with normal 6/6 eyesight in both the eye.
  • Candidates should have fluency in English, Hindi and another language will be added advantage.

Educational Qualification For Pilot/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  • Candidate must have passed 10+2 in physics and mathematics from a recognized board.
  • Candidates must have in between the age group of 18-30.
  • Candidates should have proportionate height and weight with clear eyesight.

Choose Top Aviation Colleges In India 2019

Students who aspire to make a career in the aviation sector can join any of the degree or diploma colleges. Degree courses being offered after the study of three years with a fee structure of Rs 85,000 to 1 lakh per annum while diploma courses are of 6 months to one year. Here is an updated list of 2019 top aviation colleges.


Career In Aviation Courses After 12th

The career in the aviation sector is very bright. Every year approx 8.23 million passengers travel through domestic airlines. And these numbers will keep growing as a lot of domestic airlines are planning to connect with non-metro cities also. Aspirants can become a pilot, air hostess, ticketing manager, admin manager, ground operations and other areas related to this field. One can seek the job and easily establish their career in this field. This domain is not limited to flying but there is a large number of opportunities to seek at the ground staff level.

There are various job profiles offers in the Aviation sector for qualified professionals. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Flight Attendants – The main responsibility of the flight attendant is to make sure that passengers are comfortable throughout his or her travel. Flight attendants make more than another workforce in the aviation field.
  2. Airline Technicians – In Aviation, the job of the technician involves troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing avionic equipment.
  3. Flight dispatcher– Flight dispatcher is responsible for ensuring the safety of aircraft. This job profile includes preparing a flight plan, schedule of destinations, layovers, distance, measurement of fuel and wind direction, weather, altitude, compass holding, and making the list of alternate destination in case of problems.
  4. Airline Flight Instructor – An airline flight instructor provides regular training for the airline’s pilot. Airline flight instructor can be a senior pilot who flies for the airline.
  5. Ramp Planner –A Ramp planner in aviation is responsible for knowing the arrival and departure times of each airline’s aircraft at the airport. He /she should coordinate with different companies associated with aircraft and should make a schedule according to their departure and arrival.

Jobs in Aviation Sector

Apart from the above-mentioned job options in Aviation, there are also many other job opportunities, which are as follows:

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Flight Instructor
  • Flight Engineer
  • Factor Facilitators
  • Flight Dispatchers
  • Aviation Psychologists
  • Aviation Doctors
  • Ground duty agent
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


What Is the Salary Scale in the Aviation Industry?
The salary package in this industry is very attractive. An experienced pilot can earn around 3 to 5 lakh a month. Whereas, a flight attendant’s initial salary is 30k a month. The salary depends on experience upon the type of company whether national or international.


Faq’s Regarding Aviation

Q1. What does an aviation course mean?

Ans. Aviation course has a vast stream. This stream has several opportunities. The coursework carries important training including those who are seeking employment in the airlines and other streams.

Q2. What is the course to become a pilot?

Ans. You can go for commercial pilot training. The course includes pilot training after which one will be given a commercial Pilot license.  It is advised to start early after 10+2.

Q3. What are careers in aviation?

Ans. One can work in any of the following designations after doing an aviation course like Commercial Pilot, Cabin Crew, Commercial/ground staff services as airport manager, Educationist, Defense

Q4. What is the duration of the pilot course?

Ans. It takes around 15 to 18 month to become a pilot.

Q5. What skills required for becoming a pilot?

Ans. Perception skills, Logic skills, Communication Skills

Q6. What is ground staff at the airport?

Ans. The ground staff is the people who do not travel on the plane but work for the comfort of the people. They are responsible for passenger service duties like in check-in counters, cabin services, answering questions and assisting passenger, taking a reservation, booking tickets, verifying identification etc.

Q7. What is an aviation degree?

Ans. Aviation degree can be bachelors or masters degree that can be of 4 to 2 years of duration. The degree trains students in engineering and electronics, fly, design, manage and operate aviation systems.

Q8. Degree in aviation management is fruitful?

Ans. Yes! After attaining a degree in airport management, graduates can get any of the following designations as per their choice, Airport Manager/Assistant Manager, Cargo Manager, Ground Staff Manager etc.