At the end of reading everything, we always have a question reside in our mind. That, Why we choose aviation? What are the benefits of aviation courses after 12th rather than to go for engineering or else? If you have the same doubt then this article must be very beneficial to you. Read the complete article, further, you have any query feel free to ask by comment or call.

Aviation Courses are coming like a most growing career In India. It offers high package job opportunities to the youth. That’s why students attract more towards this sector. Now these days, Aviation is not limited to only flights and air hostess. There are numerous other career options in aviation available in the management department also.

Aviation Courses After 12th

The best part of the Sector is that any stream student (Science/Commerce/Arts) can opt-in Aviation Courses After 12th. Due to heavy investment by private entrepreneurs and the Indian government, it becomes a never-ending opportunities sector. That is the reason, more than 700 aviation colleges in India, till now. Students can take admission in any of the affiliated institutes spread across Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

To Pick up the right courses, colleges, and jobs read the article at the end. Here, we try to cover all the information regarding this sector.

Eligibility Criteria

All 12th pass students from science/commerce/arts stream can apply for the aviation course. Having a minimum of 50% marks and positive career attitude. Firstly, Candidate should be unmarried with normal 6/6 eyesight in both the eye. Secondly, having fluency in English, Hindi and another language will be added advantage. Further eligibility depends on the course you choose.

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High Demand Aviation Courses In India

Here we list down some job oriented and more demanding aviation courses in India 2019.

1. BBA Aviation Course

It is a 3-year bachelor degree course. The main focus of the BBA aviation course is to enhance managerial skills regarding airport work to the student. Hence, All 12th passed can opt this course. If students want to grow more skills in the same field then they go for MBA degree also. Basically, accounting marketing, HR, safety management, etc introduce in the course. Students with 50% marks in their 12th class can apply.

2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is a 4-year degree aviation course. It can be joined by doing the B.Sc, Btech, BE in AME. In order to become aircraft maintenance engineers, Students need to pass their 10+2 in Science stream with Minimum 50 % marks. They also need to clear popular engineering entrance exams like JEE, JEE Mains, etc. All Aircraft need proper servicing in order to perform all its operations properly. It needs to maintain well keeping all the technical & safety aspects in mind. In order to perform this job efficiently, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are required.

3. Diploma in Ground Staff

Diploma in Ground staff & Cabin Crew is 6 to 1-year professional diploma aviation courses. Firstly, they take care of the passenger comfort & smooth running of an aircraft. Secondly, they take care of multiple operations like guiding passengers to the aircraft, right parking space, ticket checking, and other related operations. These people make sure that every passenger should have the best experience while getting in the flight & getting out of the flight.

The basic eligibility to join this course is 10+2 in any stream with minimum 50 % marks. Students should have excellent communication skills.

4. Aeronautical Engineering (A.E.)

Aeronautical Engineering or AE is 4-year aviation course divided into 6 semesters. It is all about Designing the aircraft as per the requirement. It is one of the most specialized engineering branches. Students need to attain theoretical & Practical Understanding of all the major operations of an aircraft. To Became an aeronautical engineer Firstly, the student needs to join Btech/ BE programs after 12th. Secondly, Having 10+2 in science stream with at least 50 % marks. They also need clear national & state-level engineering entrance exams.

After AE, students become Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers, Flight Engineers, Assistant Technical Officers, Aircraft Production Manager, Thermal Design Engineer, and Consultants.

5. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Commercial Pilot License or CPL is 2-year aviation course. It is the gateway to becoming a professional pilot, it’s a permit to act as a pilot of an aircraft. After getting training from recognized courses and full fill all the needed compliance one can become pilot & fly private & commercial aircraft in India or in the world. Commercial pilot training is one of the costliest course after 12th but it is having a great reward for getting plenty of job opportunities in the World.

CPL is an 18 months program in which student should have 160 hrs of flying experience. Students keen to join this course should have cleared 10+2 in science (PCM) stream with minimum 50 % marks. Students also need to clear a pilot aptitude test along with a personal interview. After completing the training students become Airline Pilot, Experimental Test Pilot, Chief Pilot, Co-Pilot, Commercial Pilot, etc.

6. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Course

Diploma in Aviation hospitality is 12-15 month aviation courses which can be joined after 12th in any stream. The student should have 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks with excellent communication skill. If you are keen on making a career in the aviation sector, then the diploma is one the best-suited course for arts stream students. It gives in-depth knowledge of hospitality requirement.

The way the aviation sector is growing in India, competition among the airlines is also growing. Now passengers have many options to fly on one single route. The biggest differentiator in choosing the flight, again and again, is customer experience. So the main focus of aviation hospitality is to give the best customer satisfaction. It is designed for giving all-important professional knowledge of aviation hospitality.

After completing a Diploma in Aviation hospitality, one can go for Order Management Specialist, Product Manager, Chief Technology Officer, Cabin Crew & Aviation Hospitality Instructor Assist. Counsellor & Admin Executive

Top Aviation Colleges In India 2019 – New List

Students who want to take admission in aviation courses can choose colleges from the list. Here we provide the new list of 2019 top aviation colleges In India. Below, we provide the approx fees, to check the detailed fee structure of that college. Please click on the name of the college.

College NameApprox FeesLocation
Himgiri Zee University (HZU)30000 – 78000Dehradun
Alpine Group of Institutes30000 – 90000Dehradun
Avalon Academy100000 – 150000Dehradun
Noida International University90000 – 110000Noida
The Bombay Flying Club140000 – 500000Mumbai
Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training90000 – 200000Delhi
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)150000 – 515000Dehradun
Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism55000 – 65000Noida
TMI Academy of Travel Tourism and Aviation Studies50000 – 260000New Delhi
Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy60000 – 140000Delhi
Aimfill International90000 – 200000New Delhi
 Airborne Academy75000 – 85000New Delhi
 Chitkara University100000 – 125000Patiala
Bhagwant University90000 – 200000 Ajmer

 Note: For any question regarding admission in aviation courses, please feel free to contact our guidance team @9667853261.

Admission Process in Aviation Courses

For admission in aviation courses, you have to meet the course eligibility criteria. Now it depends either you are going for a UG course or a PG course or Diploma. However, we have mentioned the general criteria on which you can take admission.

  • Students have to be class 12th passed out from a recognized board.
  • Some aviation course also offers admission on the basis of class 10th marks that can be a diploma or certificate-level course.
  • Students need to score a minimum of 45 to 50% marks to take admission.
  • Admission can also be followed by a round of interview or entrance examination (conducted by various top aviation colleges).
  • Some colleges also offer admission directly as they have limited seats and batches.
  • You can apply by visiting the college website or visiting College in person.
  • Every admission details will be given in the college official website.

Career In Aviation After 12th

Aviation has become one of the top career growing industries of India. Last year, the sector has shown phenomenal growth in India. Every year approx 8.23 million passengers travel through domestic airlines. And these numbers will keep growing as a lot of domestic airlines are planning to connect with non-metro cities also. Now India is the third-largest civil aviation in the world.

Due to this enormous demand, career options in aviation increase day by day. Even, new courses also introduce as per work and demand. One can seek the job and easily establish a career in this field. Now, these days, the field is not limited to flying but there is a large number of opportunities to seek at the ground staff level.

Jobs After Aviation Courses In India

As we told above there are 100+ job options for professionals in this sector. Every second work of airport management needs professionals either of an engineer or from ground staff. Below we have listed some job profiles after the aviation courses.

Commercial Pilot – Airline or commercial pilot fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Mostly they fly aircraft for many reasons like charter flights, rescue operation, firefighting, etc. They are hired at government and private organization. They are being paid 50k to 1 lakh per month.

Air Traffic Controller – Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is personnel responsible for the safe, orderly and clear free of the traffic control system. They are usually placed as a ground job like in air traffic control centers, control towers, etc. The salary of ATC is minimum 20k to 30k per month.

Flight Dispatcher Flight dispatchers also knew as airline dispatcher takes active participation in aircraft performance, loading, en route winds, thunderstorm and turbulence forecast, airspace restriction and airport conditions. The salary of flight Dispatcher is INR 30K to 50K per month.

Aviation Psychologists Aviation Psychologists in this fieldwork with airlines to select pilot. They work behind the scene with engineers to assist with the design of the flight, cabin, etc to ensure a safe journey. The salary of aviation psychologist INR 50K To 1 lakh per month.

Aviation Doctors – Aviation doctors are trained as either DO or M.D and operate onboard providing assistance to the patient who is suffering from trauma, illness or life-threatening emergencies. The salary of aviation doctors is 50k to 80k per month.


Salary After Aviation Courses

The salary package in this industry is very attractive. An experienced pilot can earn around 3 to 5 lakh a month. Whereas, a flight attendant’s initial salary is 30k a month. The salary depends on experience upon the type of company whether national or international.

Why Choose Aviation Courses?

Aviation courses give you ample of job possibilities and a chance to make a bright career. If you are still confused with your choice of picking up the aviation course then read the reasons below.

  • Firstly, graduates will get many privileges
  • Secondly, you will get travel opportunities in different countries and cities.
  • Thirdly, you will get to meet different new people from a different culture.
  • Fourthly, strong opportunity to develop your career in the form of incentives, promotions, and work appraisals.
  • Professionals enjoy life outside of work in the form of holidays, childcare vouchers, family leaves, discounts, etc.

Aviation Courses After 12th Commerce/Art/Science

Aviation courses are designed for all stream students. Therefore, we list down all the courses after 12th commerce, art and science side students. You can choose as per your stream from the list.

Aviation Courses After 12th Commerce

Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
Diploma in Airport Management Services1 YearDiploma60000- 100000
B.Sc. – Hospitality and Hotel Administration3 YearsGraduate50000-600000
BBA in Aviation3 YearsGraduate18000-260000
Diploma in Travel Management and Airport Handling6 MonthsDiploma10000-300000
Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management1 YearGraduate10000-300000
Bachelors in Hospitality Management – International Certification3 YearsGraduate300000-1000000
BBA – Aviation Operations3 YearsGraduate200000-600000

Aviation Courses After 12th Arts

Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
Bachelors in Hospitality Management4 YearsGraduate100000-500000
B.Sc in Hospitality Administration3 YearsGraduate50000- 600000
Diploma in Air Hostess, Stewardship & In-flight cabin crew operations1 YearDiploma50000-100000
Diploma in Air Cargo Management1 YearDiploma25000-40000
Bachelors in Hospitality Management – Culinary Specialization3 YearsGraduate150000-450000
Diploma in Cabin Crew1 YearDiploma50000 – 60000
B.Sc. in Aviation3 YearsGraduate350000-550000
Air Hostess1 YearDiploma50000-100000
Airport Ground Handling1 YearDiploma20000 – 50000


Aviation Courses After 12th Science

Course NameDurationCourse TypeFees (Approx.)
B.Tech Aerospace Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000-800000
Commercial Pilot Licence2 YearsDiploma100000-5000000
B.E in Aerospace Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000-800000
B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering + MBA (Integrated)5 YearsGraduate300000-1500000
BTech Aircraft Maintenance Engineering4 YearsGraduate300000-600000
B.Sc – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering3 YearsGraduate150000-250000
Pilot Orientation Program3 monthsDiploma100000-300000
B. Tech. – Aerospace Engineering with Specialization in Avionics Engineering4 YearsGraduate500000- 800000


More Jobs In Aviation 

Here we described some more demanding jobs after courses in aviation Field.

Ground Duty Agent – Ground duty agents are employed in various activities like pore departure and post arrivals of the flights. They work solving issues like a boarding pass, checking baggage and maintaining records. The starting salary of ground duty agent is between 12k to 20k per month.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Aircraft maintenance engineer is a licensed person who carries out and checks aircraft. They work under certain standards and perform various safety checks. The salary of aircraft maintenance engineers is INR 30K to 40K per month.

Flight Attendants These professionals are responsible to make sure that passengers are comfortable throughout his or her travel. Flight attendants make more than another workforce in the aviation field.

Airline Technicians In Aviation, the job of the technician involves troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing avionics equipment.

Flight dispatcher Flight dispatcher is responsible for ensuring the safety of aircraft. This job profile includes preparing a flight plan, schedule of destinations, layovers, distance, measurement of fuel and wind direction, weather, altitude, compass holding, and making the list of alternate destination in case of problems.

Airline Flight Instructor – An airline flight instructor provides regular training for the airline’s pilot. Airline flight instructor can be a senior pilot who flies for the airline.