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Best Radiology Colleges in Uttarakhand Admission 2020-21 Fees & Placement

Radiology is a popular paramedical professional course offering by some Best Radiology Colleges In Uttarakhand, after which students perform diagnostic tests in medical treatments with the help of radiations. In primary language, Radiology is the process of imaging the internal and hidden organs of the human body so that there diseases and faults can be seen through Ultrasound, X-ray reports, CT scans, MRI, etc. In this era of sophisticated level medical science and increasing diseases among people of all ages, the need for Radiographers is rising at a massive level. These well-known colleges in Uttarakhand provide the best & most illustrious training and education of radiology courses. Plus, the placement plot of these colleges is at a reasonable rate of progress. Students with required industry skills and after attaining proper skills from these colleges didn't face much difficulty in grabbing the best opportunities prevailing in the market at that time. Sometimes radiographers are also required for the personal & regular treatment reports by patients; that's why some of the colleges like Uttaranchal PG College & Quantum University focus more on providing the best practical training & exposure to their students.

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Let's have a look at the Best Radiology Colleges In Uttarakhand

Eligibility Norms for acquiring admission in these best radiology colleges in Uttarakhand and Course Duration

  • Anyone willing to pursue a B.Sc in Radiology should have completed their 12th, preferably with subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Maths & biology. 
  • After all, the course duration is of about three years, but the student can also opt for certificate courses after 12th, which is of about one year. 
  • Some Institutes also provide 2 years of advanced diploma courses in diagnostic radiography and radiotherapy.

Career and Job Structure after completing B.Sc in Radiology from Uttarkhand's best radiology colleges

Radiology is one of the most assuring careers available in the paramedical field. Employment chances for Radiographers are really well, such that they are required in both private and personal domains of work. The career growth of Radiographers is not bound up to the boundaries of India, but it is also beautifully demanded overseas. Radiographers can work in both private and government hospitals, plus the jobs are available for full and even part-time.

Salary Benchmarks of Radiographers

Within domestic boundaries, the salaries of a Radiographer is between 7k-10k per month in both private and government hospitals. However, Radiographers earn more by practicing their skills in private purposes rather than in salaried jobs. 

For employment purposes, there are much better options for Radiographers in gulf countries & middle east nations. At these places, an average radiographer salary is about 30k-50k per month

In Europe, an average radiographer salary is £17,000 per year, which is way much more than in India's radiographers. 

For establishing a well-defined career in Radiology and Radiography, these best Radiology colleges in Uttarakhand can help in giving a head start to your career. But for more career-related opportunities, don't forget to checkout Vidhyaa.in other educational and career-related blogs.

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