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Career Scope in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Manager as a Career:

Do you spend quality time on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.? If your answer is yes, then you can think about your career in Social Media Management (SMM).

•    At present, all of us know that social media has now become a big part of our lives for the past few years. In fact, it has become an integral component of your day to day life as you can’t even stay away from different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in your smartphones.

•    If we go by stats, on an average, individuals with the age group between 18-36 spend around 18 hours per day on these various type of social media content. •    As a career option, Social Media Management is the hottest choice for the youngsters. The scope and growth pace in SMM is tremendous.

•    Among a number of social media jobs, Social Media Manager is the most popular one among the individuals. As a Social Media Manager, you are responsible for managing all the social media campaigns that include strategy making, it's implementation and marketing.

How to became social Media manager :

To become a Social Media Manager, an individual should have to attain the following qualification with experience:

•    Firstly, you should have completed your Bachelor’s degree with good marks. It would be helpful if you have a marketing degree but not required with authentic work experience.

•    After finishing with your graduation, you can either go for work or opt MBA in Social Media Management to strengthen your position in the latter part of the career.

•    You can also do Post-Graduation Diploma courses in Social Media Management if do not want to go for MBA.

•    You should have a keen interest in operating various social media platforms.

•    One should be proficient in content marketing and its application.

•    Have in-depth knowledge of content development and publishing.

•    Working knowledge of blogging ecosystem in a particular field.

•    Knows how to build and maintain strong sales relationships on and off the field.

•    Have working knowledge of SEO principles including Google Analytics and Keyword research.

Online Courses and Institutes to became Social Media Manager :

Apart from these offline options, you can also go for various online courses of Social Media Management, which are also beneficial similar to the offline courses.

Here is the list of some popular Social Media Management online courses along with the institutes:

Manipal ProLearn:

Manipal Global Education Services, which is a highly reputed institute offering online social media certifications programs up to 30 hours on various social media aspects like SMO, SEM, SEO, ORM and analytics. If you have a keen interest in learning online marketing techniques and Google AdWords, you can go with Digital Marketing Professional Program – it is a combined certification program by Google India and Manipal ProLearn.

Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is another leading Digital platform which provides various online courses in Digital and Social Media Management. Established in 2009, Digital Vidya has a strong base of more than 20000 professionals.Digital Vidya offers various Social Media Certifications programs associated with Government of India. You can choose among them as per your interests.


Simplilearn is an internationally recognized online training platform for digital marketing. They provide around 30 odd courses in Digital Marketing accredited by OMCP aiming to help working professionals to stay ahead with social marketing fast-paced turns.

  • Top 10 Offline Social Media Management Institutes in India:
  • NIIT Digital Marketing Institute
  • AIMA (All India Management Association), Delhi
  • Learning Catalyst, Mumbai
  • EduPristine• Simplilearn
  • Digigyan, Delhi
  • DMIT, Mumbai
  • DSIM, Delhi

Social Media manager Job Responsibilities:

•    As a Social Media Manager of an organization, your responsibility is to manage all the social media campaigns and marketing strategies and its implementation.

•    If you have the zest of making strategies but do not want to manage all the work, then you can become a Social Media Specialist, whose only job is to create tactical strategies to meet the social media needs of clients and companies.

•    Social Media Coordinator is an important job profile of a company’s social media management team. His/her job is to make sure that all the social posts get published on regular basis with the help of posting calendars of all the socials media accounts.

•    If you are fond of numbers game of social media, then you could become a Social Media Analyst who is aware of all the social media metrics and analytical trends. This is one of the fast-moving career options as analytics are constantly transforming, therefore you need to stay updated with the air all the times.

Skills Required to became Social Media Manager:

To become a successful Social Media Manager, one must have equipped with the following basic skills:

•    Social Media Management is all about managing a range of social media platforms, therefore, you should have in-depth knowledge of each and every platform.

•    One should have excellent verbal communication skills as you could exchange your ideas and plans to the clients as well as colleagues.

•    You should have strong writing and editing skills for each social platform as you write social media posts targeting different people with different techniques.

•    In-depth knowledge of SEO (Social Engine Optimization) and algorithms.

•    Creativity should be in your blood as you have to come out with innovative ideas every time you hit at the social media platforms.

•    Ability to keep calm under immense pressure as Social Media Managers are bound under strict deadlines.

•    Presentation and data analysis skills for actionable insights.

•    A robust team working skills with solid networking.

Average Salary for Social Media Manager :

As we told you earlier that Social Media Management is one of the flourishing career options for the individuals, so pay packages are also very pleasing to hear.

•    The average salary of Social Media Manager in India is around 4 lakh per annum. As your experience increases, you will get a big jump in your current package.

•    Social Media Specialists are also received much higher pay package which could be around 3 to 4 lakh per annum initially. It will increase your experience in the field.

•    Social Media Coordinator has an average salary of 5 lakh per annum and it has a projected growth rate of up to 10% till 2022 as per a study.  

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