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Medical Courses After 12th in India Without NEET List of Science, Arts Courses

Medical courses after 12th give a base to our existence and offer a platform to connect more towards humanity. The medical field is one of the reputed and respected streams of the world. Reason being that this stream serves humanity more closely in many forms like Drs, nurses, paramedical specialist etc.

So what is your thinking of doing MBBS or BDS why? Because you are from a B Group i.e Biological Group isn’t it? There is good news for the B group students. Now you are free to choose different medical streams like Nursing, Ayurveda, homoeopathy, Unani, science course (B.Sc.), paramedical courses and much more!

Best Medical Courses After 12th Science List

we have list best Medical Courses After 12thespecially for the students who are from medical /PCB stream and are passionate to make their carer in medical.

CoursesAverage FeesDuration
BSc. Nursing INR. 50,000 - 2 Lakh4 Years
B.PharmINR. 2 Lakh - 5 Lakh4 Years
BDSINR. 1 Lakh - 6 Lakh4 Years
BAMSINR. 50,000 - 2 Lakh5½ Years
BPT (Physiotherapy)INR. 1 Lakh  - 5 Lakh4 Years
D. PharmINR. 20,000 - 1 Lakh3 years
MBBSINR. 5 Lakh - 20 Lakh5 Years
BV.Sc. & A.HINR. 10,000 - 60,0005 Years
B.Tech in Biomedical EngineeringINR. 2 Lakh - 5 Lakh4 Years
BMLT (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology)INR. 50,000 - 5 Lakh3 Years
BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy)INR. 20,000 - 1 Lakh4½ years

Medical Courses After 12th With NEET

B Groups or Biology students need not worry regarding course selection as there are many courses lined up and one can choose any course of their choice. Check out our list of best medical courses after 12th in India.


BAMS obviously is done after 12th. It is called a Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery. The program offers a base to pursue a master's in Ayurveda. After completing the course students can become Dr. in Ayurveda.

Top Colleges Offering BAMS Course

2. BDS

Those students who are interested to know about teethes and denture can opt for BDS course after 12th. This course is five years long including internship.

Top Colleges Offering BDS Course


It is the most popular course among biological students in India. This course is for 5 ½ years long. The course is followed by one year of the internship program. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the minimum qualification required to practice as a doctor.

Top Colleges Offering MBBS Course


Stands for BHMS (Bachelors of Homeopathy medicine and surgery). This stream aims at treating people through using homoeopathy methods of medicine. After completing this course one will get the title of Homeopathy doctor. This course is of  5 ½  years long. 

Top Colleges Offering BHMS Courses


This stands for BUMS (Bachelors of Unani medicine and surgery). This discipline aims at treating a patient through the Unani system of healing. The course is 5 ½  years long.

Top Colleges Offering BUMS Courses

6. BPT (Physiotherapy)

BPT (Physiotherapy) stream uses types of therapies and massages, exercises and movement of, muscles to treat a patient who has suffered from various injuries through accidents or diseases.

7. BV.Sc. & A.H

BV.Sc. & A.H (Bachelors of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry). This stream focuses on biology and technology to treat and prevent diseases occurring in animals. This is  5 years long course.

Medical Courses After 12th in India Without NEET

1. D. Pharm 

Pharm .Dstands for a doctor in pharmacy which is more advanced than B.Pharm. The curse is of 6 years of duration.

2. BSc. Nursing

Those who are interested in being a nurse or willing to serve humankind without becoming a Dr can go for BSc. Nursing course. With this course, you can become a registered nurse. The course can form 3 to 4 years. The academic program includes theory and mandatory practical training.

3. B.Pharm

This B.Pharm degree will help you to become a licensed chemist in India. The course is of 4 years of duration. The curses majorly focus on the subjects like Pharmacy, chemistry, biology and healthcare.

4. Bachelors of Occupational Therapy

Also known as Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (BOT) that focuses on occupational therapy which includes exercises, training, aiding, devices, environmental adaptation and equipment to treat a patient who is suffering from physical, mental and neurological limitations.

5. B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering
6. Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy
7. Bachelor in Psychology
8. BMLT Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
9. BNYS Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

Other B.Sc. Courses                                                                          

B.Sc. Nursing course is one of the most opted courses in science. Apart from this, there are many other streams available in B.Sc. Some of them are :

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Anthropology
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Forensic Science
  • Agriculture
  • Pathology
  • Speech Therapy
  • F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)
  • Horticulture
  • Genetics
  • Health Science and Nutrition
  • Sports and Science
  • Audiology
  • Botany

Paramedical Courses

They are programs generally related to allied health sectors that generally deals with emergencies. Paramedical courses deal with subjects like medical lab technology, diagnosis technology, radiology etc. Some course sin Paramedical streams after 12th for biology students. B.Sc in :

  • OTT
  • X-Ray Technology
  • Radiography and Medical Imaging
  • Dialysis Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Ophthalmic Technology
  • Speech therapy
  • BASLP Course
  • Audiology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Optometry

Diploma Courses:

  • X-Ray Technology
  • Radio and Medical Imaging
  • ECG Technology
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Ophthalmic Technology
  • Sanitary Inspector
  • DHL
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Audiometric Technician
  • Audiology and speech therapy
  • ECG Assistant
  • CT Scan Technician
  • Dialysis Technician
  • MRI Technician

Other Diploma Medical courses after 12th

Diploma in :

  • Pharmacy
  • Dairy Technology
  • Yoga Education

Medical Courses After 12th Without Neet

Medical Courses After 12th Arts

  • GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)
  • ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery)

Courses & Admission 

The medical stream contains a board variety, of course, other than MBBA and BDS. Offers certificate courses, medical diploma courses and many short-time courses. To take admission in degree-level course one has to clear NEET 2021 exam for admission to the top medical college. Many institutes and university from abroad are also offering a medical course online. IGNOU is one of the leading universities that is offering admission for medical courses online.  Some universities like AIIMS & JIPMER conduct their own entrance examination.

Jobs and Career Medical Courses After 12th

The medical course is highly in demand because these courses are in demand and are fast-growing. Medical stream requires a lot of hard work as there is 24x7 working. The health care industry is very large and there are loads of medical professional demands in this industry. The job in this career depends on the type, of course, you have done and from where you have done.  After all, there is a race of making a good career! After completion of the medical course, you can pick any job according to your course level.

Some Top Medical Recruiters 

A medical professional can easily get a job in the streams like organizations, pharmaceutics, hospitals, Research laboratories and related field in India and abroad. Some of the leading recruiters  of medical streams are :

  • Acrux
  • Chem
  • Cochlear Limited
  • Health Scope
  • Hexal Australia
  • Mesoblast
  • NIB Holdings
  • Prima Biomed
  • Res Med
  • Sigma Pharmaceutical
  • MAX
  • Fortis
  • Medanta

Salary Scope

The medical stream is one of the highest paying jobs in India and Abroad. The demand for a skilled medical professional is rising in the US. Being a vast industry it offers many jibs with good salary prospects. If you have done MD or MS then you can earn 50k to 2 lakh P/A initially. A person holding a bachelor’s degree will get salary around 30k to 40k P/A. If you have a technician, nursing and assistance course then your salary will be around 25k to 40k P/A. The salary depends on the type of organization one is working with.

Medical Courses after 12th – List of College

After choosing o your course the main step is to choose the college for your choice. Generally, students want to go to a top college and try every possible thing to get in there. However, few students fail to get in top medical college. In this case, we suggest we suggest that if you don’t get a top college of your choice then look for B schools. It is good to study in top college but there are many B schools that are offering top-notch medical education. If you are getting any of B school then you should go for it.


Admissions Process 

Admission to any medical course is done on the basis of merit. If it’s an MBBS course then you have to get a valid score of NEET-UG. If you seeking admission in MD/MS level courses then you have to clear NEET PG. Many colleges conduct their own entrance examination to select cream students. Every course has its own admission procedure. Students who are meeting eligibility criteria can apply for a particular course and can get admission per college norms. Students must note that they should have a valid score in the last qualifying examination.

Some best Medical Courses After 12th

In this section, we have mentioned some different medical courses after 12th, their career prospects and many and eligibility. Check our latest medical courses list below.

Health Care Information Management

The job of a Health Information Manager is to notice and make a report of the patient’s health and recovery. They also collect data about the patient from the hospital record and maintain privacy and security of their data.

Career Prospects

The demand for information management in the health care industry is very high in the medical, biological informatics, nursing informatics, public health sector as well as for the development health policy.  


Students who are 12th passed out with PCMB/PCB from a recognized board.

Course – Bachelors of Science in Health Management.

Medical Radio and Imaging Technology

With the increase in technology, there are many machines that have come which works on a patient’s body to detect any kind of diseases or possibilities of diseases. This is done with the complete use of machines which is operated by radio and imaging technologists. This is done using machines like MRI scan, X-ray Scan, ultrasound etc.


Students having PCMB/PCB in their 12th.

Course – BMIT (B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology, B.Sc. in MRIT)

Audiology & Speech /Language Pathology

A speech or language pathologist works on treatment of speech, language, vocal issues in the patient. Career Prospects – They work in healthcare facilities, NGOs, Hospitals for assisting, diagnosing and treating a patient with speech disorder.


12th passed out students with PCB or PCMB.

Course – B.Sc. in audiology, B.Sc. in audiology and speech


They are involved in examining the eyes and checking the visual system for any kind of defects or abnormalities as well the medical diagnosis and managing eye diseases.

Career Prospects –They work with government hospitals, eye care specialists, NGOs and private hospitals.

Eligibility – 12th with PCB

Course – Bachelors of Science in Optometry

Dialysis Therapy

A dialysis therapist plans therapy and prescribes medicine. They also perform various dialyses on the patient to extract toxins out of their body. They also maintain the record of dialysis is that has been done and will be done further.

Career Prospects – Works with senior technologists in private /government hospitals.

Eligibility – 12th from a recognized board with PCB stream.

Course- Bachelors of Science in Dialysis

Nutritionist and Dietician

The nutritionist or dietician is an expert who works towards the diet of a patient suffering from particular diseases.

Career prospects – They are in demand with every healthcare institute as well as sports and fitness centres to plan and monitor the diet of the clients. They also research the field of improving public health and guiding them to take proper diet according to their health issues.

Eligibility Criteria – Students must have studies class 12th with PCB.

Course -B.Sc.Nutrition & Dietetics, B.Sc. Home Science – This course is 3 years of duration.

Tips to Make Your Medical Career

To make a career in medicine one needs to choose Medical Courses After 12th according to their interest. The students cannot become successful in a medical stream just by scoring marks. They need to work hard and devote themselves to what they are doing. A successful medical career is when one knows how to make you worthy enough to meet the industrial requirements. Do not fear taking practical exposure that will help you to make a successful medical career. Fir nay queries one can comment on the section mentioned below. Our team would be happy to guide you.

Will this article help?

Yes off course! This article will help all the 12th passed out students from PCB stream as we have listed Medical Courses After 12th and also the list of colleges that they can get after selecting their course. In this article, we have tried to mention every relevant detail for class 12th medical students who are looking for a successful career in medical stream. Read our complete blog below.

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