Scope of Geriatric Care Management, Courses, Jobs and Salary

Geriatric care is also known as “Eldercare”. It is a kind of process of planning and coordinating the care of elderly people or people suffering from other mental /physical impairments. By doing a course in Geriatric Care Management, one can become Geriatric Manager. As this area has sensitive work environment, one should have an ability to make strong decisions, maturity to deal with different kind of people and much more. To make a career in Geriatric care, a person requires specialized training. This will help them in dealing with complex and interrelated issues that are affecting geriatric care. Interested ones can check and apply for bachelors or diploma courses in geriatric offered by many institutions and colleges in India.

Scope of Geriatric Care Management

As long as the human, aging will process and the average individual’s lifespan lengthens, the scope of geriatric care will continue. There are many alternative career options in geriatric care. If you are looking for full-time employment, then hospitals, organizations and private geriatric management firms are best options to apply.  If one is looking for self-employment, then he/she should as the sources:

  • Families and adult children of relatives living away.
  • Banks and trust offices.
  • Physicians and related health professionals.
  • Attorneys.
  • Hospitals.
  • Social service providers.
  • Gerontology Professionals.
  • Senior Housing Communities.

In some countries and jurisdiction, follow strict certification in practicing geriatric care as manager. 

Geriatric Care Management Courses

India is still developing in terms of skilled courses like geriatric care. A country has only a few institutions that offer Geriatric Medicine care but, particularly high profile courses are not available. Some colleges offer Pg diploma in integrated pediatric care and also provide small certificate courses as well. One can even do MBA in Geriatric care


Top Universities/Colleges Of Geriatric Care Management

  • ADN Institute of Paramedical Science and Hospitals.
  • Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education.
  • Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College.
  • DCM Institute of Medical and Paramedical Technology.
  • Dhanvantari Institute of Professional Education.
  • DS Institute of Paramedical Science.
  • Hindi College of Management and Information Science.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • Gramin Medical College and Hospital.
  • National Institute of Social Defense



Geriatric Care management involves giving counseling and assistance to the elderly patient and their families. Managers coordinate the services of Government agencies, insurance companies, home and healthcare services etc. For this, one has to qualify enough to deal with all the related aspects of this job profile. The following educational qualifications are required to pursue their career in Geriatric Management.

  • A person should have passed 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • One must possess bachelor’s degree in social work, nursing, psychology, public health or gerontology.
  • Candidates should have Master’s Degree in Geriatric Care.
  • Pre-work experience in social work, elderly care /healthcare will be added on.
  • Many National and International colleges have strict guidelines for giving certification in Geriatric Care.

Geriatric Care Management is a vast field. Although its scope in India was less, with growing technology and awareness, people are choosing this field as a career. This field is vast including transdisciplinary field, embracing medicine, psychology, ethics, financial planning and business administration. A geriatric manager also requires patience in understanding the geriatric population and their mental challenges.

How Geriatric Manager Works

Geriatric care manager helps individual’s family and another care giver to adjust and overcome with a disability by:

  • Assisting care planning sessions.
  • Screening, arranging home help to avoid problems.
  • Offering specialists to avoid further problems.
  • Supporting individual’s family and friends by giving a brief of person’s disability.
  • Reporting individual’s condition if things go wrong.
  • Helping their clients with moving to or from a retirement home, rehabilitation center or nursing home.
  • Offering counseling and support.

The fees of geriatric manager depend on the country one serving in and also the organization one is associated with.

Salary Of Geriatric Care Manager

Geriatric care managers can earn up to 15k to 20k monthly depending upon their specialization, experience, responsibilities, and locations. If you are self-employed, you could get paid in many ways like a fee for a particular project, an hourly or monthly. A fee can range upto Rs 1000 to 2000 for a simple project to 10k to 16k for more complex tasks.

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