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Public Prosecutor is an advocate who represents the state or its people in a criminal trial. His role begins after the police has done their investigation and filed the charge sheet in the court. If a crime is committed by an individual or groups, against the others, it is believed that the crime is committed against the society. It becomes the State’s responsibilities for the prosecution and punishment for that crime and not to the victim of the crime. The Public Prosecutor performs the prosecution on behalf of the State. 

  • For applying to the position of Assistant Public Prosecutor, candidates must have completed their Bachelor’s Degree in Law from a university recognized by the University Grants Commission/ college recognized by the Bar Council of India. 
  • The candidate must have at least seven years of practicing experience. The UPSC as well as the various State Public Service Commission’s conduct written exams, which are followed by an interview to fill in the vacancies for the posts of the Public Prosecutors. Public Prosecutors are appointed for each High Court, as well as for each District Court.
  • Central Government or State Government appoints the Public Prosecutor to conduct the prosecution or proceedings in the Court. 
  • The State Government appoints a Public Prosecutor and one or more Assistant Public Prosecutor for every district. 
  • The Assistant Public Prosecutors offers help to the Public Prosecutor on legal matters like gathering of evidence, works on the complete details of the case, prepares court documents that are required for the case on behalf of Public Prosecutor. 

Following are the skills that are required to become a Public Prosecutor:

  • The person must have a proper and thorough knowledge of the laws of the country
  • He should have the skill to study the cases thoroughly
  • Must be fully trained in arranging evidences and witnesses for the case
  • He must have the knowledge of all the legal nitty-gritties that required in case of Government organizations for a case
  • Must have the ability to advice the government on cases that required
  • He must be hardworking, focused and persistent in his work
  • Must have good communication skill and persuasive power
  • To become an advocate the person must have done his LLB from any recognized university in India. If a person is interested to do a course in LLB through Online or Distance Learning then there are few institutes who offer the same. 
  • Among them Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is the main. To become a Public Prosecutor no online or distance courses are available. The UPSC as well as the various State Public Service Commission’s conduct written exams, which are followed by an interview to fill in the vacancies for the posts of the Public Prosecutors. Public Prosecutors are appointed for each High Court, as well as for each District Court.
  • Public Prosecutors who have an experience at the state level may move into prosecution at the federal level. A Public Prosecutor might also get appointed as the Advocate General of the State, though serving as a Public Prosecutor, but, is not a pre-condition to be appointed as Advocate General. 
  • Other possible career opportunities for a Public Prosecutor are, they may join a private law firm, may work for a corporation or look for a judgeship.
  • Following are the criteria for a person to be eligible as a Public Prosecutor:

    • The candidate must be a citizen of India
    • He must have practiced as an Advocate for a period not less than 7 years
    • His age should not be less than 35 years and not more than 45 years at the time of applying. The age limit of the candidates from the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes are fixed by the Government from time to time
    • The District Magistrate in consultation with the Session Judge prepares the names of the persons who are eligible to be appointed as the Public Prosecutor for that district.
    • Asst. Public Prosecutors are also eligible for the post of Public Prosecutors

    A Public Prosecutor plays a critical role in maintaining the purity and impartiality in the administration of criminal justice. He could also be called as a Minister of Justice.  The duties performed by the Public Prosecutors are as follows:

    • The Public Prosecutor initiates and conducts the criminal prosecution on behalf of the State
    • To conduct pre-trial investigations in civil and criminal cases
    • To supervise the proceedings and implement the penalties that to be levied upon
    • To protect the rights and lawful interests of the people and its State 
    • To submit the claims and applications that are required in the cases in the  courts 
    • A public prosecutor should do their duties in a fair and fearless manner
    • They should perform according to the directions of the Judge and help the Court to reach a proper conclusion of the case 
    • During the trial the Public Prosecutor describes the charge against the accused and proposes the evidences he is going to produce to prove the guilt of the accused in front of the Court.
    • The Public Prosecutor can withdraw from the prosecution with the approval of the Court at any point of time before the judgment. 
    • The remuneration package of a Public Prosecutor varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in India. 
    • Government of India fixes their pay scales and other perks and allowances. Sometimes, Public Prosecutors are also getting their fixed salary without any perks or allowances. 
    • Those Public Prosecutors who are working in Central Bureau of Investigation gets consolidated pay package. 
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