M. Tech. - Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

M. Tech. - Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering  is known as Master of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, which is a postgraduate degree program. This course is all about the components of electrical and communications equipment. It includes the study of Analogue communications, Digital Communications, Embedded Systems etc. Under this course, students will learn the theory and application of electronic and communication systems. Through this course, students will enable for designing, managing and installing of electronic devices and telecommunication equipments such as cellular phones, television, radio etc. Moreover, students who hold Bachelor degree (B.E or B. Tech.) in Engineering can only apply for this Master degree program. After being graduated with this degree, they can find many career prospects in manufacturing industries, data communications and every company or organization, Hardware Manufacturing, Telecommunication, and D.R.D.O etc.

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