M. Tech. - VLSI Admission 2018 & Top Colleges

M. Tech. - VLSI is known as Master of Technology in Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits, which is a postgraduate degree program. Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design is the process of designing a large computer chip using computer-aided design (CAD) tools on a workstation or a personal computer. It mainly focuses on   VLSI system design covering algorithms, Hardware description Languages, System Architectures, Physical designs, Verification techniques, Simulation & Synthesis, Low power design techniques and mixed mode design methodologies. Through this course, students can enhance their capability to understand the requirements of EDA development, library design, semiconductor chip design, design and verification of ICs, FPGA development and SOC design. 

In addition, students who hold Bachelor degree of B.E or B. Tech. can only apply for this Master degree program. Once they will gain this degree they can find many job profiles such as End Verification Engineer, Validation Engineers, Modeling Engineer,  Verification Consultant,  PCB Designer, AMS Designer, DFT Designer and library developer etc .

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