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Tips To Crack JEE Main 2021

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) 2021, which is considered as the toughest competitive exam for the IIT aspirants, is now only 6 months away (April Next Year). Therefore, students who are preparing for this exam, need to be honest and dedicated to their efforts and should make a complete plan to crack this prestigious exam.

As we all know that JEE Mains is basically the pre-exam for those students, who want to take admissions into India’s top engineering institutes of the country such as IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology). Only those, who clear JEE Mains, are selected to appear in JEE Advanced, which is the final hurdle to clear for entering IITs.

Every year, more than 10 lakh students from all over India appear in JEE Mains, out of which only 2 lakh candidates are selected for JEE Advanced. In total, there are only around 11000 seats are available in 23 IITs and NITs to be filled, therefore, this is the most competitive exams of the country.

Due to its complexity, students generally start preparing for JEE Mains months before but these last 6 months are really crucial because you have to give the final touch to your study plans according to its syllabus. Here, we are giving you some basic but essentials tips to encounter JEE Mains 2021:

  1. Planned Your Study Chart As Per Your Syllabus: JEE Mains comprises of an extensive syllabus with extreme complexity, therefore, you should have to make a thorough study chart that can help you to know how many chapters or topics you have to cover on each day from now. For well-planned preparations, you can even schedule your topics of the coming weeks in advanced. If you follow this study chart regularly and with utmost dedication, you are going pretty well towards your goal but this will only help you if you define your priority. It means, the most important topics to cover should always come first in the list followed by others.
  2. Give Priority to Important Topics: When you first give importance to the key topics from each subject, it becomes easy for you to streamline your study timetable and get good rank in JEE Mains. You should take help from the previous year’s papers and make a list of important topics covered in the exam. After jotting down the important topics, the time has come to tight your belt and start preparing and learn them from scratch.
  3. Work on Your Weak Points: It is really important for you to know and work on your weak points. You cannot afford to risk by ignoring your shortcomings in this kind of prestigious exam. Never take any of the subjects on a lighter note as you are not aware of the difficulty level of JEE Mains. Therefore, before preparing for the final efforts, know your weak points, note it down and work to overcome them. This would also infuse confidence within you and you would mentally prepare for JEE Mains.
  4. Takes Care of Your Health: Just think that you have done all your preparations and ready to unturn all the stones in JEE Main 2021 and just before a day of your exam, you fall sick and not able to appear in the exam. If you want to avoid such havoc situation, you have to extremely take care of your health. In these ultimate days, try to eat healthily, sleep properly, rest sufficiently, exercise regularly, think well and stay fit. Another thing is that if you stay fit before this big exam, your confidence and excitement level should reach to the highest level. You become ready to accept and conquer any challenges to come.
  5. Ignore Distractions: During this crucial time, when you need too much attention towards your construction, there are so many things happen that can distract you from your ultimate aim to crack JEE 2021. You need to remain calm, cool and happy. These days, due to social media apps and smartphones, there is a number of distraction tools but this is the real challenge for you to overcome this problem. You just need to focus on your preparations for the ultimate goal of cracking JEE Mains 2021.   Final Words: As I said earlier also, JEE Mains is the most challenging exam across the globe, therefore, the only way to crack this juggernaut is to give your 100 percent in the preparations. So, what are you thinking? If you are a JEE Mains 2021 aspirant, then start your preparation with immediate effect.
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